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Tip: Press F2 on the level editor to see subscreen boundaries. This will help you avoid glitching dragon coins by putting them on the subscreen boundaries.
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Thanks for this. I’m brand new to Lunar Magic, and have only been playing hacks a little over a year, so this is ALL new to me! Looking forward to learning more!
Is it possible to ALWAYS have the special world cleared colors enabled?

Within Lunar Magic, on the title screen editor, you can click the Special World Goomba head (looks like a fat Mario face) to see the special world colors. This opens up palettes 9-F with a much broader range of color options.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated. I'm a new hacker trying to learn as fast as I can.
Originally posted by Katerpie
Go to Overworld > Change Special World Levels and set the levels to the ones you want in the dropdown boxes (by default it's level 125). You may want to go with the first option, as I presume you only want the palettes to change.

Note that it will only take effect as soon as you beat the level or the "level has been passed" flag is set.

Is it possible to create a level and have that level always have the "level has been passed" flag set, even if the player has never played that level?
Originally posted by GrumpyWalrus
Originally posted by Katerpie
Go to Overworld > Change Special World Levels and set the levels to the ones you want in the dropdown boxes (by default it's level 125). You may want to go with the first option, as I presume you only want the palettes to change.

Note that it will only take effect as soon as you beat the level or the "level has been passed" flag is set.

Is it possible to create a level and have that level always have the "level has been passed" flag set, even if the player has never played that level?

Actually, I think I found it myself. Going to test to see if it works, but thank you for the help!

(To anyone who views this later, within the overworld editor, open the “Layer 1 16x16 editor mode” and then the “modify level tile settings”. There is a check box in the initial level settings flag.)
So, I'm currently building my first kaizo hack, and when setting up C5 for the display message, when I die on screen due to the troll start, it warps me to 1C5. Anyone ever seen this or know how to prevent it?
Interesting. I made level 1C5 a direct mirror of C5 which was an alright work around. I’ll try the shift f8 method as well and see if that works as well. Thanks for the responses!
I’m working on a new hack. Without revealing to much of the hack or story, I have an idea where I want Mario to become a boss fight. I’m assuming there isn’t a patch for this already (I’ve looked and didn’t see anything) so is there anyone out there who understands ASM and would like to write a custom patch/create a sprite pack patch to make this possible?

If interested, maybe PM me for more details on the idea?
Name: Super Mario 3 as a Boss Fight
Type: Patch
Description: A Boss fight with Mario 3 as the villain. Just a boss fight with Mario utilizing iconic Mario abilities like spitting fire, throwing a shell (could just be pulled from no where) as well as jumping and even a ground pound that could shake the ground like Roy Koopa). I think the closest thing I can accurately liken my vision to is the Bowser fight at the end of Grand Poo World 2, except a Mario sprite instead of Bowser.
Originally posted by Katerpie
It is definitely possible. I didn't find a Mario boss over the sprites section, but some people had the guts to code their own versions of it over time.

You can request it in the ASM requests thread located in the neighboring forum, but be sure to follow the rules there. Hopefully coding it shouldn't be too complex depending on what attacks and patterns you want.

Thank you!
Need some help or direction on title screen graphics. I've been editing some in YY-CHR, deleted the tiles that don't affect anything other than "Super Mario World" and the like, so it doesn't affect the overworld, backgrounds, or other layer 3 objects, but how do people create title screen text like the ones below? Is it literally just hours of fine tuning YY-CHR and Snes GFX? Or is there a simpler solution I'm missing?

I made a text logo for my hack and converted it with SnesGFX, but when I upload it into YY-CHR, it's so unbelievably jumbled I can't seem to piece it back together, and can't even tell my pieces apart.

I vaguely remember reading, or possibly dreaming, about a patch for the title screen that increased the GFX or something that are available there? (Something like 64x64 or something) but I can't seem to find it now, and could have possibly dreamed the entire thing into existence.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
With the use of ExGraphics of course. For that, you can use #lm{sgfxby} for layer 1, 2 and sprite graphics and #lm{l3gfxby} for layer 3 graphics. In addition, you can change the title screen logo on the overworld editor if you go to File > Title Screen > Load Title Screen...

