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Really content with how this turned out! This was my first contest, so I didn't expect to place very high, but I learned a lot just by listening to others' submissions and reading their comments. Not to mention, there were a lot of real bangers in here (Echoes on the Ice was heavily underrated IMO). I had a lot of fun with this, so hopefully I'll be able to participate in more of these events soon!
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This was fun, albeit really difficult, haha. I scoured countless OST's trying to find the specific song I thought was from that series, often to no avail, so I guess it goes to show how limited my scope is in terms of all the deep cuts added here (or at least the genres I'm less familiar with).

Originally posted by K.T.B.
12. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance - Like Father, Like Son (Chosen by K.T.B.)
Guessed by icrawfish.

Wow, I'm surprised I'm the only one who guessed this. Though, looking at the number of FE ports this site has, I guess I can't be too surprised.

Originally posted by K.T.B.
I'm pretty stunned that only one person got this, to be honest. This was composed by one of the main composers for the Paper Mario series (Yoshito Hirano/Sekigawa), which is actually how I found out about the Fire Emblem franchise in the first place. I expected someone to guess “Paper Mario” for this due to the stylistic similarities - You can even hear the melody of the TTYD main theme in this! Yet, no one fell into that trap.

I didn't realize the composer for this game worked on Paper Mario as well, I guess Intelligent Systems likes using their composers for both series like with Yuka Tsujiyoko.

Originally posted by Sancles
E3. Hivemind - Bogchamp (Chosen by Sancles)
[Not counted due to oversight in file metadata which revealed the game’s identity; Exodustx0 acknowledged this, along with the song’s title, but no points were awarded to anyone for this track.]

I know it was silly to guess this as the Composter since it was an extreme song, but that piano sample just sounded way too similar to SMW's for me to do otherwise, and I didn't know what tools the composer had at their disposal. Oh well, a learning experience is a learning experience.
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Just realized this thread was a thing 3 months after joining. Guess I might as well try it out.

Hey all! I'm a college student studying Software Engineering, though funnily enough that has nothing to do with my current interest in the site; rather, I'm a big music guy who plays too many instruments, and was drawn in by the allure of porting songs using the SMW soundfont like many others before me. Currently I try to make ports either when there's an event or when I'm not caught up with school, and am hoping to polish my skills with time. Right now I've got my sights set mainly on Fire Emblem music, the since prior to my arrival there were a total of only 5 ports from the franchise, but there are a number of songs from other series that have sparked my interest as well. Hopefully I'll be able to make some cool stuff that people can enjoy!

(Also shoutouts to Hat Kid for repping Genealogy with the Lachesis pfp, that was a pleasant surprise)
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July 6, 2001
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I know you mentioned that we don't need to submit anything other than a .bps, but would it still be okay to submit a short README or something similar to explain something about our entry? And if so, would the judges even be likely to look at it?
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I would like to request an ASM patch that allows the messages from message boxes to be used when traversing the overworld. Details are as follows:

The patch user will be able to assign a specific message from the list of message box texts to either a specific level or specific event trigger. Upon completing any given level and thus triggering the event, the corresponding message box will show up on the overworld screen, just as if the user had hit a message block in a level. Pressing a button will then make the box disappear as it would in a level, without affecting anything on the overworld.

Ideally this would be able to work with Koopster's Overworld Event Debugger patch, but I won't require it in case that makes things more complicated.

(This is my first request so if I goofed anything up or if this is nigh impossible let me know).
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When I first started porting (which wasn't even 6 months ago really) I was going entirely by ear, since I'm lucky enough to have ears that allow me to pick the notes out without too much difficulty. That's what I did for my first two ports, until I realized I could use the original SPC's to my advantage. Since I've only ported SNES music so far, I've started to develop a flow that goes something like this:

1. Listen to the SPC and do some channel muting to determine all the different parts (and tempo)

2. Organize what instruments will be in what channels for my port (I usually break it into multiple sections to help visualize since instruments often change partway through and I like to make sure I keep the least important parts in the last two channels)

3. Create all of my instruments to match the originals as best as possible and add them to #instruments (since all my ports thus far are unsampled)

4. Fill all the channels in the MML with a bunch of groups of rests to again visualize each section of the song, and set the instruments to each group accordingly

4. Go through the channels filling all the notes in one rest-block at a time, and double-checking by isolating the parts in the original SPC

5. Do the panning and volume, plus any extra hex command stuff to improve or make it more accurate

It's still a tentative and flexible process since I've only made like 10-11 ports so far (most of which are yet to be released), but it's been working pretty decently thus far. I figure for any non-SNES music I might just resort to good ol' ear-porting again and hope no instruments go unnoticed.
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Dang, I missed it... Happy Late Birthday though,  Segment1Zone2!
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Definitely submitting this in a timely manner, nothing to see here.
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I'm surprised by how few songs from Octopath Traveler have been ported, especially considering how popular some songs like Decisive Battle II are. Also, Zelda: Twilight Princess has essentially no ports, which baffles me, and the few Wind Waker ports are all from over 5 years ago.
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Hmm, let's see...

