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Hi all, this is my 1st time posting, so please apologize if I posted in the wrong section or something of that sort.

I was having some slowness issues with my hack and found out about the sa-1 patch, that could sort that out.

So I patched it in a clean ROM (expanded to 4mb) and it worked fine.
However, when I install the retry patch, things start getting weird (I tried with and without bwram plus).
The Rom loads normally, but whenever I die, the whole screen glitches, showing a mess of random graphics. Also, when I reset and load my save file, the screen also glitches for a second, and then takes me to level 00.

I'm probably messing something up, but I have no idea what else to try.
Okay, that solved part of the problem, thank you for that!
Now the game doesnt glitch out when I die.
However, it's still breaking when I try to load the save file.

Do you have any clues what the reason might be?

And again, thanks for the help

I'm using this custom sprite ( which replicates the mario maker bob-ombs.

However I want the explosion to be able to destroy turn blocks (note that the gif on the above link shows the explosion destroying blocks), but I can't figure out how to do that.

I also tried using this ASM (, but this only makes the default bob-omb's explosion destroy blocks.

I tried messing around with both codes, but to no avail.

Can someone help me with that?

Thanks a lot!

--- Edit ---

TheBiob helped me out on Discord, fixing the issue.
Apparently that custom sprite handles explosions in a different way.
Then, after some research on the forums, I tweaked it a little more.

The solution is as follows, in case anyone needs it:

overwrite this section:
	;; Branch away if it's not time to explode
	lda !163E,x : cmp #$01 : bne .dont_explode

	;; SFX, explode status, explode timer, normal sprie status,
	lda.b #!ExplosionSFX : sta.w !ExplosionBank|!Base2
	lda #$01 : sta !1534,x
	lda.b #!ExplosionTimer : sta !1540,x	
	lda #$08 : sta !sprite_status,x
	JSL $01A7DC|!BankB          ; check for Mario/sprite contact (carry set = contact)
    BCC +                       ; don't hurt Mario if no contact is made
	JSL $00F5B7|!BankB      ; hurt Mario
	;; set to interact with other sprites
	lda !sprite_tweaker_1686,x : and #$F7 : sta !sprite_tweaker_1686,x
	;; set to default interaction
	lda !sprite_tweaker_167a,x : and #$7F : sta !sprite_tweaker_167a,x

with this

    ;; Branch away if it's not time to explode
    lda !163E,x : cmp #$01 : bne .dont_explode

    ;; SFX, explode status, explode timer, normal sprie status,
    lda.b #!ExplosionSFX : sta.w !ExplosionBank|!Base2
    lda #$01 : sta !1534,x
    lda.b #!ExplosionTimer : sta !1540,x    
    lda #$08 : sta !sprite_status,x
	LDA #$15
	STA $1887	; shake the ground
	LDA #$0D		;/
	STA $9E,x	;\ Sprite = Bob-omb.
	LDA #$08		;/
	STA $14C8,x	;\ Set status for new sprite.
	JSL $07F7D2	;/ Reset sprite tables (sprite becomes bob-omb)..
	LDA #$01		;\ .. and flag explosion status.
	STA $1534,x	;/
	LDA #$40		;\ Time for explosion.
	STA $1540,x
	LDA #$09		;\
	STA $1DFC	;/ Sound effect.
	LDA #$1B
	STA $167A,x
    ;; set to default interaction
    lda !sprite_tweaker_167a,x : and #$7F : sta !sprite_tweaker_167a,x

I'm wondering if there's a way to make layer 2 scroll horizontally, like it does with sprite EF, but endlessly.

The way sprite EF seems to work is, depending on the extra bit, it moves a few sprites from right to left, and then it cycles back, from left to right.

What I want it to do is to just not end the initial cycle, where layer 2 moves from right to left.

Thank you!
I want to do a Big Boo Boss fight.
Similarly with the fight in Legends of Mario, where you fight Big Boo while climbing on a vertical scrolling layer 2.
But I want it to be horizontal.
Hmm.. I suppose it would also work if Auto Scroll didn't affect Big Boo.

Anyone know if that is possible?
Hello all!

I noticed that sometimes the player will die when spin jumping on Boo Stream (sprite B0).
Is that due to frame rule? Or is is due to some jank specific to that sprite?
Is there a way to make it consistent?

Thank you!
thank you for the reply!

I feel like I die sometimes even when jumping on the first boo
I would like to be able to spin jump on the 1st boo and not die everytime. It seems to me that, whenever I do die like that, it's when the 2nd boo is spawning almost on top of the 1st boo, but I might be wrong.
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