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Originally posted by Supertails
Could anyone answer my question in my other thread?

What was the question?
Originally posted by Bad luck man
what emulator were you using? Try new/old versions of Zsnes or your emulator.

I was using ZNSES v 1.51 (the newest version)

last time I submited this demo It was very humiliating (for me) having to re-submit it about 3 times and I don't wanna fail like that again. D:

Don't feel bad, I had to also :(
Oh, that one? That's the one you used last time.
I bet that I'll get another PM today.
Originally posted by DarthRiko
Thanks, the hardest one to make was the borg one, it is also my fav.

It's my favorite too. It must have taken a long time to make.
Originally posted by papermario766
Link is nice. I'm glad that he has his new attacks.
I wonder if Zelda will be a character, and if she will use a sword, like the 3rd to last boss battle in TP.

Zelda is already a character. She probably won't use a sword though.
Originally posted by DarthRiko
This is the background I want to have for my layout, if I could ever get it to work.

Have you ever tried this layout maker? It's what I used to make mine.
No, you put the part that says "Paste into header" into the header and the "Paste into footer" into your footer.

Beaten by 15 seconds...
Wow, that's awesome! I bet my cousin would like it. He loves that game.
Originally posted by AtomicShroom
Seriously, what is under those weird masks?

I've always wondered what was under those masks. Now I know.
Looks like you got it to work, then?

Anyway mines cool.

It has a BG from SMB2.


If i stretch it too much,

It messes up :(
Did you draw the smiley? Beacuse when I click on it, it goes to photobucket.
Originally posted by Bad luck man
l or I whatever you call it. :P

That would have been my favorite, but it never comes when you need it >8( It always comes when you have a perfectly flat area or such.

Originally posted by DarthRico
What is the point of this thread?

To tell us your favorite Tetris block!
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