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I go by Chon (Chondontore) and I've been into SMW Kaizo for a little over a year now. I grew up playing the GBA SMW, and never knew how big the love for this game was until well over a decade later. I'll never forget getting every exit for the first time and seeing the graphics change!

My love for level creation began with Mario Maker and I'm so happy to have finally picked up Lunar Magic. I recently released my first hack (Full Bloom) and I'm already excited to get to work on another project.

I'm still kind of new to the whole SMWC thing. C3 2021 was a lot of fun to scroll through (but I never posted or replied to anything). I guess that's what really piqued my interest in this website as a whole. There's so much more to this website than the "SMW Hacks" section.

I've already met a lot of cool people in this community, and I hope to meet many more over my career in SMW. Much love <3
This makes me especially happy for newcomers to the kaizo scene. It can be difficult to parse through which hacks are more accessible than others just by going off of what other people say.

Love Yourself is a hack that I began working on when I found out that my wife (Mrs. Chon) was pregnant with our first child. I wanted to make a hack where I could introduce my children to the
world of SMW Kaizo.

As work progressed on the hack, I noticed a lot of fellow SMW players saying that they were getting "burnt out" or "tired" of kaizo. This was something I would think about a lot as development continued.

As a relatively new player, I also wanted to reach those of a similar skill level by making something that was approachable. Whether this be my kids' first hack or some other kaizo newcomers first hack, I want those people to feel as though they can dip their toes into this game.

It then hit me that some of the most fun I've had with SMW kaizo was simply learning how to make Mario move. Learning and executing tricks that require "some" mastery over Mario's moveset was fun!

To this day, I still find the most fun to be had in SMW Kaizo is simply making Mario move in cool and unique ways. I figured by designing a "mostly" vanilla kaizo hack would also appeal to any of those "burnt out" kaizo veterans out there.

Vanilla SMW holds a very special place in my heart (as i'm sure is the same with most of you reading this). I find it valuable to be reminded of my own memories of playing vanilla SMW growing up while playing romhacks.

So, whether you're an excited kaizo beginner (like I hope my kids will be someday) or an exhausted kaizo veteran, I hope I can provide a fun hack that reminds you of those days where you wished you could be the one designing the levels. Where you thought to yourself, "yo, this could totally be ten times harder, and I would love it." Never forget where your love of this game came from.

This hack is dedicated to my children (however many there are going to be). I pray that you love yourselves as much as I love you.

I'm hoping to have this finished by the time our first kid pops out (June 2022) but no promises :).
I've been meaning to look into Bourgy's Three Little Princesses Series. Would be cool to check both this hack and the series out at the same time!
I'm in love with that dog sprite! <3
I expect to see online leaderboard functionality integrated within the games menu's by the time this releases ;)
Omnitica - Straw Hat Pirates (Instrumental)

TwinCity - Maybe I'm Just Tired of Love
(CW: sex, religion, just heavy life stuff)

Easy Company NY - X & O
Everything Everything - Yuppie Supper
Johnny Manchild and the Poor Bastards - Gestapo

Wow, I actually had time to listen to all of these ones *pats self on back*
Voting For:
1. Ichiro Shimakura - Erosion Corrosion
Great jam throughout. A little confused because this seems to be VGM.... but it rocks either way. Easily my fave in the set.
2. Uriah Heep - Lady in Black
I feel like I could listen to a 4 hour version of this song while I ride a horse through the badlands.

The others:
Radix - Confusion
Easy listening. Simple melody. Love it.
zenkusa - Radix Malorum Est Cupidtas
The intro and outro were boring, but middle had be bobbin' a bit.
Subtact - Restart
Like.... its good.... but i feel like ive heard this song so many times before.
pilotredsun - dnb with mud.
Felt like I was listening to the same 8 or so bar phrase over and over again.
Roland Dyens - Fuoco
This would probably be ultra fresh to listen to live, but through speakers just isn't doing it for me.
Dreamcrusher - Youth Problem (feat. Alice Glass)
This woke up my baby in the next room (not even joking). Now I have to put her to bed again.
- Voting For -
Motoi Sakuraba - Passage
A fun journey that I'm always willing to go on.
Acoustic Alchemy - The Velvet Swing
The absolute peak of weather channel music.

- The Others -
Inspectah Deck - City High
I have a soft spot for this style of hip-hop/rap. Gonna have to dig into this artist later.
Julieta Venegas - Lento
Didn't realize I had a soft spot for this kinda stuff. Gonna have to dig into this artist and alike later.
Televisor ft. Danyka Nadeau - Odyssey
Definitely on the higher end of Monstercat related releases. I adore Televisor, but I'm far more into the style of their older stuff.
Hiroshi Kawaguchi - MASSIVE POWER
Fun! Can't complain too much about this.
Guns N' Roses - Patience
Idk why this song is getting downplayed so much. Definitely not the best by GNR, but still a solid song to unwind to.
Will Wood - BlackBoxWarrior - OKULTRA
I feel like i'm being introduced to the villain in a musical. Not bad, but just a little too frantic and... corny?... for me.

Overall great set
Voting For:
Joe Hisaishi - First Love
Quite pleasant.

Kohei Tanaka & Shirō Hamaguchi - I'm Becoming the Pirate King!
As a former trumpet player and band geek, I could see this being fun to perform.

The Others:
Red&Green - Cosmopolitan Swing
Omg VGM lololololololol love the groove.

Black Out - Video Games
I listened to this yesterday and it's been stuck in my head since. I hate how much I liked this one.

Imagine Dragons - Believer

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Saturday Night Special
This is classic rock.

Vukán György - Linda (original theme)
Linda listen.

Fair to Midland - The Wife, The Kids, And The White Picket Fence
I forgot I heard this song a minute after I heard it.
Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven

Caravan Palace - Human Leather Shoes for Crocodile Dandies

Joe Hisaishi - First Love

Acoustic Alchemy — The Velvet Swing
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