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So, I downloaded the new Lunar Magic 3.20, it was all good and fine. I made a new level, saved it and trying to save any level (ingame) from that point freezes the emulator (Snes9x) or shows a black screen and softlocks the game.
I tried reapplying every patch i used in the hack, nothing.
I tried expanding the rom, nothin'.
I tried reapplying everything i used in the hack and simply the black screen and freeze won't go away.

I spent about a month on the hack now, and seeing it go into the drain with a single lunar magic update is sad for me, i honestly don't know what happened and have no clue what to do now.
Pre LM 3.20 hack versions were completely fine.

If someone can find a fix for this on the internet or make it themselves, it would be highly appreciated.

I am new to the SMW Hacking Community, so i don't know much, but feedback is really helpful, especially in this instance.
I restored my rom to when i used LM 3.11 and it worked perfectly.

I guess i'll wait until the issue gets resolved to use the newest LM.

Thanks for the replies, it really means to me.
Without your help, i probably wouldn't be making hacks on this site or anywhere.
Love ya all, S1Z2.
This hack contains 43 exits and the difficulty is on the Very Hard scale.

The hack includes the following: Wallkick, OW Yoshi Counters,3 out of 4 switches, questionable design, weirdly colored places, stages from various games(just 4 for now), some custom sprites and absolutely beautiful music (Which are from this site(none are mine)).

WARNING: The hack is not meant for release. this is just a Demo/Test/Indev Version. However, you're allowed to release a Youtube video of the 4th version, but just the 4th version, no other.

UPDATE: The 6th World is finally here! Featuring Nostalgia Field 1# and 2#, Goomba Hills, Night in Koopa City and the Neverending Castle. The link is here

Special thanks to:
quietmason and N450 - for testing previous versions.

If you have problems with the Bloody Grinder, I suggest you watch this short video:

Pictures from the 4th Version:

The 3rd version: here
The 3rd version's Open World: here

Here are some beautiful pictures straight from the 3rd version.

The 2nd Version is here.
The 1st Version is here

Pictures from the 1st Version:

Some Pictures from the 2nd Version of the hack.

That's all for now!
Lots of love, S1Z2 #w{<3}
I have updated the link, now it's on the SMW Central site, it should work, if it doesn't, i don't know what to do :).
If your hack isn't kaizo, i'll probably test it.
If a hack is long, i.e 70 exits or more, it takes me about a day to test. Anything less will be tested in a few hours.
My PMs are open for anyone to ask anything.

Status - Unavailable
Difficulty - Easy-Very Hard
Length - Any - Preferably long, difficult hacks.

Hacks Tested: (33)

Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 2 (First Demo) by KaidenThelens

Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 2 (Second Demo) by KaidenThelens

Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 2 (Fourth Demo) by KaidenThelens

Aeron's Golden Cookie Quest Demo by Anorakun

Super Mario World: Trouble At Yoshi's Island First Demo by Spads

Super Mario World: Trouble At Yoshi's Island Second Demo by Spads

Hack 6 Beta by Golden Yoshi

The Flight of the Kiwi Demo Version 1 by ModernKiwi

Super Mario World: Trouble At Yoshi's Island Third Demo by Spads

Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 2 (Fifth Demo) by KaidenThelens

Luigi's Super Adventure - Demo 2 by Dispace

Luigi's Stardust Adventure (Version 8) by Infinity

Vanilla Mario World 0.02v by monkey03297

Deluxe Mario Adventure C3 Demo by Dispace

Troblex Chronicles 1: The Scarlet Returns (Alpha v0.1) by Dispace

Adventure in Gemstone Islands v0.99 by Burst Man

Vanilla Mario World v0.02b by monkey03297

NSMW: The Twelve Magic Orbs Remastered Beta 1 by Rilla Roo

Luigi's New Quest (Final) by Mr. MS

Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 3 First Demo by KaidenThelens

Super Mario Bros: Vanilla Islands Beta by Gamma V

Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 3 Second Demo by KaidenThelens

Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 3 Third Demo by KaidenThelens

Super Mario Pineapple Peril DEMO by KoiStork

Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 3 Fourth Demo by KaidenThelens

Super Mario Pineapple Peril Demo 2 by KoiStork

Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 3 Sixth Demo by KaidenThelens

Super Mario Pineapple Peril Demo 3 by KoiStork

Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 3 Eighth.5 Demo by KaidenThelens

Super Mario World: Quest for Gaming Demo 2 by bandicoot

Super Mario World: Season 2 by DaHitmenGuy (1st Testing)

Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 3 REAL FINAL demo by KaidenThelens

Marisa and Reimu's Hack by RussianMan

Hacks Testing: (0)
Nothing for now.
Hello! I'm S1Z2 and i have done a complete overview of your hack, things i liked and didn't like. I hope you enjoy the review!

