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How do you use the editors? I opened Golden Egg and I can't figure out how to change the map. I've tried clicking on everything.

Originally posted by Yoshi's Island Level Tool - Link - Exports levels from and imports levels to ROMs

That sounds perfect!
Originally posted by Ayami
You can't edit the map with Golden Egg, only levels.

That's what I meant by maps, the levels. Some of the roms for this game do re-order the maps. I would like to do that too. Many of the rom hacks had custom textures and sprites; and a different Yoshi color too.

How do I edit and/or make levels with Golden Egg?

How hard is it to import and/or export levels?
Originally posted by XenonZed
First you need to open your ROM. Click File>Open ROM in the top left of the window, or hit Ctrl+Shift+O on the keyboard and select your ROM file in the window that comes up.

Next, you need to open a level. There will now be a second "file" option below the first one. Click File>Open Level in ROM... or hit Ctrl+L to open the level selection dialog. Now you can pick a level and open it in the editor.

To move objects you can select them with the mouse, and you can add new objects by dragging them onto the screen from the menu on the left. Right-clicking with something selected will make a copy of it. You can switch between editing sprites and objects by clicking the piranha plant and post icons at the top of the editor window.

You can figure out the rest of the keyboard shortcuts by poking around in Golden Egg.

Thanks, but when I click (either right or left) on anything in the map editor part of the program nothing happens. I was able to change tilesets only. I tried saving after changing the skybox as an experiment and I tested the ROM and nothing changed.

All I was able to do was load the ROM and the map.

Update: Why was the skybox so broken and screwed up? I believe it's called a glitch. The top layer literally looked like pixel poop. The "Ocean" skybox was full of lines and was the wrong color.

Update: I just found out how to move the map tiles around, but I can't figure out how to place any new tiles or sprites. Also, I tried to edit the training map, but I edited the first level instead.

I was just thinking of making a full game replacement with my favorite custom levels from the level packs. I know most I would choose.

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