Yeah, I made an ExGFX file and replaced 28 and 29 with what I wanted, but it still looked like garbage. I’m unable to get really clean cut lines, or multiple colors to display properly like in Super Mario World (mine usually want to all be one color vs 4 colors.

I was more asking if there was a better way of creating the image without spending hours on YY-CHR editing the ExGFX file, or if I’m missing something with SnesGFX not converting my image correctly or saving a color palette correctly. I’ll play around with it and see if I can clean it up. Just wasn’t sure if there was a patch that made higher quality title screens possible.
That could be very helpful! Thank you for the help!
Hello all!

Anyone feel like explaining to me how to setup on/off switches to control blocks? I know where the on/off switch is located, and understand how they affect lines, but what about hidden blocks? Is this a custom block I need to add or does SMW natively support this in one of the GFX files?
Thanks guys! I appreciate the quick response.
Has anyone ever had an issue patching a clean, unmodified rom with the SA-1 patch and it not opening in BSNES?

The patched rom will open fine in SNES9x, but will not open in BSNES. I'm assuming it's an emulator issue, but I cannot find anything in the emulator to change, and the previous version of the hack I was working on worked just fine with BSNES with no changes.

I've expanded my trouble shooting knowledge and throw myself on the mercy of the experts here.
Introducing my first rom hack - Dokusei Mario World, a kaizo lite hack.

This is a labor of love that I've been working on for a couple months, teaching myself ASM, Hexcode, Lunar Magic, and pretty much everything else involved as I go.

Dokusei is Japanese for Toxic, which is what this hack will focus on. A distant land has been poisoned by a strange new enemy, and Mario is the only one who can stop them.

Things this hack will feature:
SA-1 optimization.
Custom music for each overworld screen.
Custom music for each level.
Custom music for clear course.
Secret exits with sprawling overworld routes.
Hidden rooms for those that want to explore.

Several glitch fixes and quality of life improvements - spin jump crush fix, wall clip fix, wall jumps fix, p switch grab fix, item stuck fix, double yoshi eat glitch fix, nuke status bar, instant retry, multiple midpoints.

Chocolate mechanics including sticky floors, motorskills, screen scrolling pipes, 1 tile grabs, screen teleporters, custom bosses.

I hope to be finished with the hack by Q2/Q3 2021, barring any major setbacks. The hack is slated to be a full hack, 26 exits total, somewhere in the Invictus difficulty range.

Mod edit: collapsed images to nuke table stretch
Thanks for the edit. It was my first post with screenshots and had some growing pains learning how to add them.

The screenshots are in very early development. The idea is that the hack starts out with minimal poisoned aspects, and becomes wilder and more "toxic" as it progresses, leading up to the final encounter. Palette/design elements to depict toxicity, as well as trolls and mechanics that may seem "toxic".

It's a long way off, and I've got a lot to learn, but glad you guys like the idea!
I know this is probably a simple request, but I've beat my head against the wall for a few hours now trying to make sense of the readme file.

How exactly does one make the midway point in a level point to a sublevel rather than the main level? (I've got a level designed on 1A, and need the midpoint to point to E4 rather than loading into 1A and having to take the pipe to E4 every time).

I'm using Lunar Magic 3.21, SA-1 1.32, and have the multiple midway patch and bwram patches available, although I'm not sure I if I've inserted them correctly or in the proper order since whenever I die, the hack loads me back at the midway tape rather than in the boss room (loads into level 1A instead of E4).
Hi all!

I'm very new to ASM, especially writing my own ASM, but I had an idea based on a DanofMostTrades tutorial on YouTube to change a koopa into a climbing vine. In the tutorial, he changed a koopa into a spiny, jumping fireball, wiggler, etc. Based on the tutorial, the code should look something like:

ORG $01A7D4
db 79

Where $01A7D4 is the red horizontal koopa and 79 is the sprite number of the climbing vine.

The climbing vine does not actually climb however, and will just sit on the ledge tile.

When I put this code into the hack, it breaks the game more times than not. Is there a better way to achieve this? Or a more elegant way of writing the code?

-EDIT- Solved on Discord. Thanks to An Undefined Custom Sprite.
Would the inclusion of a single block dupe move a hack from kaizo:light to a pit hack?
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