Let's start off with the obvious:

In almost every level, there is something blocking the end screen when completing a level:

Also in some levels the Palette for the "Mario" Text at the end is different compered to others:

Every level that has the castle at the start is acting "off" when mario touches the blocks. This can be fixed by double clicking on that block while Map16 is open, and setting it's priority to "off".

Weirdly colored blocks at the end of the level.


From World 2 onward there are these weird pipes coming from the top of the level. Is this a way of preventing flying through the level? If so, not a bad idea.

Now,i will list every level in order. if i leave out the level, it's completely free of flaws.
In the cutscene where peach's letter is shown,"something" is misspelled into "soming". I especially loved the "Please come to castle" Line, not hers, but some other castle.
There is a lack of the ' symbol when typing in the word "there's"
Small letter N when Kamek says: "No cake today"
Tutorial Level:
Hit "B" to jump, not press, hit.
Spin jumping with the item isn't used in this version.
Sprites misspelled as Spires multiple times in the tutorial level.
The 1FO blocks and Mario Blocks aren't used in this version either.
Missing ' Symbol at "can't"
Intro Level:
"Mario has sent to a far away island" instead of has, there should be a was.
Let's get going:
The "bushes" on the grass semi-solid platforms are really misleading. Make them look less like a platform and more like a bush.

Classic Cave:
On my first playthrough, the key was an odd white/pink color, but through my second playthrough the key was fully pink. No clue why this is a thing but i won't judge.

Sunset Valley:
The first goomba on the goomba tower cannot be killed with a fireball, but the rest can.

Beachside Castle:
This weird clipping issue.

Eastern Islands:
But really, why is the secret exit's event taking so long, and why is it so OP?

Fish passes through Mario on the overworld after completing the normal exit.
Hammer Brothers!:
This is my personal problem, and nothing to do with the level, but the music really doesn't fit with the aesthetic of the level.
If you have yoshi and you enter the sub area, the right side is a softlock (for yoshi, as the player can walljump)
Entering and leaving the sub area completes the level?!
Toad's House 2?:
The second toad house doesn't have a name.
Entering the house with yoshi make you lose yoshi to exit it. (If big Mario)
Lake Adventure:
This HAS to be my favorite level, the music, the level design, everything is perfect.
While driving the submarine, if you have a fireflower, you will shot mini torpedos AND fireballs.
Shooting too many mini torpedos can cause lag.
Shooting the blocks with coins too fast can make the submarine invisible.
The first time i played this level, i died at the submarine section because of Torpedo Teds. The 3rd Torpedo launcher is really unfair for big mario.
Dolphins going through the ground isn't really the most realistic thing ever..
After completing the secret exit, the top right of the screen gains 3 black tiles for some reason.

Also you made 4 almost complete worlds, but not the yellow switch palace...
Landing on a Koopa with the cape makes it invisible, only in this level.
Eastern Caves:
The "Piano" Music starts playing after exiting the cave for some reason.
Nippers and Chomps:
In my first playthrough, i crashed at the middle of the level for some reason.
If you're a big mario on a yoshi, you'll crouch while entering the level.
Exiting out of solid walls :)
Donut Castle:
The Boss door is actually a normal door, while the normal door leads to the boss :)
Rocky Hills:
That Sub area took a little while to find.
The top half of the pipe is missing at the leftmost side of the screen:

I have no idea why this happened.

The Secret Exit event is... weird. (Also the Edit Later. Toad house)
Bast to the Past:
Did you mean Blast to the Past?
The Bob-ombs are REALLY out of place in this level, as well as blue koopas and flying spinies.
This Useless water.

Hitting certain questions blocks make the animation of hitting a brick block.
The Flag is on the wrong side of the flagpole.
Long ? Blocks?:
Confusing name?
By far the worst level end screen.

Balloon Ride:
Most of this level can be cheesed with the cape feather.
If you keep holding to the balloon after completing the level, mario will go offscreen and die.
Mountain Forest:
So, The whole world is chocolate colored, but this level isn't?
The red berries have a black outline, but the pink berries have a grey outline.
Mario does the pose behind the big tree, also the tree blocks the end screen text.
Classic Airship:
The level is a little long, but it's an airship so it's acceptable.
I have no words to what happened here:

High Line Fish Line:
Another weird level name.
If you get eaten by the Big fish with yoshi, Yoshi will at first disappear but when the retry option comes up, yoshi will reappear.
The part with turn blocks where you hit them all with the koopa shell lags, alot.
Near the end of the level where you spin jump on giant turn blocks also lags a lot.
Last but not least, Goomba Valley:
After killing the Huge Goomba, 2 invisible "things" spawn.

