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Mario & Friends patch

Play Super Mario World with all of Mario's friends. Switch between Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Wario, and Waluigi using the L/R buttons. Each character has their own sprite, physics, and abilities.

Mario: default physics and spin jump
Luigi: floaty jumps and a ground pound
Peach: slow but accelerates fast with a float
Daisy: shorter jumps with a flutter jump
Wario: heavy in the air and on the ground with a dash
Waluigi: short floaty jumps and a boost jump

Includes asar patches for the characters' sprites and physics and UberASM to switch characters and handle their abilities.

Featured in our HackJam submission: Mario & Friends in: The Ghost's Gallery by sio_kedelic, HamOfJustice, and me.

Now the Mario & Friends patch is available for you to make your own games with. Currently in the SMW Patches waiting section: Mario & Friends Character Switching. I'm so excited to see what everyone makes with this resource.

Try out Vanilla Suepr Mario World with Mario & Friends: Mario & Friends Vanilla
Originally posted by Lumy
I actually wonder how this is handled graphics-wise, like, are all of their graphics loaded in VRAM or something?

Even in base SMW, Mario's graphics are stored in normal RAM and the appropriate tiles for his current pose are transferred to VRAM every frame. So this patch is just transferring the player graphics from different areas of the ROM instead.
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