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Hey guys,
I'm searching for the ROM-Address for Buzzy Beetles x-speed, I just found the Address for the speed of the shell, but no walking speed?!
Hey, yes that's what I was searching for, thx for your fast help! I already realized that buzzy shares a table when I changed the stun timer...
Hey guys
I wanted to add a new goal sound with addmusick 1.0.8 but it always loops before screen fades I found another thread where it's said the commands ?0 at top of the file or /r1 at end of every channel makes a song only play once but when I changed that in text file it still loops... so I tried to take a longer sound and even that loops 2 seconds before fade out. What am I doing wrong?
Hey thx for respond ...I forgot to say the #option noloop command was already in the text file. So I tried it with that command with 0? And r1...and all together. But nothing worked. The weird thing is that when I take a longer song about 1min or so even that loops after I guess the problem does not lie in the text file

;	1 - Enables Goal Tape SFX

;	0 - Disables Goal Tape SFX

;	Goal Tape SFX

	#define GOAL 1	; Change Value between 0 - 1

;	SPC Generator

	#title "You Win"
	#game "Touhou Yumejikuu"
	#author "comp. ZUN / arr. Hooded Edge"
	#comment "Should've had it for every game."
	#length "0:08"

;	Instruments

	@29 $FF $EA $B8 $05 $00 ; @30 snare
	@10 $FF $E0 $B8 $08 $00 ; @31 bass drum
	n1F $BF $FB $7F $04 $00 ; @32 closed hi-hat
	n1D $8F $F0 $7F $04 $00 ; @33 crash cymbal

	@6 $AF $B2 $B8 $03 $00 ; @34 lead
	@6 $AF $6C $B8 $03 $00 ; @35 lead (end)
	@1 $FF $F4 $B8 $03 $00 ; @36 synth
	@1 $CA $CB $B8 $03 $00 ; @37 strings
	@1 $FF $EC $B8 $03 $00 ; @38 bass

;	Global Volume / Tempo
	"(T10) = t113"
	"(T20) = t71"
	"(T30) = t68"
	"(T40) = t65"
	"(T50) = t61"
	"(T60) = t55"
	"(T70) = t48"
	"(T80) = t41"

;	Main Macros
	"@rest = r2"
	"@end = [ r2 ]255"

;	Instrument Macros

	"@lead = @34 o3 v220"
		"(A00) = @35 | $DE $24 $0A $14"

	"@synth = @36 o5 v135"
	"@strings = @37 o3 v160 | $DE $15 $0A $30"
	"@bass =  @38 o2 v245"

;	Percussion Macros

	"@snare = @30 o3 v255 y10"
	"@kick = @31 o2 v255 y10"

	"@closed = @32 v100 y10"
	"@crash = @33 v100 y10"

;	Mining Away...

	$F4 $02
;	Extras

	#OPTION TempoImmunity

	"channel # = #"

;	Goal Tape

#if GOAL == 1
	"@rest = t55 r=84"

	#0 @2 o4 v200 y20 $DC $54 $00 q7F f4.. $DD $00 $0C $B7 $DD $00 $18 $B0 $DD $00 $30 $A4
	#1 @2 o4 v200 y20 $DC $54 $00 q7E c4.. $DD $00 $0C $B0 $DD $00 $18 $AB $DD $00 $30 $9F
	#2 @rest
	#3 @rest
	#4 @rest

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OK, thx for response i will try it later and report

...Tried to take another sound and added #Option Noloop. Works fine now, I dont know why the the above goal theme didnt work. Thx a lot for help!
Hey guys like the Name of the Thread says, I want to know if roms are running faster on snes9x than fxpak pro without changing any configurations before...I tested invictus on both and it seems that its a bit faster on emulator...but maybe I'm wrong
Hey Guys,
Im working longer on this now, this is my first LM Hack.
I tried to focus on well balanced platforming levels with a bit of shell jumps etc... I have 9 levels so far chocolate kaizo style.

Video-Link Gameplay:

Pls note that this Video is a bit older, now there are 9 different levels plus i added some animations in those levels in video...

I really would appreciate feedback on:
(Fair) Gameplay
Bugs etc...

Currently in work
Thanks for response,so I'm just wondering if you can compete speedruns on emulator and original snes...
Hey I have a problem with my screen scrolling pipes...I installed fuyosas first and changed them with ghbs after..but I have some glitchy effects now, especially when entering an upward pipe cap without pressing up Mario dies...I guess I have to port everything to a new Rom without installing fusoyas patch before? Or is it possible to remove fuyosas patch?
I used ghb second newest version (I guess it was 3.1.14)
Help would be appreciated
Ok thx for response...
I reworked all levels now, making them more fair in gameplay and i hope free from any cutoffs, bugs etc...
I really would appreciate if somebody would test this new version of my Kaizo light hack "Insomnia"...
You find the reworked file in my first post
Hey KTB thank you much for this positive feedback, this is very motivating for me to end up the hack with 2 or 3 more levels; I will work on those issues you found for sure; In grand canyon I forgot to test the level myself after I changed fuyosas pipes which freezes game while going through with ghb's pipes where sprites go on while going could not get the flying questionmark, so I guess this part was not passable, sorry. In moles passage the intended way is run and jump directly in the small pipe like you found out in the end, so maybe I have to put an indicator there.. so far, thank you and kiwi very much for testing it ;maybe I will put a last demo here in next month with last three levels and an endboss
Greets drippz
Hey N450 thank you very much for testing it!
I gonna work on those issues. In the first level I deleted the secret exit but didn't change the level tile so I hope you didn't search too long for it. I think it makes no sense to search in kaizo levels...
So thanks for your effort, I gonna work on the game for a while and load up a demo with the last levels
Greets drippz
Hey, like the title says is there a possibility to add a menu point at the title screen where you can change the controls? Especially I would like to let the player switch the spin jump button from a to r... I know how to change the controls but I want the player to choose it...
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Drippz85's Profile - Posts by Drippz85

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