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Hey everyone,

first I have to say, that I haven't created any hacks by now. But I thought about a "good" possibility to play smw hacks in widescreen.

My idea was, or let us call it a question as I don't know how it could be done, if it is possible to create a hack with all graphics (all sprites, blocks, layers of backgrounds etc.) and hitboxes compressed in size/narrowed, so that they appear in normal size when the screen is stretched to widescreen on tv or a computer monitor.

I think this has to be a lot of work, not at last because of correction of game physics and anything else I could not even think of that would change any gameplay, because as I said I'm totally unexperienced in rom hacking.

What are your thoughts on this? Has anyone maybe approached something similar or is this idea trash?

Have a nice day everyone #smw{:peace:}
Puzzle Level Design Contest #lm{16x}
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