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I have a huge collection of SPCs that I've collected over the years, just to listen to on my PC. Recently learned how to import songs from here and noticed they are just SPCs with some sample files and some sort of text config file. So is there a way to basically extract the samples from the standalone SPC and generate (or manually create) the .txt file?

If this is possible I would love to port a lot over to contribute to the already massive song collection here!
Okay awesome, thanks! Interested in learning alot about music porting and definitely have that tutorial bookmarked.
This will be my first contest as well and am really enjoying building out my level!

Quick question though, how is the overworld typically handled in submissions? I know there's no rule on how to do it but what is the general 'normal' thing to do? Just a blank map with one level entry? Or just having the game start in the level? (I've seen some hacks do this).

Maybe I'm overthinking things but just curious as to what the expectation is.
So I have been working on my first vertical level, but as I'm pretty new to working in Lunar Magic I did not realize I could change the level mode to 'Vertical'. Instead I just cranked up the level height in the 'Horizontal Level Mode' setting, with 'Vertical Scroll at Will' selected.

It's only 1 screen wide and seems like everything works just fine, but now I'm wondering if I've screwed up somehow by not selecting the correct level mode? Are there any key issues I could encounter by doing it this way? Seems like it's too late to switch modes now as it scrambles up the level when I do.
Oh nice, glad there's no huge disadvantage to going the 'tall horizontal' route and it's actually a new better way to make vertical levels anyway. I've got no reason to remove the goal march for this level but that's good to know for the future too. Thanks for the help and the tips!
Okay, so I've figured out how ExAnimation works and how to make some simple on/off blocks and such. However, and this is more of a 'what do I do' than a 'how do I do it' kind of thing, I can't figure out an optimal destination for my global ExAnimations.

I know that this tutorial ( states that you can use any page from 0-2 and 4-5, but as far as my newfound knowledge goes here, those spaces all have potential conflicts with either BG2 and BG3 or SP1-SP4. These being global animations I would like to use them in any level, but have already run into an issue when trying to use a background that uses all 3 BG Slots (I scrapped that background for now and filed this under the 'worry about it later' category).

Are there any 'safe' destinations to send animations to that won't get in the way? Or is this just something I'll have to work around, and maybe even forget about using global animations and just do them level by level?
While testing a level with custom music I ran into an issue with the music just completely stopping, leaving no sounds except for SFX. Finally tracked down the cause, and it is collecting a coin.

I've tested this with multiple songs and it happens on all of them, and searched for a similar problem here on the forums but haven't found anything yet. Any ideas as to why this is happening?
Hey everyone! This will be my entry into this year's KLDC, and I would definitely appreciate any feedback from anyone who wants to playtest it. I'm still pretty new to creating levels and am curious to know what people think.

File Download

Hey everyone! I'm oyok, and I've been watching people play and create Kaizo hacks on Youtube and Twitch for years now. Around last October or so I decided to just go for it and learn how to make my own SMW hacks. I've learned so much already (and found so many great resources) on this site and want to get more involved in the community.

Fun fact, I remember downloading a very early version of Lunar Magic on my Windows 98 PC probably about 20 years ago. I think I made a re-creation of 1-1, which at that time was almost a novel idea, and then got frustrated that I couldn't make my own overworld and that was that. Funny how I came back around to it decades later!
I'd love to work on hacking Uniracers (or Unirally if you're over in Europe), the game that got shut down by Pixar over the CGI unicycle's appearance being a bit too similar to one from one of their films. I was lucky enough to have a copy before they went out of production though, and I have really fond memories of it.

Apparently the only hacking anyone has done on this game is finding an infamous blacklist of custom names to prevent any naughty words from being used. My ultimate goal would be to make a track editor, but would have to start from the ground up. I think it would be pretty fun to map out the ROM and reverse-engineer the track formatting, if I only had the time to do it #tb{:(}
Today I was thinking about the Mario/Sprite Solid blocks and how they are a very simple concept, but can be used for so many brilliant setups. I'm curious to know what other blocks or sprites people think are along the same vein? Any favorite go-to things that are so simple yet versatile?
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