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i'm relatively new to the community and just kinda wanted to make a post to say hey, so hi! i hope you're all doing alright right now, it's good to be here!
hi i'm enby and i'm bad at reading!! originally made my own thread because i didn't see the sticky #smrpg{sad} i wanna use the forums more so hopefully i'll see some of you around! #smrpg{:D}
I have this hack i've been working on that I've applied SA-1 and BWRAM plus to but it won't load on my SNES classic with the default emulator core despite loading in SNES9x on my PC. I've verified other hacks and games work and a similarly patched hack has also worked, albeit without SA-1. Is there an issue with SA-1 and SNESC or did I mess something up in my patching phase? Any help would be appreciated.
Dannggg that's stinky. So do most people just avoid SA-1 then? It seems like it would be really helpful even for hacks that don't use the extra sprite allowance.
I would also like to lament the incompatibility because they are a cool and cheap way to bring rom hacks to people's homes. I'm making my hack for a couple people who only have SNESC so I guess I'm gonna have to resign myself to designing around that. Luckily I'm not very far and it's not a big deal for me not to have SA-1 or SRAM, and I don't even think I've played a kaizo hack yet that uses SA-1, it didn't seem to be an issue for them!

Anyways thanks yall again for the help and responses
wow thanks for the info! i will definitely have to check this out. hopefully if anyone else has this problem this can help them too.
Have you ever been showing somebody SMW, usually a beginner to gaming in general, and they just refuse to use the run button, finding it more manageable to react to obstacles at a walking pace? Well, this "hack" was inspired by them.

After watching one of our friends play SMW for the first time, my friend Vaccime made a small ROM edit that disables the ability to run while still maintaining the X and Y buttons' other functions. So, we tried beating the game, and this limitation proved to be a fun new challenge on 11-exit, putting a new spin on levels that have become so familiar over time. However, there are a few levels with layer 2 timings and a handful of other issues throughout the 96 exit run. Some of my friends proposed using orb glitch to clear those problem exits, but being unable to do that myself, I found this answer unacceptable and took it upon myself to make it RTA clearable for normal players like me. This is the result! I found this to be a lot of fun and even pretty challenging in places, and I hope you all enjoy it.

As a technical note, every level is clearable albeit cape is extremely helpful for most of the game and even required to make it over some of the bigger gaps. There are also a few levels where either blue Yoshi or eating a blue shell with Yoshi is required for an exit. For this version, my design goal was to make my edits as minimal as possible while not just completely breaking/bypassing any challenge in the levels I had to change. Another thing worth noting is that I wanna say I only made changes to like 4 or 5 exits maybe? So most of this is basically just vanilla Mario with running disabled. I have considered making a version that's has Yoshi wings and cape removed but that will take a lot more care and editing than I feel like doing right now. Also I guess this might have been done before? If so I'm sorry? idk lol I've spoken too much, enjoy!
Aw thanks for trying it out! It was a lot of fun to make and clear, albeit a little frustrating at times haha. I definitely used save states instead of powerup/yoshi farming in places, so if you plan on using only vanilla saves it will likely require a fair bit of patience. If you do end up playing more, good luck and I hope you enjoy it!
Awesome I'm glad you liked it! The special world was definitely tough when I cleared it. I agree for the most part about the earlier levels but there are still some jumps here and there that become gut clenchers without running! Good luck if you do end up attempting Special World.
Yeah like MinishYoshi said, for this one I was really trying to do the least amount possible (partially for the game's sake and partially for my own #smrpg{haha}) but I have considered trying to make some walk-only kaizo levels. I appreciate the feedback though!
Super Noud, uses "infinite lives" (moon on entrance tile). The level was made from my "walk-only" rom and is basically a title-screen level edit using Chocolate Island 4 as a base. I had a lot of fun! Good luck to all the entrants.
This sounds really fun :) I'm in!!
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