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I've read pretty much all of the post, but I'm stuck on how to make like an intro sequence for a song. Like SMW Castle theme has the blemblemblemblembleeeeeeeeeem in the beginning, and never played again for the rest of the level. You know what I mean? If i missed it somewhere on the post I'm sorry. Thanks for your time!
Okay, It's just really difficult for me to wrap my head around coding music, there is a lot of stuff to keep in mind and I need help. I'm trying to port Castle Bleck from Super Paper Mario, and I was hoping to have someone take the time to work with it. Would really appreciate it! #tb{^V^}
(I want it to be as close to the original as possible (I get the limitations, just do what you can), but here is some sheet music I found on musescore.)
- New Super Mario Bros. - Versus Mode 1 (8-bit)

I would prefer it being sampled. The 8-bit version would just sound amazing.

Link to audio (and midi display):

Audio Reference (If need this version also):
Activatable Flying Hammer Bro Platform


This platform would be stationary at first, but when you land on the platform, it will activate and act like how the flying hammer bro platform would work. Sort of combining the falling gray platform and mixing it with the flying platform.

It would be using the 9C Sprite so I don't see why I would upload graphics here.
Thanks man! I'm not the greatest at coding so this was helpful.
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