Eating the pink berry with yoshi makes this happen.

I get it, the level isn't finished yet, but why leave it like this?

Things i liked:
The Cutscenes are really good looking and interesting to watch, the story got me hooked for more.
The look of the Classic Cave is really detailed and interesting.
The Scrolling Layer 3 clouds. I really like them.
The Toad Houses have really cool minigames.
The Goggles on the cape powerup look really cool.
The LETS-A GO! at the bottom of the overworld screen is a nice touch.
I liked the wind effects on world 3
Transparent water at High Line Fish Line is really interesting.
Things i didn't like:
The animation of the checkpoints being glitched, there is a gfx fix for this here.
I have no clue if the pink cape is an artistic choice or a bug. Anyway i personally don't like it.
Overall opinion:
Amazing hack! I really enjoyed every level and subarea i could find. I think the story is really interesting.
This hack has a lot of potential and i would like to test the next version when it comes out.

That's all from me.
Best of Wishes, S1Z2

PS: You misspelled ROM hack on your original post.
So i was making a ghost house for my hack and in the ending you fight Big Boo. I made it so that he takes 10 hits to kill.
Anyway i did everything when it comes to layer 2, Disabling Vertical Scrolling, Setting the Horizontal and Vertical scrolling to "None" in the other properties menu, but nothing happens.

Here is a picture:

(The gray star blocks kill if you aren't spin jumping, no matter the mario state.)

I am lost for what i have to do next. I got a second plan if layer 2 doesn't even work for big boo.

PS: I'm using the vanilla big boo boss fight, not a custom sprite.

Thanks for reading.

Best of luck, S1Z2
I did as you told and it worked, Except it doesn't interact with mario.

I never had a problem where layer 2 doesn't interact with mario in any shape or form, until this level.
I used Map16 to make the layer 2 tiles, but i don't think that's why it doesn't interact with mario, Because in the earlier levels it worked perfectly fine.

Thank you for replying <3

Best of luck, S1Z2
You are indeed correct, instead of setting the registers to "02" i set them to "01"

Such a stupid mistake on my behalf. thank you for pointing that out.
Everything works as intended.

Lots of love, S1Z2
Super Mario World A Super Mario Adventure 2 (Second Demo) By KaidenThelens

It will be shorter than the last one, due to it being less buggy.
I hope you enjoy anyway.
Overall Problems:

The Toad House on the main map is still unnamed, as well as this yoshi house.

The Yoshi House north of the Lake Adventure is a softlock. :)

The Edit Later.. is on the switch palace, but not on the yoshi house.

There is, in most levels, just 4 Luigi coins.

The Boss End music is still really loud compared to the rest of the music.

The Ghost House is a softlock. I get it, but at least make it not enterable.
Tutorial Level:
This time instead of Spires in the Tutorial level it says Spitres. They are called Sprites or Enemies.
Classic Cave:
The Palette glitch with the key still exists in the new version

The Eastern Islands:
The Eastern Islands Secret exit, Oh boy. The event is still too long. The Dolphins Stage isn't revealing when the event finished.

It appears that you forgot to delete the event tiles from when you removed the castle shortcut, making the event even longer than before.

These weirdly colored rocks after completing the secret exit

Still a cutoff on level end

Hammer Brothers!:

I lose yoshi no matter what i do here.

The pipe still finishes the stage after leaving it. Intended :)?

Nippers and Chomps:
The Gradient on the background disappears after hitting the goal point flag.

Donut Castle:
2 Dry Bones stacked one on top of each other. Mouse problem?

Rocky Hills:
This Pipe to the left of the screen. It's a simple solution, just move it 2 tiles to the left so it's off screen when the flagpole is hit.

Mountain Forest!:
Cape Killing the rock transforms it into a horizontal fireball.

Giant Land:
If you destroy or hit a giant block the background glitches.

Not Entering the Castle in Oh no! Boss Bass!

Mushroom Skys:

The name should be Mushroom Skies not skys, just a spelling error. No big deal.

Glitched Item Reserve.

Brother's Castle:

This Hammer Brother, chilling inside a block.

After Hitting the Master Brother with a throw block,he straight up disappears. You then have to do the whole fight blind.

That event animation after killing the boss. Just Amazing.


