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Hey all, my name is Lush!
I love creating Mario stuff and wanted to showcase my Nightmare cafe series. (Mainly the last 3 hacks as they were just released)

This hacks main purpose is to ease beginners into kaizo-ish situations and still provide fun and a sense of progression (even in small steps)
It is also intended to be a fun warm up for pros, as they normally finish the hacks within 30 mins to an hour.

each hack has over 50+ rooms minimum with a maximum of 80 in some of the others!

A variety of tricks and situations are thrown at the player and it's up to them to reach the exit of the room.

Every hack from the series has a different vibe and overall serves a different purpose each time it's played.

Custom music, asm, backgrounds and more are featured within the series. (It currently stands at 8 different hacks within said series)

These hacks are suitable for any skill type aswell, a fresh new player can throw themselves at the hack and still not feel discouraged.

There are saves after each room and the setups are forgiving to a degree.

Overall there are around 450-500 rooms throughout the series as a whole.

These hacks were all made over the timespan of about 2 months.
I did want to make more but I can't rush it, or I'll do a bad job haha, we'll see where the future takes us.

Here is a link to my profile with the nightmares series (the 3 I'm mentioning are currently in the waiting bay) they may get updated, 2 of them already have v1.1's. if they're invalid when clicking on them, just pop my user name in there. Lush_50. <--- a detailed search.

The link above shows my currently accepted hacks!

Take it easy! be good!

- Lush

Oh and here's my twitch! always open to feedback and comments and I love to hear how people went! so feel free to jump in if you want!
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