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I'm like this hack! Could I be a beta tester please

greetings thank you
i have got oreworld 1 in my bin you can downloaded frome there.

Can you pm me to please s.r.h.
Hello, i also would beta test your hack, thank you
Hello, is it possible to test your hack, thank you#tb{:j}
Originally posted by S.R.H.
I found a hack called "Super Factory World" today. It's short; just two levels, but it's level design is awesome! It doesn't really have anything original; all ASM and graphics are from SMWC, but it's got really good level design. I had lotsa fun. Does anyone else know about this?

Found another ASM showcase hack called "12 Star Pack (Teisyutu SMW)". Some levels are good, some are not, but the ASM was pretty impressive in my opinion.

Where can i find these hacks PM me please.
I want to play this hack, it,s great.
If it is possible, I would also like to be beta tester are.#tb{:DD}
When it's possible i want a beta tester, thanks
Here you go. #tb{:]}

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