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I wanted to upload a hack of mine from another website but the 10MB limit is way to small since my hack is 16MB and its not even that big of a hack.
Originally posted by Tahixham
10MB is plenty big enough for a Super Mario World or Yoshi's Island hack, considering a ROM can only be expanded to something like 8MB (don't @ me ROM hack nerds if that's wrong...)

You mentioned "mario 64" in your thread title? But if you're trying to upload a SM64 ROM hack which it sounds like you're trying to upload?

Therefore, you will note it says in our SM64 sections:

Originally posted by sections
As of August 2022, our SM64 sections are now archived and are read only. No new submissions will be accepted or moderated, but the existing submissions remain here on SMW Central until we can find an appropriate place for them on the internet in the future.

oh didnt know that thanks for the information. man there kinda isnt a really good place to upload m64 hacks.
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