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Hello everyone! Making my first rom-hack and I've tried looking for a solution but couldn't find it. Or maybe I didn't understand it, so I apologize if this has been answered before.

I want to simply mute the drumroll sfx when you beat a level, as well as the sound the fireballs make that reznor shoots out. (I'm using the customizable reznor sprite by KevinM if that makes any difference)

Thanks in advance!
Worked perfectly, thank you very much!
I'm sorry, I have another problem.

There's this sound effect that plays after you beat a level, right when the course clear text pops up and I want to mute that as well. It sounds like the 1-up sfx but the problem is that I cannot find the hex address for this in the rom map.

EDIT: Found it, the address is $028ACE for anyone interested and can be found in the Subroutine (JSL) section of the ROM Map.
Sorry guys, I have two sfx problems that I tried to solve on my own but I just don't know enough so I need help.

Problem 1: I need to move the spin jump sfx to a different bank. I already moved the regular jump sfx to 1DFA with addmusikK but I just don't know how I can do the same with the spin jump sfx.

Problem 2: I have inserted the airjump.asm into one of my levels via uberasamtool and part of the original asm looked like this:

!NumberOfAirJumps = 5 ;>How many jumps in a row (in decimal, applies if limit enabled), 0 = infinute (cheeta-jump).
!Freeram_JumpCountLeft = $60 ;>[1 byte], a counter of how many jumps left (not applied if infinute).

but that didn't work at all so I changed it to this:

!NumberOfAirJumps = 1 ;>How many jumps in a row (in decimal, applies if limit enabled), 0 = infinute (cheeta-jump).
!Freeram_JumpCountLeft = $B6 ;>[1 byte], a counter of how many jumps left (not applied if infinute).

now the double jump works perfectly fine but whenever I perform an air jump the sfx sounds glitchy most of the time, especially when I quickly switch from a spin jump off the ground to a normal jump in the air.

Don't ask me why I changed it to $B6 specifically, I was just randomly messing around and that one just worked.

I have simply muted the sfx for the normal and spin air jumps in the uberasm file for now, but having no sound every other jump just isn't that great.

Hope somebody would be kind enough to help me out!
Thank you for your explanation Anas. At first I tried #$35 since I did move the sfx to 1DFA but the airjump sfx was still muted. then I tried #$2B, but still no air jump sound.

I did remove the ? in the text file and ran my rom through addmusikK.

Then I changed it back to 01 and now it's not muted anymore...but still glitchy.

EDIT: since moving the spin jump sfx to another bank seems to be too difficult, does somebody know an uberasm code that simply mutes all the sfx in a specific level, because that would also solve my problem.
That's it! Thank you very much!
I would still really love to know if there's an uberasm code that mutes all the sfx in a specific level.

I downloaded the Sunshine Blooper v1.0 sprite and it comes with asm and json files for the blooper itself and also for the ink it's supposed to spit out.

I inserted both, as well as the GFX for the blooper and the blooper itself looks and behaves fine. The problem is that it shoots out glitchy, cut-off fish instead of the ink. If I insert the ink it looks fine but only appears for a second before it flies off again and of course isn't connected to the blooper.

Obviously I want the blooper to shoot out the correct looking ink, so I don't understand why there even are two seperate files.

My list.txt in the PIXI folder looks like this:

15 ink.json

16 sunshine_blooper.json

Do I have to somehow combine these two and insert them as one single sprite or how exactly does this work?

I'm very sorry, I know I don't know as much as I should.
Thank you!
I applied this uberASM to my rom:

It works the way it should and Mario dies after the time runs out, but I think since I also applied the nuke statusbar patch, the timer isn't visible.

Is there a not too complicated way of only making the uberASM timer visible while still having the rest of the status bar removed?
thank you!
Hey everyone!

I finished my hack and would love to get one or two people to playtest it!

Length: 22 Exits

Difficulty: Kaizo Light

It's on the easier side of kaizo light, so experienced kaizo players will not find it too difficult.

Awesome, thank you!

I feel really stupid now because I just realized you could just kill the thwomp with the throwblock in the reznor boss fight, so I replaced it with two podobos. Creator blindness is real I guess :)

I also added a one-screen room before the level Nonexistent, which now contains a message box telling the player about the disabled spinjump.
Thank you very much for playing through the whole game and for the feedback!

Fixing the yoshi section in one eyed jacks should be easy, but I'm not sure what I could do about the missing on/off switch sound.

Of course I wanted the very final level to be the hardest, but maybe I took it too far. It definitely took me a while to practice the second half especially, but I definitely beat it without savestates. I feel like the level itself isn't that much harder than some of the other levels, it's just the reverse controls you have to develope the muscle memory for.

I'll see what I can do to make it easier though.

Thank you again!

EDIT: If I may ask, was there anything with the rest of the game that you feel like I should change/fix?
I have already made some major changes to the 2nd part of the final level. Everything is less tight and it's overall shorter because I completely removed the part with the skull platform and the koopa ending.

The first half is now overall much less tight but I have not changed anything major (yet).

I did notice that sometimes there was no on/off switch sound when, for example, a throwblock or a shell would hit the block from the side but I just assumed that was normal. I did not think it would have something to do with the music. I'll try looking for new music and see if that fixes it.

Thank you very much, I will post an update here when I have uploaded a new version.
Alright I have an updated version

Here's what I changed:

Fixed the Yoshi cheese in the One Eyed Jack's secret exit and also slightly changed the disco shell part in the normal exit.

Replaced the thwomp in the Boxes Inside Boxes reznor fight with podobos.

Changed the ending of Cosmic Flashlight part 1

Made slight adjustments to the level No Hay Banda

Added a one screen room in the level Nonexistent with a message box that informs the player about the disabled spinjump.

No more up-pipe ending to the first part of Beyond The Fire.

Final level is now considerably easier. The first half is pretty much the same but more forgiving and less tight.

The second half is now much easier, shorter and less tight.

I also adjusted a couple of palettes and there are a few new music tracks and backgrounds.

The missing on/off switch sound happens everytime something hits it from the side, that's just how this custom block behaves but I don't think it's a big problem.

Also, in this test file I've made it so you can access all the levels right away, so you don't have to play through the whole hack again and can look at whatever you want!
I've made some more significant changes to the first half of the final level today, so it's noticably easier now. I'll have to fix this spawn issue, of course.

Then I will play through everything one more time before I'm finally ready to submit.

Thank you very much for doing this, you were a great help!
I have inserted these passcode blocks into my hack:

You have to enter the correct 4-digit code to use the door and get to the final level. So it's a fixed code, not a random one.

The blocks have always worked perfectly fine when I tested my hack using snes9x. (the only weird thing is that I always have to hit them twice to display the number 1. So a block starts at 0 and if I want it to display five, I would have to hit it 6 times. That was always consistent though and never caused any issues.

Now when I test my hack using bsnes everything works just the same as with snes9x except for these blocks. Sometimes I hit them but the numbers never change, they stay at 0 and I can't get into the passcode door. Other times they would display glitched graphics until I hit them once and then they worked fine. Another time the first two blocks worked fine but the other 2 would be broken.

So there is not one specific problem, they are broken in multiple ways.

Again, this only happens with bsnes, not snes9x.

I really hope someone can tell what I have to do to fix this.

EDIT: I'm using the latest versions of bsnes, snes9x and lunar magic 3.21
No, I am not using SA-1

EDIT: I think I'm just gonna have to remove those blocks and redesign some levels and the overworld.
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Saela's Profile - Posts by Saela

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