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Wow It worked! Thanks Thomas!
I want to disable the silver pow turning enemies into coins thing, but I still want to have the silver pow routine to be triggered (I want ExAnimations and other silver pow triggered functions to still work). Is there a small little patch that I can insert to stop the enemies from turning into coins?
I'm not on my computer right now and It's late (in Europe) so I'll try it tomorrow. (I wasn't even sure I would get a reply this quickly)

Thanks! Thanks in advance! #smrpg{y}
Originally posted by JamesD28
Try patching this with asar:
ORG $01AB26
db $80

Ok, this works. Every on-screen enemy stays normal, but newly loaded enemies spawn as grey coins (click here for answer, thanks  KevinM!!). Is there an other workaround for this, or should I just build my levels in a way to avoid this?
I asked how to disable the "silver pow turning enemies into coins, but still keeping the other functions of the silver pow (ExAnim etc.)", and I got an answer from  JamesD28:
ORG $01AB26
db $80

. . . and it works, yes. It disables on screen enemies from turning into grey coins, but the problem is, that newly spawned enemies spawn as grey coins. Is there a way to stop on screen enemies from turning into grey coins, and stop newly spawned enemies from spawning as grey coins.
C'mon, i don't wanna give up on my idea!
THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  KevinM
I'm using RealLink's turn block bridge disassembly and I want to make the bridge use a different graphic for the leftmost, rightmost and middle tile: ◼◻◻◻◼ ← something like this. I can remap the graphics, but that changes the entire bridge. (I tried to use two bridges, one with the middle, and one with the edge graphics and overlaying them, but it had some timing issues that I couldn't fix).
Is there a way to edit the turn bridge disassembly's *.asm* file to make the edges use different graphics? If yes, how?
Yep, it works. At first I had some issues, but guess what? I was just stupid, but it works now. Thanks! But there are still some stuff that are weird...
(First of all, am I asking too many questions/ making too many threads? Please let me know, and I'll tone my curiosity down)

I asked how to make the block bridge use different edge graphics and I got an answer from  KevinM (Original post here) which worked, but it had some issues. If i tried to use different graphics (from SP2 and above, SP1 has some important graphics, so I don't want to change it...) some parts of the bridge would be flipped vertically, have different palettes. I tried to fix it, but I don't understand how these kinds of things work.
I want to recreate the expanding/contracting mushroom from the New Super Mario series, using the block bridge. Is there even a way to edit the *.asm* file to make it have edges (and not glitch out), or should I make a request for this kind of platform?

Update: I made it a request..
Help is still appreciated
Name: New Super Mario Bros extending platform
Type: Sprite
Description: A platforn that stretches out, and retracts on a timer, it also moves the sprites and player when It's stretching/retracting (this isn't necessary, but it would be a nice touch).
References: Link to image, Link to video (0:28, 0:36)
Originally posted by ModernKiwi
Name: Floating Water Bubble

Type: Sprite (PIXI)

Origin Game: New Super Mario Bros Wii

Description: A floating ball of water that the player can swim inside of. Can either be motionless, or move horizontally/vertically.

Image Example:

Video Example:

You could use water tiles for this with some custom GFX. And if you want to make them move just use layer 2 and (if you want), you could make a simple background using layer 3 (there's a big wooden pounder thing that most likely you're not going to use, so just delete it).

I understand if you want to make the bubble wiggle or something when mario jumps inside it. Then yes, this is a cool idea for a sprite (and I would happily use it), but I'm not sure if the SNES could handle 3 or more bubbles on screen at once without slowing down. Maybe with SA-1, but I've never used SA-1 so I don't know for sure (don't take my word for it, I'm not an expert).

Still, cool idea!
How can I make sprites 5B and 5C (the floating platforms) float in lava or tiles other than the water tiles?

...or sprite bouyancy doesn't work this way? :I
Oh damn.

It does, thanks
I want the player to get a 1-UP after collecting 3 Yoshi/dragon coins instead of 5. I searched for this kind of patch, but surprisingly, I didn't find anything (only an unanswered forum post from 2008, but that wasn't really helpful). There's probably a way to do this, but I don't know how.
Thanks again,  KevinM!

For anyone who wants to decrease the coin amount: Use a patch to make the coins save after death/midway. The game only deletes the coins after all 5 have been collected, but since only 4 or lower amount of coins have been collected, you can collect all of them, get a 1-UP and still have the coins show up in the level which means infinite lives. So use this patch to make the coins save after death/clear or midway.
Hi! I can help, sorta... I can't exactly tell you what the problem is, but I have a few guesses:
1. You forgot to remap the graphics, or
2. You forgot to insert new graphics for Mario.
As the author said:
"2. This patch does not remap any of Mario's animation frames, and includes "SMM2-Carrying.bin" for reference purposes only. You must remap Mario's graphics manually by replacing unnecessary frames of animation, or utilize a patch that expands the maximum number of frames Mario can use. The preview GIF utilizes my own remapping, which replaces three of the Castle Destruction Sequence frames."
(What  Sonikku meant is you're going to be needing extra space in the graphics files of Mario, where you can add the carrying sprites (he deleted the castle sprites to make space, and remapoed the graphics by him/herself). You don't really need the second patch.)

You're having graphics glitches, right? So it must be one of the above, or both. If you still can't figure it out, I recommend asking in the comment section of the patch submission (here) or asking the person who made it ( Sonikku) directly.
Hope this helped...

Also, yes you've posted this to the right place, and your english isn't bad, don't worry.
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