The What now?

This is really just Chocolate island 5.

Things i liked:
I love this reference.

The tiny yoshi house bird sprites add really nicely to the environment.

What is the song playing on Rocky Hills? I really like the track and i might use it in the future.

The creepers exploud, even though they're a reskin of the Rex, Nice touch.


Overall Opinion: I really liked this new version! The new levels are really fun to play and interesting in their own way.
Next time, you don't need to rush that much to meet the friday release weekly. Build at own pace, no need to rush.

Lots of love, S1Z2.

PS: I, just now, noticed that you were one of the first people to comment on my first demo hack.
Thank you so much, i'm so glad to be testing hacks for such an incredible person.
That's all. Good Bye!
Name:Configurable Screen Brightness Per Level Basis.
Description:A way of configuring screen brightness between levels, making certain levels brighter or darker, In a similar sense to a Dark Room Spotlight sprite or this sprite
I was working on a SMB3 Level for my hack and i wanted to make it as authentic as possible, so i wanted to use the SMB3 Goal Card for it's exact purpose.

Everything is well and good at first but after the Fanfare, the game glitches for a second and then teleports me here.

The original level is here.

I know next to nothing in the ASM department so if i could get any help with this matter i would be very happy.

Lots of love, S1Z2 #w{<3}
Worked on the first try. #smw{:TUP:}
Thank you so much. #w{<3}
As a SMW Hacker myself, coming up with level names is a chore sometimes, it's very easy to mislead someone because the name of the level isn't accurate to the level itself.

So, because i have officially run out of level name ideas, i left this thread for anyone to recommend level names for anyone, really.

If you can't find a good level name for your level, ask anyone on this thread.

Personally, i have NO idea to how i should name Retro-styled levels, for example, i have a direct recreation of SMB3 in my hack but no good ideas for how to name it.
Naming it Super Mario Bros. 3 is pretty boring in itself.

Once again, if you can't think of any good level names, ask someone in this thread.

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love, S1Z2 #w{<3}
The throw block has 3 states, Thrown state (it is thrown by holding the run button AND holding any direction on the D-Pad then,still holding D-Pad direction, releasing the run button), Placed state (picked up, but was let go at any point before throwing or disappearing), and a Sleep state (not touched by the player).

If the throw block is in a thrown state and the turn block is in it's way, the throw block will be destroyed and the turn block will turn. No matter the distance.

If the throw block is in a placed state, for your example holding it up against a wall of turn blocks, the throw block will break, BUT the turn block won't turn.

If you WANT turn blocks to turn you have to THROW the throw block from a distance or up against them. (i.e Thrown state).

Your question was a bit confusing, but i think that this was your problem.

I don't know any asm, so i'll let Kevin here take over your problem.

Lots of Love, S1Z2 #w{<3}

PS: Be a little more descriptive next time. #smw{:TUP:}
Uhmm... i would test the hack but i encountered the problem with the first level that i cannot avoid. You cannot go down to the first level, you have to beat the "START" level.

Also entering the start level, this happened.

After a few seconds of this glitchy mess, Mario goes invisible, making it impossible to beat the "first" level.

This is just a heads up, i can try to beat the level but i suggest you fix it before i continue testing.

Lots of love, S1Z2 #w{<3}

Correction: I beat the level, but mario still won't go down.
At first, i wanted to remove the status bar completely, because it was getting in the way, but i reconsidered and now want to use the Minimalist status bar.

I used the Lui's Remove Status Bar patch so i could remove the status bar, and now i'm wondering how to remove/disable it from my rom.

Trying to patch the minimalist status bar didn't do anything.

Minor note: I used the remove status bar patch at the very beginning and now my rom hack is almost complete, so reverting to a previous save is basically hitting delete on the whole project.

Lots of love, S1Z2 #w{<3}
Super Mario World A Super Mario Adventure 2. The Fourth Demo by Kaiden Thelens

No matter how much time i replay the hack, it's fun every time.
Every new level is just a blast to play and test. Most of the new levels are fine, with no major glitches/bugs. Please, Kaiden, Read everything me and MegacesarCG post about. Most of these problems are easy fixes. Feel free to PM me or anyone if you have problems you can't solve by yourself. That's all from me now. Testing Notes start here:

Tutorial Level:

You can softlock yourself if you lose the spring.

This "F" is solid for some reason.

Yoshi's House:

Eating the berries turns them into donut blocks.

