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Tip: Avoid making large, flat, boring stretches of land. Vary up the architecture and spritework in your levels.
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I would like an elaboration on the line in the change log:
Removed Layer 3 sample levels because they were broken by default

I had used one of those to help get the animated effect of the starry sky working on the first base rom. Is that no longer usable?
I'm not married to the name.

Don't have much to show as of yet. I'm not the kind of person who can see new applications for old graphics but I still can at least try to make what is already there aesthetically appealing.
I wanted to have a bit more to show by now but I was subject to a power outage for the past couple of days. Probably could have held off until I had at least this much but I was excited.

Originally posted by EvanEMV
Looks fun! What's the song here?

Rainbow Route from Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. I had a couple other choices in mind but I feel like this was the most lively and energetic song of the bunch.
Originally posted by Counterfeit
Power outage? Did you get hit by that hurricane that passed through New York and New England too last week?

Solid use of the spin jump riding gimmick with the on-off block. While I can clearly see the vine is being used to eat the line and set the Fuzzies loose, I wonder is there anything worth going up the vine for too?

The song's whimsical nature suits the level and the components and colors make this seem to me like the forest behind Koopa Village in Paper Mario.

Yeah I did, took them like 4 days to get my power back |-O

I appreciate the feedback! My goal is to have it up here and playable for people by the end of the week. I could also definitely have video of the whole level by then for those who'd rather just watch it.

Other than some tweaks, such as some more coins or more switch blocks to help ease difficulty, I feel this is pretty much complete for the main area. As was correctly guessed there is a secret somewhere in here and that part still needs to be finished before I am ready to submit.
Thank you both for your encouraging words! I have since completed the sub area of the level. I know sometimes adding areas to an already solid level can bring its overall appeal down, but I hope I manage to avoid this both in level design and the fact it is an optional challenge for Dragon Coins and a Moon.

I have a concern that to many people the line guides may be hard to see on the dark background, but so far friends I've showed it too said they can see it fine.
Originally posted by 7 up
You should make line guide as visible as possible. It's sometimes really hard to see it.

You're making great progress, though.

Thank you for the feedback.

I think perhaps something like this would work better. It's visible against the clouds and night sky, and isn't too bright that it's garish (I hope).
I feel as though it may be about time to let people play the level for themselves if they want.

Perhaps more quick edits may be necessary before submitting it but if I had ten minutes left I'd feel satisfied with putting it in the thread and calling it a day.
A Fuzzy Day

A revised version has been uploaded here as of 8/28
Originally posted by KitikuSa
It's unkind that enemies on the ground that under the arrow of coins.
But level concept is so fun! Good usage of fuzzies.
I really like the part Ninji with fuzzies! That's a good idea!#smw{:TUP:}
Keep it up!

Thank you for the feedback! I intended the down arrow to mean to press down on the slope, so you'd slide down and kill the fuzzies but I can see how that may be confusing.

Thank you Kusrry as well!
This looks super neat! Also I like HIM a lot!

Would coin trails like these better communicate to the player that sliding is encouraged/intended?
A revised version has been uploaded as per feedback from here, on the discord channel and from friends. Only concerns coin placements as outlined above.
I really liked the layer 3 cage ride part. The disappearing floor sprites I found kind of finicky at times, even when going through them in the intended direction. It's aesthetically pleasing, and has a healthy difficulty as well.
This was super neat! Very fun to play, nothing felt unfair, level looked nice, all around a great experience.
At the moment I do feel like I want to make another level next year. Life could get in the way between now and then but if the opportunity is available to me I'll take it.
Originally posted by Galaer
92. NopeContest - A Fuzzy Day

I play without red switch. It is Kirby music, but, maybe it's just me, it sounds a bit broken.

Firstly, thank you for playing my level. I'm not sure what you mean by broken sounding music and unfortunately no matter the case it's too late to fix it.

Originally posted by Galaer
Got feather, so I decided to fly through this level and found midpoint, which you can only grab it if you pressed red switch or you have feather. Awesome decision. Time for 2nd half.

The intended way is to spin jump off the fuzzy circle right before that. I've seen it be done on the way there and jumping back to it.

Originally posted by Galaer
Hey, extra powerup is available only for players that pressed red switch. What the hell? Why?

The red switch is supposed to be for making the level a little easier, which to me would include adding an extra available power up after a death. Either way I considering most of the deaths are from pitfalls I don't think I thought that one all the way through. :)

I actually did see someone hit the block off a spin jump from a fuzzy and I didn't think it was even possible from that angle, but that's beside the point.

Originally posted by Galaer
And so far red switch wasn't really very helpful. I only noticed 2 locations of red blocks.

Some of them were kind of placed in as an afterthought to justify a couple of the ones I thought were more necessary.

Originally posted by Galaer
Finished the level and I could say that if I would decide to fly over whole level, I would beat it legitly. As for now, this level is just too hard for me. I you could increase number of fuzzies on lines, it would be much better. Also hitting switches while riding fuzzies was very difficult, especially 4th switch killed me a lot. Level looks really nice. Kirby music was a bit weird at first, but after many deaths I stopped noticing it.

Again, than you for playing it and offering feedback. In truth I may have made things harder than necessary because I didn't want my level to be cleared and three minutes then forgotten. You're not the only one I've seen fly over parts of the level either, but that was a design choice I made intentionally. I'm sorry if you or anyone else didn't find it too fun. I will take into consideration what you and others have said and try to make something more enjoyable for the next contest I enter.
Originally posted by Rykon-V73
Hey there. Added NopeContest's entry. Do try it.

Thank you for playing my level! You're actually the first of anyone I've seen play it to go the alternate path. The level continues if you follow the fuzzies that you free the with the vine, and down that way is the midpoint. The part at 1:55 I wasn't sure if I should put a reset or not, I suppose I should have :). Again, thank you for playing and I'm glad you liked it!
I hope your irl situation gets better as quick as possible!
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