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Do you have a download link for this?
How do i add a animated sprite as decoration or how do i add a sprite as decoration? I was thinking of adding a gif of henry stickmin doing the distraction dance as a sprite.
Oh, ok. Thank you! And, im sorry, it's my first time asking a question in the forum's
So I need help. I dont know on how to add a sprite as decoration. I was thinking of adding this one And I was thinking of adding a animated sprite like this one Can anyone teach me on how to do this?
So I inserted the background from sonic 2 (made by The houndsquad) in smw and I wanted to make parallax scrolling with effect tool. But I don't know on how to do it. So has anyone made a tutorial on it?
Song: Team Fortress 2- Rocket Jump Waltz
Type: Port
Sampled: Yes
Im having a problem. I was clicking dynamic z installer to insert It into the rom but when I click on It, It says: To run this application, you must install .NET Core. Would you like yo download it now? I clicked yes and it started to install it. When it was done I clicked on It, go through the setup, and when Im finished I dragged it inside the dynamic z folder. So then, I tried clicking on dynamic z installer again and it sayd the same message. How can I fix this?

Edit: Ok nvm. You just have to install the .NET Core reset your pc, And then it will work.

Edit: Ok I have another problem. I was using pixi to insert the sprite and it tells me the rom wasn't modified and It may cause bugs. It tells me type in y/n to abort or to continue. I continue then it says:You haven't installed VRAM optimization patch in lunar magic. And then it tell me the insertion was aborted. How can I fix this?
Sorry for responding late, thank you
I need help. I did the same steps, and I used same image. But I got the error message and I don't know what to do next. I tried with a different image and I edited the image to have the same resolution as the snow background from Sutte Hakkun(512x368) But it has more tiles. I cant tell if it has to do with how many colors the image has since I edited the image to only have 16 colors.
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