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I built a vertical level with layer 3 tides (low only) and a dolphin (sprite 43) you use for transportation. The issue is that the dolphin sometimes spawns high on the screen, way high up. Then it swims up and it's gone forever. This happens only rarely.

Here are videos illustrating the issue.
Dolphin spawned appropriately:

Dolphin spawned inappropriately:

Things I've already tried to fix the issue:
- Both options for sprite buoyancy
- Spawning the dolphin from a custom block
- Using the dolphin disassembly
- Patching layer 3 tides to interact every frame
- Spawning it higher or lower

This problem has held me up for a long time. Big 1 ups to anyone with a potential solution.
Thank you! I forgot about that patch. It turns out I built around the janky behavior, so I don't think I can use the patch...I have now put in some custom blocks to turn buoyancy on and off and some blocks that are sprite-only water. Hopefully this makes it consistent enough.

mfw a great creator replies to my post :) Facedesk! is so cool.
Greetings magicians,

My goal is an object that can be collected individually, one at a time, in a level. The object is to be found in sub-levels and when collected, it never respawns due to dying or screen transitions. You can never collect it more than once (unless the whole level is reset, and then you're starting over). For my purpose, I need 13 of the object.

I tried really hard to make this myself, but I just don't know ASM.
I've been using ObjecTool ( with Red Coins ( I tried to add to the coin's code based on this post ( The closest I got was an object that doesn't respawn on screen transitions, but it still respawns on deaths. I've been informed item memory doesn't work for this, but my attempts at using FreeRAM have not worked out.

I'm really surprised there isn't a collectable like this already, and I think it would be useful for a lot of hacks. Similar collectables are limited to 8, or they respawn on death, or you have to get them all in one life...

I'm so bummed about this. Anyone want to give it a try?

EDIT: You can disable a block's functionality using a freeram address. Something like
LDA !freeram : CMP #$01 : BEQ Return
-your code here-
LDA #$01 : STA !freeram 
Return: RTS

You need objectool to make it not appear, as described above, but at least I got this functionally working, so I'm closing this. Also, you could probably do this with just a few freeram addresses by flipping bits.
Whoooey, this is our rom hack The Mushroom Manifold: Mario's Interdimensional Mission to Save the Mushroom Kingdom. There's no time to spare, so here's the file! Note: Fixed bps.

And credits:

Team: FedoraFriday, FerpyMcFrosting, Hwailaluta, Mithrillionaire, Prestinator13.
Ever since Bad Level Design Contest (QLDC #0), Questionable Level Design Contest has been my favorite holiday. I really enjoy seeing all of the unique ideas people come up with. So, I decided to play through all the entries for the 2nd QLDC (not counting 72 hour QLDC or Bad LDC) and write up reviews. I tried to focus on the positive in my reviews. There's at least one level I didn't finish, and I busted out tools for many.

Authors are anonymous below for the sake of judges and anyone else who doesn't want them spoiled. There are minor spoilers in general. Of course, I don't mind if you reply about your level creation. I welcome your thoughts.

Here's 10 levels I like: 10, 14, 18, 28, 33, 38, 42, 59, 61, 63, 69.
Here's another 10 levels I like: 2, 6, 7, 8, 13, 15, 22, 27, 31, 36, 37, 49.
Also, 17, 44, 48, and 50.
Also, I like all of the levels and some of these levels might hurt you a little.

For milgrips:
Thanks for the video. It was fun to see the intended strats. I opened up lunar magic to see what you were talking about with the kaizo version of the boss. Pretty cool...I tried it out but I like the standard version better. I can see how the level could be cool with bourgy blocks and motor skills as you mentioned. (By bourgy blocks I assume you mean spinies and swoopers.) Actually, I like the idea more without motor skills, just with those blocks.

The kicking koopa room was pretty good for me. The one before it was the most confusing for me, but it's not bad. The gimmick would be insanely cool if there was an animation for the blocks rotating. Of course, that would be incredibly difficult to pull off in SMW.
1. Treasure Master - Title Screen
2. fieldzone
3. SoIStartedBlasting
4. Mega Man 6 - Wind Man
5. LB1 - Dungeon (3mix)
6. Mitsume ga Tooru (NES)
7. stage11
8. 120hoSPC11
9. LDC - stage1
10. dd2 the fight continues
11. std
12. Super Mario Bros - Castle (Remix)

All respectable ports. Some I would use in a rom hack. I enjoyed ranking these. Time to go see what the other people rated these. :)
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