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I'm not much of a rom hacker, or a rom player. But I am a serious Rom Hack Watcher, supporter and music obsessed community member. I only recently registered to the forums, and I mostly lurk in the Music section :).

I was wondering if there was a way I could open a user's music submissions and then be able to play all of their submissions in the SPC Player without having to navigate back and forth between the song pages.
Thanks whiteYoshiEgg,

The filter thing def works and is helpful!!

Is there any way to get the SPC player to play all the songs in the filter?

My goal is to work while playing this amazing music in the background :)
To be honest, I am pretty disgusted by the reaction in this forum.

As you may see by my stats I'm relatively new and don't participate too much in the forums. My main passion is exploring all the Music ports this community makes.

I come mostly from a fan of watching Kaizo on twitch / youtube and dabbled in some of it myself (unsuccessfully). One thing I always loved about it was how inclusive and positive everyone seemed to be (among the twitch community at least).

I'm disappointed to find this forum pretty toxic. Why are people insulting and saying (abridged) "there's no room for you [kaizo fans] in this forum, you need your own space".

Like aren't we all here because we love Mario and the creativity of the community? Why would anyone suggest limiting this? It'd be the same as me saying "Standard hacks shouldn't show its face cause I don't follow it". It's absurd.

Honestly some of you should really be ashamed of your posts to this thread.
This is such a good remix, and possibly one of the most famous (besides the Jazz Christmas Mario Mashup).

It would be amazing if someone could port it. I am a bit worried if there are enough channels to handle it though.

Anyways, if another random person's opinion is helpful, I'll just say +1 on this request if its possible!! :)
Hello amazing porters of the SMWC Community!!

I wanted to first admit that I am but a fan of ports on this site and am not a hack creator.

My request stems from the fact that there are very little "Desert" themed ports. I feel like the same 5 songs get used in every hack :).

I therefore request the Hakan Theme which I think could fit Desert levels quite nicely, in the hopes to give creators a broader Port palette to paint their beautiful hacks :)

So the theme can be found here:

I'd like it to be sampled, but I leave it up to you creators who know best how to make a great port!!
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