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Hello if someone could port this song for me that would be super great and nice ^^

here's the song :

thank you if you can help me #tb{^V^}
as i'm not an expert of spc i will not comment any music because it will not be relevant (and i think everyone did a great job)

1.Marvel vs. Capcom - War Machine (14)
2.Sonic Adventure - Leading Lights (13)
3.Mario Kart Double Dash - Mushroom Bridge (12)
4.La Keyboard XYU - 07_00_06 (11)
5.Katamari Damacy - Lonely Rolling Star (10)
6.Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - Training Mode (9)
7.Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Promised Grace (8)
8.Sonic Mega Collection Plus - Extras (7)
9.Kingdom Hearts - Dearly Beloved (6)
10.Final Fantasy X-2 - Memory of Lightwaves (5)
11.Persona 4 - Heartbeat, Heartbreak (4)
12.Sonic Adventure - Invincibilty (3)
13.Kingdom Hearts II - Dearly Beloved (2)
14.Pikmin 2 - Perplexing Pool (1)
Hey, it may be a dumb question but can we use the display level message patch which is already in lunar magic ? or was it directy applied on the base rom ??
Thanks for your (future) answer and have a nice day!
i don't know ho to fix the plants and i'm too tired to ask how,anyways
here's the thing have fun playing it !
EDIT : here's the version where i didn't forget the credits, the last 2 yoshi coins doesn't seem to appear even if i didn't place them in screenboundaries ;-;
seeing that i got the impostor right made my day ^^ in addition to the baccalaureat's results (frenchs' final exam sort of) so i'm kinda happy of both news and i was thinking i would be last and here i am at 22nd place ! #smw{:peace:}
I'm glad i've made to the 34th place for my first entry ever ^^

and well done to everyone who participated in the contest!
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