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My first time participating in KDLC!
I wanted to do something with the x/y locked sprite by KevinM so decided to use the potaboo. Pretty weird level but I'm happy with it!

Download Here!

Clear video:
Originally posted by quietmason
Definitely big brain time, but it seems very manageable because the sections are quite short. Looks super cool!

Thanks man! :D
Hey! :D Looking for a team to collaborate with, in the jam! I'm most familiar with level design, kaizo specifically, but pretty decent with pallets too.

Just shoot me a dm on discord if you want to collaborate. (detdu#5079) I'm happy to work with anyone, whether you also are a level designer, like to do graphics, music, etc.

Here's a couple of levels I've made if you're curious what my general style is:
Shallow and Pedantic is a fun and creative hack, by detdu and Moon/Death of a Plumber creator cur.

We kept all the levels almost entirely vanilla with the exception of two boss fights and a couple sprite killers. Our goal was to create a simple but fun hack around the difficulty of an average intermediate hack.

The hack includes 6 levels in total. You're also able to save on the overworld by pressing select like most hacks these days.

We hope you enjoy it if you decide to try it out!

Download it here
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