You misspelled a bunch of words here. I have no clue what you were trying to say so i made a somewhat correct translation of it. It goes something like: "Why do i have a house in every Super Mario World ROM Hack? It's really unnecessary. Anyway, i'll be happy to help you on your journey! -Yoshi"

Yellow Switch!:

The Yellow Switch Palace is my favorite switch palace by a large margin. I really enjoy the wavy effects with the Abstract music. 10/10 #smw{:peace:}

Eastern Cavern:

This Charging Chuck is just chilling with me, not attacking at all.

Balloon Ride:

There is a way to finish the level while still having the 3 balloons. The Result is this.

Mountain Forest!:

When you cape-kill the rock, the death sprite looks like a horizontal fireball.

Classic Airship:

The existence of this coin perplexes me. You most likely put the Luigi coin on the screen boundary, explaining the following picture.

Missing part of a background.

If you die ONCE, you go ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE BEGINNING! Please put a checkpoint somewhere. Anywhere. Oh and for the other airship as well! SERIOUSLY!

Giant Land!:

The HDMA glitches when you hit a giant turn block, question mark block, etc.

Oh no! Boss Bass!:

This ending castle isn't set to priority on, like the rest are.

Goomba Valley:

Another instance of yoshi eating a donut block. Actually, every new level that has a berry that yoshi can eat turns into a donut block when eaten.

The Smile Game cloud and coin look glitched.

Mushroom Skies:

The glitched slot in the status bar is still there, as well as these glitched line guiding lines.

Brother's Castle:

This hammer bro is still inside this ground. Please read all problems and fix them as soon as possible, this is a really easy example.

This particle in the cutscene.

Green Switch!:

After completing the GREEN SWITCH PALACE,YELLOW BLOCKS exploded from it.

Ice Cold Desert:

Weird glitch with the score.

Fire 'n' Ice:

Graphics in here should be swapped around.

Red Switch!:

I still have no words. Just make the level unenterable for now. Jeez!

Spoopy Cave:

Vanilla music at the start of the level.

Dino Pals!:

Discoloration between these two pipes.

Overall opinion:
I enjoyed the new demo! #smw{:TUP:} The levels are interesting, there is a lot of variety between them and most of them are bug free!
I'm excited to see what new things come out of this rom hack.

Again, If you need help with anything, contact me or other people via PM, everyone on this site will help you, day or night.

Awaiting for more, Lots of love, S1Z2 #w{<3}
While replaying levels to get my honest to goodness opinion of them, i stumbled across another glitch.

I misclicked on this pipe, instead of going down, i went up, and this happened, making me softlocked and forced to restart. Only this pipe has this problem however.


I will list my favorite levels in the ascending order (ie from 1 to 6) of Worlds.

World 1: Classic Cave/Sunset Valley. Both of these levels are greatly designed, they look amazing (in general, World 1 looks pretty stunning as it is) and they were fun to play through.

World 2: Lake Adventure. One of my favorite levels in this hack. Your water levels are really expertly crafted, and i want to see more of them in the newer worlds. The Submarine section is SOOOO FUUUNN!!

World 3: Rocky Hills/Balloon Ride. Rocky hills is a great introduction to World 3, it has everything you'll most likely come across while playing the World. Balloon Ride is an amazing gimmick level that takes advantage of the somewhat unused balloon assets found on the site.

World 4: Goomba Valley/Mushroom Skies. Goomba Valley and Mushroom Skies are the most memorable levels in the game, each having their own mechanics and level design drastically different from each other, but still fitting in with the theme of the World.

World 5: Simple Ghost House. As the name implies the Ghost House is simple, yet fun to play. The double jump mechanic is really interesting and quite challenging to master. I'll give a honourable mention to Creepers and Bombs, for being creative with the exploding aspect.

World 6: Fire 'n' Ice. There wasn't a harder regular level (for me at least, excluding the castles) than Fire 'n' Ice. That secret exit is a doozy trying to unlock, keeping the fire flower through most of the stage is challenging on itself.

My favorite castle is Tower of Power. The Beetle Boss took a couple attempts to beat the first time but it was fun & challenging nonetheless. (friendly reminder to put a midway point on the airship levels #smw{:TUP:})

I really like how every level has something unique, but is still in the same style as the World it's in.
Those were my picks for the best levels.

Lots of Love, S1Z2 #w{<3}

PS: I forgot to mention my favourite palace, I loved the Yellow Switch Palace's effects and music (both of which i used previously in my hack but decided against them).
As for the Green Switch Palace, I liked the puzzle with the SMB3 Scroll Pipes, i think it's a really interesting palace overall.

I honestly don't know which to choose so i'll just say that they're both my favourites. #smw{^_^}
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