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How do people design levels? Not like get ideas or anything but planning out and creating a whole level. I know I have plenty of ideas but whenever I get started my mind either ends up a blank and I end up dropping it or it ends up not very fun to play. Maybe I don't have the creative drive to do it, idk

Originally posted by Koopster
Mind if I move this to SMW Hacking Discussion? (I ask as I move it) You are asking for help, but this is an interesting topic I think a lot of people could give insight on, and in this help forum threads tend to become buried after they're answered.

Yeah I think that'd be better. This forum looks more like technical stuff.

Ghost Fire Bop
I wonder how I do for my first level made in years.

This has been editted to a new version, so basically a resubmit

Originally posted by bebn legg
bebn's long post

Thanks for playing my level. I've never been the best with palettes, but hopefully it looks a lot nicer now.

I feel like I have enough knowledge and motivation to make something more ambitious next year. I already have the idea brewing in my head, I'll be practicing hacking more.

I'll just request one song for now, see how this goes.
Song Name: Night on Bald Mountain
Type: Port
Samples: None
Audio References: Youtube
Note References: MIDI
Note: It'd probably be better to only do about 2:40 seconds of the track rather than the full thing since it's so long.

I like all of your responses and I've been taking them as advice on what I should do. I've been trying the idea of "storyboarding", where I draw a simple sketch of what the level looks like (Just the ground, no enemies or anything since that comes later), then recreate it in Lunar Magic so I get an idea of what the level looks like. After that, just build and tweak upon it. It worked well for me so far.

I also found out that working on levels while other people are watching actually works pretty well. People tend to give ideas and where you should place things, incase you might end up hitting a creative dead-end.

I've never heard of this SMW. What does it abbreviate to? Is it top-secret confidential government information?

Originally posted by E-man38
SMW stands for Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. I hear the place was so popular that a whole community emerged from it, called Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC for short). Not completely sure what it's a primary resource of, though. I also don't know how exactly these so-called ROM hacks tie into the community, but they do sound like interesting things to make.

I don't like the sound of hacking honestly. I heard you can face a pretty hefty fine (or even worse, jail time) for breaking into people's computers.

I highly recommend looking at the F.A.Q. page and these tutorials. They'll give you a basic grasp on how to use Lunar Magic, plus any other question you might have that isn't very advanced will help you out.

My first memory of playing video games was playing Super Smash Bros. Melee on my Gamecube while I was like 4.
Apparently the first time I've ever played a game was when I was about 2. My dad didn't know how to make me stop crying so he just handed me the controller while playing Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES and that was enough to calm me down.

Originally posted by aaa
tile merging shouldnt be allowed in vldc

Why stop there? No custom music, no custom level palettes, no bypassing timer limit, no bypassing gfx, no custom Layer 3, no exgfx, no bypassing music, no custom Map16, Fox only, Final Destination.

You can use the "unused" palettes right here to create more colorful tilesets. Just make sure you have "Enable Custom Palettes for Overworld" checked

Select the tiles you wanna edit the color of with "8x8 Overworld Tile Editor" (the rock at the top toolbar #lm{ow8xsel}), then use the Palette bar underneath "Flip X/Y" to freely switch it's color. Now you can have lava and water at the same time. Or Snow/Desert/Grass at the same time also. Whatever goes.

Hope this helps, or if this was what you were talking about.

Originally posted by Ninja Boy
That's not quite true...
That area can be used however without setting up some extra options in LM those colors will get overwritten back to black later on.

That isn't a good option? What is? I personally haven't found any big palette issues doing it that way (yet apparently).

I just randomly picked this name out of the blue when I had to come up with a username, and it just stuck for 4 years. Profile is constantly changing, but for here I'll just use Cube as an avatar since I recently played Live-A-Live and liked him.
After over 1 year the contest has ended, the collab you've all doubted was happening for has finally entered developement...



Currently working on: Bug-testing

Get ready to replay all the best and craziest levels from yesteryear!

List of things needed for opportunities to work on.

Helpful Diagram of level locations.
∙ Note: Anyone can work on any of these of they'd like to, even if someone else might be working on them, or even multiple things can be worked on.

"To Do" List
Bugs to fix:
∙ Fix Dragon Coin/Moon counters for Overworld Indicators
∙ Fix Overworld Indicators for bsnes
∙ Exit counter on file-select screen

Things to add:
∙ Widescreen Overworld
∙ Multiple OW Music Tracks (Wait for Main Map to be complete)

Download a demo here!

Originally posted by Samuel Zuccati
Why make the secret exit count as normal?

Some levels end off with a key instead of a goal sphere/boss/goal tape, which activate the secret exit yet doesn't activate the green checkmark on the overworld. I haven't found any patch or UberASM that changes this, nor a code for the Overworld Indicators patch that just shows the Secret Exit icon (The key) instead of a checkmark.

Originally posted by Green Jerry
I know the demo is buggy but in SomeGuy712x's level, the Yoshi filter didn't work, allowing me to enter the yellow pipe right away:

Some levels get screwed up in the insertion process. I always playtest the level before considering it succesfully implemented, but I don't have time to replay every level after updating. I leave the demo out for people to catch these problems in advance, so any help is appreciated :)

Originally posted by Hobz
idk if you're looking for stuff like this or actual levels tho

A bit of a mix of that, plus some puzzle elements can help to (See VLDC9 switch palaces for inspiration)

Originally posted by TheMorganah
If possible, could you update the authorship of level SWEET DREAMS to my current nickname? Thanks in advance.

Lucky for you everybody's nickname in the hack is already going to be updated to their current name (Such as Super Maks 64 > ASMagician Maks, or Emerald Shell > 7 up)
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