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I'll make it short and to the point. There's a vertical level in quickie world 2 called RB'S clock tower that basically pushes mario up the one side of the level while standing on a rope. The rope then stops and you free fall on the other side of the level to the bottom.

Is this a custom feature, or can I do this in vanilla smw?

I've tried looking it up, but all I'm getting is vertical autoscroll threads.

If anyone could shed some light that would be extremely helpful!


So i downloaded the poison mushroom sprite (Poison Mushroom, by imamelia (rewritten by kaizoman/thomas) and its working great! The question i have is regarding movement speed. I actually want a sprite that moves normally and a second one that doesnt move at all.

I tried putting the mushroom on a 1F0 tile but that didnt work.

I looked in the ASM and i found where it says XSpd = $10; how fast it moves horizontally

I tried changing the value to 80, as i read thats the middle point. I could be wrong on that.... I reinserted the sprite using PIXI and nothing changed...

Is there someone here that could point me in the right direction? Is there an easier way to get the sprite to just stand still and not move? or do i have the change the ASM?

Thanks so much!

I'll definitely try and change the speed value and see if that works. Thanks for the instruction

If that doesn't work... How do I go about replacing the 1 up with the poison mushroom? Do I just find the graphics file with the 1 up and replace it with the graphics of the poison mushroom? Will it still kill Mario if I do that?

I appreciate the help :)

Thanks to everyone that gave some insight, I really appreciate it!

I ended up changing the speed value in the asm. I forgot to mention that I did actually try to change it to 00 before I posted.

What I did not do however was change the CFG file. That's where you guys helped! I didn't know I had to edit the CFG file so it points at the correct ASM file.

Low and behold after I changed the files it worked perfectly!

Thank you guys very much!

I know im asking a lot of questions lately, am im really thankful with all the help ive been receiving.

My question is about the RBG flashing/pulsating colour palette thats used on yoshi coins. Im looking to use that same pulsating effect for a death block.

Heres what i have done so far:

I edited the top of my yoshi coin in the GFX14 file(using YYCHR), to look like a custom death block, as im not using yoshi coins in my hack. I inserted the graphics into the rom and now the top of my yoshi coin looks like a nice death block with a skull in the middle, in my 16x16 editor. Specifically it has a white border, black background and a white skull in the middle. I know the dragon coin uses palette 6, and when I open the palette editor i see the flashing RGB slot.

The problem here is, its boring... I want it to pulsate/switch colours. I searched around and I cant really find much. I did find something that says I had to use ex animations but the post must have been old because all the pictures are not available in the explanation.

Can someone help me out with instructions on how to get my block to pulsate like the yoshi coins?

EDIT: I know this post is long but i want to give as much detail about my situation as possible to avoid any misunderstandings/ miscommunication on my part

Thanks so much!

I definitely didn't read the tutorial because I didn't know that's how I could make the coin pulsate. I would have read it if I was certain I needed ex animation for this effect lol.

I'll read it now!

Thank you 😁

Ill try and make it quick. I inserted some EXGFX to be used as BG and then a map16 file to be used as FG. The problem is when I do that, it messes with some of the graphics in other levels.

Is there any way to prevent this?

When I scroll through my levels, my map16 changes with the level as it always has and ive had no issues so far.

The even stranger thing is when I look at the affected levels in lunar magic, nothing looks messed up. However when I launch the game in my emulator for testing, thats where the issue is.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!


The graphics file I downloaded was the carnival beach package from this site. It comes with a few exgfx files, a bunch of palettes and palmasks, and also a few map16 files. It also comes with a example level.

I'm just curious why some of the map16 tiles are affected in different levels after I insert the carnival beach map16 files.

It is worth mentioning that there are no sprites in this level as it's literally only my yoshi house I'm trying to change at this time.

I must be inserting the files wrong or something I don't know.

From what I saw it affects my castle tiles. I got nervous and deleted the whole ROM and replaced with a backup I had just created before inserting the file.
Hey y'all

Im having issues with yoshis tongue looking super jank in some of my levels. It seems like its only happening in levels with the castle sprite sets. Im not sure if i accidentally messed something up, or if this is an issue. Ive looked in a bunch of bin files to see if i can find the tongue so i can just make a custom sprite set, but im not having any luck.

Can someone point me in the right direction on how to fix this issue.

Thanks so much!


Thank you guys for the help!!!!! I did what Counterfeit suggested and just copied the 2 tongue pieces into a ExGFX file. Worked like a charm! Those 2 tongue pieces are pretty hard to spot. Thank you guys for the suggestions, i really appreciate it! Now my yoshis tongue doesnt look jank :)
Hey y'all

So I have a quick question about ASM or possibly HEX editing. I have 2 levels in my hack so far that have the floating skulls platform. The first level is a pretty chill level, but I kind of want to ramp of the difficulty on the second level by making the platforms move faster than the stock speed which I used in the first level.

What would be the best way to do this?

I see that there is a disassembly for this sprite in the sprite section. I downloaded it and had a look inside the asm file and I do see a X/Y speed value that i can change. If i insert that asm into my hack will it only affect the "custom" sprite I insert, or will it affect the stock speed of the platforms hack wide?

The disassembly does not come with a GFX file so im assuming i can use the GFX file that the skull is in?

Also I want to thank everyone who has helped me out in the past few months! You guys and gals are awesome!

Thanks for the clarity Koopster,

I actually have one more quick question about changing values in the ASM file.

Inside the Floating skull ASM file theres a list of values right at the top that all start with !RAM_

The one value I'm trying to change is !RAM_SpriteSpeedX = !B6 to make the skulls move faster when Mario jumps on the platform. The problem i am having is whenever i change the !B6 to anything else and try to reinsert the ASM file i get an error saying whatever value i changed !B6 to is not found. What am I doing wrong?

I have another custom sprite that I changed the movement speed and I had no issues.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hey y'all

I am having one small issue with the asm file of the noob boss. Im trying to have it so when he dies, he triggers the pswitch function and a door pops up. I want this to happen after he vanishes into a puff of smoke. The problem I am running into is, when i try to put this command into the last "state" the door actually pops up as soon as the sprite enters that state.

I am testing him with 3 HP so the final 3 states are:
JSR HammerB
JSR AnyHurt
JSR ClearInv
JSR HammerA
JSR Strong
JSR AnyHurt
JSR SpitFire
JSR SpitFire
JSR SpitFire
JSR Follow
JSR AnyHurt

STATE0: ;this is dead state, no actions required.

His last state is state 1 and if i add JSR PSwitch into that slot, the door pops up before hes even dead. IS there anyone out there that can help me out?
Hey unsaved, thanks for the reply!

You are right, state 1 is the last state before he dies. He shoots fireballs and follows you around until you jump on him and kill him.

I did try and put the pswitch command in state0. Nothing seems to happen unfortunately. I did find a workaround by using the pipe generator sprite to spawn a pipe once he's dead. I remapped what graphics it grabs so a door spawns instead of a pipe so if I can't figure out the pswitch situation it's not the end of the world.

Thanks for your help 🙂
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