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Hello, Rilla Roo.

I'd like to give you a recommendation: On the map, when L is pressed, besides making Mario go to the Warp Zone, it makes the next level appear, which cannot be accessed even if beaten the previous level. The more times L is pressed, the more levels are unlocked and unable to access. The first time I played this game, that happened to me at worlds 3 and 4 and I had to start again. So please, fix that glitch.

Regarding to World 5: Forest, there are some suggestions:

Level 5-4: Forest Heights: I recommend replacing or removing the fire munchers from this level and any level where they appear because they are annoying since they move out of control and are almost impossible to avoid.

Level 5-5 Blazing Forest: At the beginning, there are some fire brothers whose fireballs are very difficult to avoid. When I played this level, they hit me a lot of times even when I was close to them without touching them, so I had to repeat it many times to beat it. I accept that I found the rest of the level a little easier. Therefore, I suggest positioning them differently and/or making their fireballs properly harmful.

By the way: Level 5-B, Autumn Hills, was one of my favorite levels of this game.

That's it for now. If I have another advice or comment about this SMW hack (which was the first one I completed ever and I loved it), I'll let you know.


This world looks really good and it was finished very quickly! #smw{:TUP:}

Originally posted by Rilla Roo
Say goodbye to these stupid munchers.

Thank you for that.

Originally posted by Rilla Roo
with the notable exception being the minecart level which will be replaced by a brand new level

I found that level very hard because the mine cart sprites weren't the most appropriate, so I think it's a good idea.

Originally posted by Rilla Roo
I'm not sure if you played any of the demos i released last year

I did, but I had the original game in mind to make my previous comment and that's the reason why I mentioned the warp zone. Whoops!

Originally posted by Rilla Roo
Say hello to World S

It looks pretty cool and seems to be a really interesting post-game world. I look forward to seeing how will be that new world and the replacement of Minecart Ride. #smw{B)}

Now, as for World 6: Cavern:

Level 6-4: Mining Station: I liked this level and it isn't so hard, however, I recommend removing the lights of the mine carts or replacing them with countdown numbers.

What I liked the most about this world were the power-ups Ice Flower, Boomerang Suit and Hammer Suit, the Crystal Palace and the songs:
-Donkey Kong Land - Kremlantis.
-Cursed Cathedral.

Despite having found just 6 eggs, I really enjoyed this game and it was very fun to find them.

Congratulations to  bebn legg,  K.T.B., Redwykelz and Pink Gold Peach on having found all of the eggs.

I hope I'll find more eggs or all of them the following year since this was my very first time participating in this event.

Hello again.

The Remastered version of New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs is getting better and better! I’m still playing the demo version (I’ve just started World 4) and, ignoring some things you said you would fix later, it’s wonderful.

Now, I have a suggestion for World 7: Mountain:

• Level 7-3: Deep Dark Cave: I liked the idea and the playability of this level, so I don’t complain about its difficulty. However, there is a snake block which has to be activated in order to access the first door. I suppose that it starts moving when Mario steps on
However, when they’re coins and we get them while the P-Torch is off, it’s hard and confusing to move that platform, but it eventually opens our way to the rest of the level. I recommend make it easier to get to that door.

That’s it for now, I really liked Donkey Kong Country - Fear Factory theme at level 7-5 and Mega Man 8 - Tengu Man theme at level 7-6, which is one of my favorite levels of this world.
Hi, Pink Gold Peach

I finished testing this beta version a few days ago and it has many great things, so I liked it a lot.

However, I found some glitches and bugs as well as the mentioned previously that can be corrected:

And now, the differences I really liked about this remastered version in relation to the original:

That’s it for now. I liked a lot more things of this remastered version of New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs, but I decided to mention just the most important ones in order to not make an excessively long reply.

And thanks to Clippit for helping me to write this text (yes, I wrote this on Word 2000).

I think this one is easy, try to guess it:

Originally posted by Rilla Roo
For this level, i made the flashlight effect a little brighter so it can be easier to see everything, and even see a bit of what's in the darkness. I also removed the snake blocks so i'm focusing more on using the fire flower to lit up the P-switch torches.

GREAT! #smw{:TUP:}
I always liked the concept of this level, and now its playability and look makes it easier and better.

Originally posted by Rilla Roo
Also, there's new music as the original shared the same song as 7-2.

SO COOL! #smw{B)} #wario{B)}
It fits perfectly with the mine environment and, along with a faster pace and brighter colors, results in an entertaining, lively and great level, so it's noticeably better than the original with a touch of joy and fun.