Originally posted by Hat Kid
Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War - Peak FE. Jk, but it is at the top for me. The gameplay nowadays can be a little annoying (no trading, obtuse doubling mechanics) but the story, graphics, and music are awesome. The generation system is really interesting and allows for a lot of experimentation and potential baddening of your 2nd Gen units, intentional or otherwise. Plus, it feels natural, unlike the child mechanics of Awakening and Fates (especially the latter) which felt shoehorned.

First of all, ^ this nearly verbatim. Personally Shadows of Valentia is my favorite FE, in large part for it's presentation, music, voice acting, and how all of those are used to turn a now nearly 30-yo NES game into a story that never fails to invoke feelings in me (Not to say it's without it's flaws, of course). Genealogy is a close second, though, both for the reasons Hat Kid stated and due to the way the in-game maps directly correlate with the world map, and how the game uses those to draw a political narrative.

As for other franchises:
Pokemon Emerald - might just be childhood nostalgia, but something about this one just always holds a special place in my heart.
Octopath Traveler - Funnily enough, I only purchased this because I got hooked on a few songs from the game. Of course, I learned to love much more than just the music from it, and even though I'm probably only halfway through the game after 60 hours of playtime, it's been a beautiful experience thus far.
Minesweeper - Does this even count? Eh, why not. I grew up with it and only got back into it recently, but it's a really good demonstration of performing logical proofs on isolated instances and using those to more quickly and efficiently solve larger scale problems (or maybe my programming brain read too hard into it, haha).
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That one SMW port of Last Battle from Romancing SaGa 2 managed to almost singlehandedly get me into the SaGa franchise, and I've played through the greater portion of said game currently. I also purchased RS3 and the Collection of SaGa for Switch to play the original GB games, though I have yet to truly start them. Other than that, I also have Final Fantasy 4,8, and 9, as well as Chrono Trigger, sitting in my steam library untouched, and would like to get to them someday, seeing as I've never really played a Final Fantasy before.
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My answers will probably be pretty generic, but for one I'd like to improve my fluency in German. I was in German class for 5 years up through the end of High School, to the point that I got a 3 on the AP exam (which is by no means fluent, but was a decent score relative to the class), but my college didn't offer any higher level German, so I just haven't really practiced or improved my skills for the past 2 years.

Also, get better at piano/other instruments, drawing, other languages?, etc. The usual.
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Not a dream, but I did wake up one day after staying up until 3 AM working on my OWDC submission and was too drowzy/lazy to get myself out of bed for awhile, my half-asleep brain justifying it with something like, "I have to fix the pathing to properly move myself out of bed". Once I realized that didn't make sense, though, I got up pretty easily.
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The Lore?
For those who are unaware, I am a relatively new member who joined back in January primarily to make unsampled ports. As it happens, I got involved in a little more than that, and the past month and a half had me preoccupied with my OWDC entry. While I did make 8 brand new ports specifically for that entry, I naturally am unable to show them here for risk of de-anonymizing my entry to the judges. As such, the crux of the issue arose: I had but a few days to whip something up for C3, and with no plan going into it.

The Solution?
I figured rather than trying to make multiple ports that inevitably turn out to be rushed and lower quality, I would pour all of my effort into a single port as a sort of milestone to myself, showcasing how much I've grown over the past 6 months. It may not be perfect, and it may not have the better sounding samples from the original game, but that was kind of the point; I wanted to push the limits of my abilities to make whatever instruments I needed to out of SMW's vanilla samples, even if it wasn't a 1:1 match.

The Result?
Here is the culmination of my efforts, and admittedly something of a banger (if such comments towards my own recreation are not unwarranted). I hope I did the original justice, and hope you can enjoy it:

Romancing SaGa 2 - Empire's Front Line SaGa 2 - Empire's Front Line.spc

The Future?
This may be all I have for this C3, but I can guarantee you I have a much grander thread with a unifying theme planned for next time. Who knows, maybe I'll do more than just ports if I have the time!

Thank you for taking the time to read this overexaggerated thread, and I'm eager for this winter when I'll be able to share with you a lot more than literally just a single unsampled port.
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I may not have much to show this time around, and I unfortunately won't be around during the voting period, but I look forward to seeing all the cool things other people have to show off!
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There have been multiple times I've thought to myself how nice it would be to have a bot that could play SPC's to make it a lot easier to show stuff off to my non-SMWC friends, so this sounds amazing to me. The other bots also seem pretty useful and cool, so nice work putting all of these together!
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Really nice ports! The Air Man port kinda reminded me of the Mario Kart Wii menu theme, which goes to show it was very professional sounding. Can't wait to hear more from you!
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Incredibly clean, as expected. If anyone were to ask me I never would've guessed that this was a SNES port based on how real it sounds. Outstanding work.
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