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Visually from what i've already seen this already blows my mind - can't wait to get my hands on it and give it a proper go. Grats on the release and the praise is much deserved after all the hard work.

Oh lord this parallax looks awesome! Perfectly gives the illusion of distance. Great job #smrpg{:O}
Love it! Some of the levels really stand out on how creative they are along with the two routes for different types of play and not to mention the many secrets for completionists - these elements all come together to make a fantastic hack...

..but for me, the inventive thoughts behind all the skips, tricks and speedrun strats is what really makes this hack stand out.

Great job #smw{;)}
All these hacks look so visually appealing - great work! #w{<3}
I saw the Only Fans logo in discord and totally thought it was a joke but this looks really creative and cursed in the best possible way.

Good job Le4che!

So cool! I can already start to see some of the crazy possibilities and set-ups. Look forward to seeing what comes out of this.
Yooo! Just what i needed.

I recently started to dabble and poke around in Lunar Magic for fun and started with the RHR base room to get myself going.. and i found myself exactly as you said, not being sure what was already included and how things were already set up, i will 100% be having a look into this to hopefully start my own rom-hack creating journey.

Thank you <3
Huge Warioland 4 fan and these would look absolutely fantastic in a full hack.

Never realised how clean and impressive Palm Tree Paradise looks - Great job!

Looks great visually and really like the idea of the open world map and difficulty variation of each level.

...and selectable music?! Sweet.

Look forward to seeing this out in the wild and good luck with the rest of development/release.
Man this looks satisfying as hell - title screen art blows my mind every time i see it. Nice to see some fresh setups and ceative shell tricks.

Good luck with the rest of the development and release.

...now if only i could get good enough at shell tricks to play it one day.
Absolutely love what I've played in the Nightmare Cafe series so far. Approachable by all skill levels and I've enjoyed using them to warm up before playing other hacks.

Looking forward to playing the three new hacks in the series!

Post some screenshots! ;)
Cool little ideas and designs - as a pixel artist i'm even tempted to draw some of these up but i've got basically zero lunar magic experience - we'll see.

Good job though!
Style and level design look awesome! Love the title screen.

Gratz on the release - look forward to seeing it out in the wild and will certainly add it to my own list of hacks to play!
Woah - I'm pretty new to the world of pokemon romhacks but might have to add this one to the list - good job!
Hey all,

I'm Jez, and i've been doing pixel art on and off for a few years now - i've recently been absolutely obsessed with Kaizo romhacks and interested in bringing some of my creativity back into the community.

...I started poking around Lunar Magic but i'm still in the very early days. In the mean time i thought i'm fairly new here so thought i'd post some of my pixel artwork i've done in the past - this is a small selection of commisions, collabarations and community events with other artists, or just personal stuff :)

A huge of quality has been lost in resizing some of this art to make it easier for viewing (hopfully)(you might need to zoom in)

Also... a bunch of this was animated but didn't want to spam 100 gifs #smrpg{:P}

Love the pixel art, style and all round aesthetics <3
Thanks for all the kind words guys - really do appreciate it and look forward to seeing how i can give back to the community <3
Track Name
Green Lantern (SNES) - High Score

The High Score track from the unreleased SNES game Green Lantern by Ocean Software. Written by Dean Evans, the same composer to write the Waterworld snes soundtrack, which has some absolute bangers.

Audio Reference
The tilesets, backgrounds and palettes are looking fantastic so far!
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