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Uh...what exactly is this teasing?
The program does not seem to recognize sprites with the .cfg file extension, only .json files. Can someone help me with this/tell me what I'm doing wrong, please?
EDIT: Nevermind. Apparently, I'm kinda dumb, and didn't read the full tutorial. Wild Piranha works now!
I cannot find the Layer 3 ExGFX Hack used for the SMB3 Styled Status Bar. If you could give me the whereabouts of this setting/hack, it would be very helpful. Thank you!
I'll stick with regular SMWCentral.
Originally posted by Katerpie
Originally posted by AppleBoy54321
I'll stick with regular SMWCentral.

In the future the legacy theme will no longer exist, if that's what you meant.

Nah, I'm just gonna straight up stick to this SMWCentral. Not the one displayed here.
Name of song: New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Course Clear
Unsampled or Sampled: Unsampled
Type: Port
Originally posted by Segment1Zone2
Originally posted by Segment1Zone2
Originally posted by AppleBoy54321
Name of song: New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Course Clear
Unsampled or Sampled: Unsampled
Type: Port

Consider it claimed.

Request Fulfilled. New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Course Clear!

Thanks, Segment!
Fair Warning, this demo is from an earlier stage in development than these screenshots, so there may be some minor or major differences from the Final Product.

Welcome to the Fungus Islands! Bowser has given up trying to kidnap Princess Peach (for now), and his son, Bowser Jr, has set his sights on the Fungus Islands. Mario, being on vacation there, naturally, has to stop Bowser Jr's plans, along with Luigi. Can the brothers stop the Colonization of the Islands?

The Title Screen

World 1's Map

World 2's Map

World 3's Map

World 4's Map

World 1-1: A Basic Grassland, complete with slopes!

World 1-C: The first Castle...(sniff)...smells like Layer 3!

Iggy Koopa: Huh. No Layer 3 here. Ah well, still a neat boss!

World 2-2: An Ancient Temple, with...a statue of Donkey Kong?!

World 3-2: A Frosty Cave, with pointy crystals.

World 4-3: An Abandoned Testing Facility, Watch out for that toxic goop!

I haven't made a screenshot for World 5's map yet, but I'll tell you that it's beach themed, nor have I made a screenshot for World 6's map, which is volcano themed..

Thanks for checking out what I have so far!

- Apple Boy
Originally posted by Arash
This hack looks promising. How many exits will the finished project have in the end? (well, assuming you planned that far ahead, that is!)

Well, so far, the hack has...(checks notes)...20 Exits. All in 4 Worlds. There's at least 2 more worlds planned. I have no clue how many exits the finished project will have.
Originally posted by jardeson01
looks like a lot of fun in this hack, there may be new bosses#smw{o_O?}

Only 2, haha. PIXI stopped working with my ROM after I put in some broken sprites (not used in game). We have Iggy Koopa, as featured above, and a secret boss from another franchise!
Is it possible to remove sprites?
Originally posted by quietmason
Originally posted by AppleBoy54321
Is it possible to remove sprites?

Simply remove them from the list in PIXI, then run PIXI and they'll be removed automatically. Make sure to delete any instance of these sprites in LM before you do this, as it can sometimes mess some stuff up.

I did this, and after trying to run PIXI again, it broke the game. Not sure how, but RATS are involved.
Name: Super Mario Kart: Mario Circuit
Ripped or Original: Original, but using the Graphics from SMK
Purpose: Background/Layer 3
Description: An original Background/Layer 3 Effect made using the Background pieces of Mario Circuit from Super Mario Kart.
Style: Super Mario Kart
Woah! This hack looks pretty cool so far! I'll be following its development, as I once tried to make a hack named Luigi's Quest. This one reminds me of my past.
THE DEMO IS FINALLY HERE! On Mario Day too, no less. So, this demo of the game contains only the first three worlds. I hope from the bottom of my heart that you enjoy what I've created, so far.
Originally posted by KDJewl
I just played through all of world 1, and the first levels of world 2, and I'd like to offer some constructive criticism, if I may. I've never really done this before so please bear with me and keep in mind that anything I'm about to say is genuinely meant in a helpful manner!

I really enjoy the level design so far, and as far as graphics and music choices go, they're excellent. I have a few nitpicks in particular that I'd like to lay out:

The world 1 boss, in my opinion, is incredibly difficult. I'm not sure if that's intentional, but with the lack of powerups in the level and the fact that he gets I-frames when he's about to attack made me actually have to savestate to beat him. The idea is good, and the platforms add a lot of challenge especially when he starts jumping around in his shell, but yeah. It was hard. I found myself going all the way back to the tutorial level to get a quick mushroom every time, then resorted to savestates to beat him.

In 1-4, the rain is a really nice touch, but I think it would be better applied if it was a layer trick or something. It covered up the powerups in the level, and generally looked odd in some spots. Still, the aesthetic and tone of the level were my favorite so far.

In 2-2, there is a jump that is almost impossible to make. I couldn't get a screenshot, but there's some blocks with a powerup and 1-up in them, then a platform with a dry bones, then a narrow area with another dry bones. Jumping into that narrow space is nearly impossible unless you're either small or really good at duck-jumping. I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, but even with wall jumps I could barely make it. This was when I actually got a bit frustrated and put the game down, so I haven't progressed past this point.

All in all, I'd say my only major gripe that seems even slightly consistent is the lack of powerups in levels; 2-1 didn't have any at all, unless I'm mistaken. However, other than what I mentioned, I really enjoyed it so far and will give it another chance tonight or tomorrow to see the rest of it! I hope these points can help you squeeze out some issues with the game and hopefully provide some sound advice for the rest of its development.

Sorry for the novel. I hope you don't mind.

Don't worry about the novel! This is an earlier version of what I currently have, after all! The Temple Shown in the screenshot is the final version, and I can't do anything regarding the sprite, because there are RATS in my ROM that makes PIXI impossible to use, and the sprite was made with I-Frames to begin with.