There is a part of this song that reminded me of the Stage Start theme from Sky Destroyer, a NES game that I used to play some years ago.

Originally posted by Rilla Roo
do you guys think i should add a boss to 6-4?

I think you can maybe try and show us it in order to see if it's a good idea. I personally predict that a boss will make it more exciting.

This contest was quite interesting and I enjoyed taking part in it.

Originally posted by bebn legg
10. Touhou Kisouken ~ Infinite Blade Pavilion - Starve Calamity

I have heard some songs from that franchise so far (they're amazing), but I didn’t know this one, so I had no other way but to guess what game its style was from. I found it very similar to Touhou series, but my expectations were low, and I didn’t think I would manage to guess the franchise, so I felt glad to see that I was right.

Originally posted by bebn legg
Hmm, I always though it was “Jewelery”.

I call it “Magic Jewelry”, but I read a wrong spelling several years ago. A NES game menu (they have names like “30 in 1”, “50 in 1”, “58 in 1”, “76 in 1”, “400 in 1”…) had that game, and its name was…
MAGIC JEWELLY #smw{-_-2}

I played this game a lot when I was a little boy and now, I rarely do, but I feel like playing it. It’s very similar to Columns, which is very similar and I have played sometimes.

Originally posted by bebn legg
Honestly, I can't remember how I found this game

I remember how I did: Back in 2009 or 2010, I was watching some videos on YouTube about a NES game named Antarctic Adventure, which I played a lot then. I saw a thumbnail about a game which was very similar, called Penguin Adventure, and I clicked on it. I watched that video and I found it interesting, but I thought it was a NES game (it’s a game for MSX; I was wrong). I found it on a page, and I tried to play it there, but it ran excessively slow and heard awful. I think the reason was that I had Windows XP then because it runs quite well on Windows 7 and 10. Some years later, I realized that it was an MSX game. Nowadays, I play it sometimes and I haven’t gone further than level 8. Regarding Antarctic Adventure (NES), I have “finished” it a few times to date.

Originally posted by Doctor No
This game was a thing from my childhood that I'm not sure I ever bothered to push beyond this level

I’m very sure I haven’t beaten level 1.

Congratulations to  S.N.N., Blue Leaf and Maniek for being the top three winners of the contest.

World 8: Ice is one of my favorite worlds of this game. There are many things I loved about it:

Recently, when I played this world again to look over it, I realized something in 8-A:

When Mario gets a power-up with an up-falling spike on screen, it moves up slightly and keeps this position until it disappears from the screen or falls upwards.

That's it for now.
Good proportions, a well-designed face and the result is great.

A well-designed face and the result is good.

Rest in pepperoni.

It is a wrestling game made for NES that has very low ratings on graphics, sound and gameplay.

I played it several times when I was a little child and I found it funny even though I didn't beat the second level. I used to jump to the ropes to bounce and hit the opponent. However, if he got the energy ball, I would definitely lose the game.

I didn't know what its name was until some months ago. The version that I used to play had a japanese name that I wasn't able to read, but it meant "Kinnikuman". Later, I found the same version with a different name: "Wrestle". It was written with small red letters, white highlight and the font that most NES games use, so it was pretty mediocre.

Recently, I played it again and I reached level 5.
It’s a great character with a cute appearance and a positive attitude.
Yours is strange, but sort of funny and well designed. The color of the head is well adapted to Pink Gold Peach’s dress.
The fish is well designed and it has a very good color application. The glasses make it strange and funny at the same time.
Oh, Monika… The character is well designed and the avatar is very good, but it can sometimes make me feel a little bit bad.
Wow! Such a great pixel art with very good borders, color combination, shading and background design.
T-Square – Blue in Red: Knight's Song
Raito (feat. Emika) - Blood Drain


HAYATO ASANO - SPRING WIND SKYLARK: It has a positive, serene vibe thanks to its vigorous rhythm, its beautiful melodies and the different instruments we can hear there.

CASIOPEA - ECCENTRIC GAMES: This song has also a positive vibe and its melodies and rhythm are really exciting.
Hmm, Casiopea... I remember there is a turtle called Cassiopeia (Casiopea in Spanish) in a book called Momo.

Rymdlego - Yuki Satellite: It can create an interesting, groovy atmosphere.
Lars Danielsson – Passacaglia: Jazzy, groovy, elegant.
Le peuple de l'herbe - Yini Bo
The Animalhouse - Small

Woah, this is starting to get harder, haha!