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Originally posted by Spam Destroyer

Yes, yes I do. In fact, I can`t even SEE eShroom Corp on the users online list. That Automaticly means BOT! But aren`t bots bannable

Yeah, you can't see him, if you could that would make it way too easy...

Also, if you click on his username and click "Show Posts" you get this message saying "Oh No You Don't! -30 Points for Gryffindor!", and then you lose a lot of points. Of course, considering we're all superheroes here, I'm sure this info will prove to be useless because you all most likely already know that...

Also, yes Bots are bannable (I'm 98% sure they are...), but considering the mods made this bot for C3, why would they ban it? #w{=P}

In other words, I think the radiation is having it's effect... *turns into a mushroom*
I have infiltrated the enemy base. Soon all of these power-abusing citizens will be put to justice.

But first, I need a sandwich...

*goes to get a sandwich*
Well, just finished the demo, and I have to say, it was a heck of a lot of fun!

I know it's only a demo, but I'd give it a 9 out of 10. I said 9 because I felt small portions of the hack could have slightly been improved upon, but nothing too important, mainly just my own nitpicks at level design...

Overall, I really enjoyed the hack, and I'm looking forward to seeing more updates back in the thread!

Good luck with whatever you're doing next! #w{=D}
Originally posted by Crimson Elf
What utter lies and slander!
You all show a severe dislike for the policies of business if you cannot allow a simple company like eShroom to distribute it's products!
It is because of you "Heroes" that the economy is too damn broke!

Lies! Complete and utter lies! eShroom is a vile company filled with spam and...uh...spam! They must be brought to justice to protect the sanity of the centralians! Only those working for eShroom could say such lies such as yours! Unmask yourself villain!

In other news, there has been a steady increase in "Arch-Nemisis" status over the past ten hours. Details at 11.
Mutiny! How could heroes ever think of retreating to the dark side of the force? It makes no sense! I hope you know this is your last chance!

Also, I found that sandwich I mentioned earlier... #w{=P}
How dare you mock the super-ultra-fantastically-amazingly-epic Super Ersanioooor! He is the greatest leader in the entire fabric of the space-time continuum! (Oh yeah, and The Cool Side of the Pillow is awesome too.)
Become a hero and you get free cookies and merchandise (while supplies last)!
Originally posted by Yoshika Miyako
Originally posted by ThatYoshiWithTheTriforce
How dare you mock the super-ultra-fantastically-amazingly-epic Super Ersanioooor! He is the greatest leader in the entire fabric of the space-time continuum! (Oh yeah, and The Cold Side of the Pillow is awesome too.)

Unless Crimson Elf is a partner of mine,
You have offended a colleague of your same line (?)

Umm...I was talking to Crimson. #w{=P}

Also, if you didn't already know, being evil will probably get you killed. Just maybe, I don't know for sure...
Originally posted by Super Ersaniooooor
You guys probably should give other Citizens a chance to become a hero too. They're having a hard time I think. D:

Maybe timezones will fix this automatically though.

Your words of wisdom are compelling, Super Ersanioooor! I am truly impressed!

In all seriousness, come on heroes, let the glory fill the central like a disease (a good disease).
Originally posted by Yoshika Miyako
Oh, my mistake. Jiang-shi are not fast in any sense.

So, any suggestion to catch e-shroom faster than the other ones?

Do not worry, the heroes have all decided to allow everyone else to bathe in the glory that is heroism!

Also, the heroes have been growing in numbers! Come and join us!
Originally posted by Princess DDM
Originally posted by Yoshieiki Yamacookiezeus

Don't give up! Anyone can be a hero! JUSTICE SHALL PREVAIL!

You see this hero and the villain below him are the problem with this war. We are in a segregated society which posesses no middle ground. If you could both tone down your views you may be able to be friends.

This war has turned friends against friends, brothers against sisters and families on each other.Why not forget this and return to the good old days? I remember jogging in the local park and going bowling casually...what happened?

e-Shroom Corp happened... But have no fear! If you choose to prevent e-Shroom's tyranny by becoming a hero, everything will slowly start to fall back into place again...

Who knows, we may even look back onto this whole incident and laugh together...

In other news, more heroes have come, details at 8.
Good always wins over evil. Us (the heroes) being good, and you (the villians) being evil.

'Nuff said.
Oh, so are you saying that the Dark Side is willing to mock it's own memebers just to win? For shame!

In other news, I'm running out of things to put here...
eShroom Corp has taken over the radio! Is this the end for the central?!

Heroes! Respond!
But they've started putting advertisements on the radio! How are we supposed to combat that?

Also, they make ChewyLives sound like a drug...just saying...
Originally posted by Super Potato Boy
Hey guys we still have SNN and Ersan.

Oh yeah, I forgot about our holy protectors TCSP and Super Ersanioooor.

Also, does anybody know who the person voicing the advertisement is? Is it just MicrosoftSam or an Admin...?

I have a feeling it's Kieran...

EDIT: Also, eShroom Corp is totally Team Rocket...
You're right, WE WERE FOOLED!

Originally posted by Millinia Winter Contingency
This DJ sucks..

Eh, it could be worse, he could be playing THAT Sonic R song...

You know the one...
Originally posted by shdwdrgnix



It's U.N Owen, duh.

N-NO! Not Giygas! WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE GIYGAS! *stumbles over while clutching his head with extreme pressure*

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