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Hello, I am G.G.

I signed up months ago but I am here to say hello to everyone on these forums. I came here because I want to try some hacks and eventually make some of my own. I also want to try out something new.
I do not where to ask this but what do you guys use as a video recording setup to dump SNES videos? And what advice can you give me to help to create, edit and make good SNES videos?
I used to play Super Mario World when I was a kid although I was never able to beat the special levels but my brother did....I think.
OBS seems okay. What do you use as far as codecs and editing?
That sounds pretty amazing, I am going to listen to this.
I had been replaying the Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island game on BizHawk (BSNES core) the other day and I was shocked at how difficult that game was. Granted, its predecessor wasn't that easy but I used to play that game a lot when I was a kid and I was somewhat familiar with the game. I think I could be wrong, I used to watch someone else play the game before playing for myself afterward but I have a much easier time playing SWM than SMW2:YI. What do you guys think? Is Yoshi's Island more difficult than Mario World?
I mostly create video dumps from emulators such as Gens rr, SNES9X and recently BizHawk. I used Virtualdub2 to cut up some clips and upscale those very same clips as I just want to create clips from individual levels as opposed to longplays. While I have received some feedback over the years, there are still things that are still beyond me. I mostly deal with games from the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis games but I do not know how to deal with games from other consoles. I used a method that was recommended to me by TASVideos where I essentially do two resizes, one being Nearest Neighbor (Same as source, Relative to %400) and the other Lanzcos3 (Compute height from ratio) to correct the aspect ratio in Virtualdub.

While this method was useful to me for upscaling videos, I am not sure if it works all games especially 3D games from the fifth generation of consoles. I am currently for methods that I will allow me to accommodate for all games whether they are 3D games, 3D games or games that use animated footage. Can anyone recommend some methods that will allow me to upscale games with comprising the quality of the footage?
I guess I am not alone. I will admit that I am not the greatest SMW player but it is easy to play SMW than YI. Not that YI is bad game, it just not an easy game to cheese unlike SWM.
I know that there are incredible SNES emulators at there that play SNES games accurately. My question is: What SNES emulator is good ROM hacks? Or do some emulators just better for hacking in general?
Are you sure that SNES9x 1.51 to 1.55 is good for ROM hacks? I always assumed that the latest version was the best.
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