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Tip: Press F2 on the level editor to see subscreen boundaries. This will help you avoid glitching dragon coins by putting them on the subscreen boundaries.
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My notes:
  • Cutoff with the lava dino thing (I forgot its name) in the 2nd and 3rd screenshots.
  • Minor issue, but the pillar in the first screenshot could be darkened like the background

Cool looking layout I guess.
Originally posted by Mr. MS
Originally posted by BlueToad
  • Minor issue, but the pillar in the first screenshot could be darkened like the background

The pillar is solid, so i don't think i would make sense to make it dark like it's a background object.

Oh, I thought it was a background object. But then, if it is solid, why is there some spikes behind it? Are they for decoration?

Cool looking layout I guess.
Name: RAM-controlled brightness

Type: UberASM

An UberASM which lets you control the brightness of the level by changing a RAM value.

The background colour should also scale with the brightness. If you don't understand what I mean, this should explain it.

These patches might be good starting points to work from:
Fading Lights by KevinM
Blackout Basement Gimmick by anonimzwx

If you have any doubts/questions, please reply to this thread.

Cool looking layout I guess.
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
The way you're requesting it, address $0DAE already does that. It affects the brightness of everything on screen, with values ranging from #$00 to #$0F.

After my testing with bsnes+, it seems that it controls brightness of the whole screen. I want it only for Layer 1 and 2.

Cool looking layout I guess.
Finally, we have reached the end after 9 years...

Cool looking layout I guess.
Cool, I'll send the graphics soon.

Cool looking layout I guess.
I have sent some graphics, please check them out. They are under your submission.

Cool looking layout I guess.
Good graphics, but I am worried if Bowser's too big.
Also, are you going to implement the seasons gimmick to the boss too?

Cool looking layout I guess.
Originally posted by Mr. MS
There's not a way to fix this, so, whatever.

You can try using custom graphics.

Cool looking layout I guess.
My thoughts:

Cocktail Lake 1:
Visuals are awesome! Though regarding the level itself, I feel like the fish before the checkpoint don't pose a threat at all. You could swap some fish for the higher jumping variants. Plus some more land enemies before the checkpoint could be nice.

At the part after the pipe, I feel you could just use Layer 3 water and some fish for consistency's sake, though it's up to you. But I do feel that the dark Layer 1 water doesn't fit the aesthetic and looks out of place.
For the Yoshi coin which requires the cape, I prefer making it so that you get the coin, but doesn't let you skip the level. This is also up to you though.

You could change the 10-Coin to a 1-Up or 3-Up, since it is fairly hard to find.

Also  K.T.B., you could just defeat the piranha plants with the cape spin and move on :)

Snowy Plains 7:

As  K.T.B. said, this level is really slow going. I highly suggest putting in more birds for more action.
About the level though, the moles at the start falling from the sky can be obnoxious at times. I suggest you move them onto the ground.

At the part where 4 moles are walking on munchers, I suggest changing the heights of the munchers or even leaving one-tile gaps between the platforms for some spice. As it is now, it is a bit bland.

And that 3-Up is too much of a reward. I suggest changing it into some coins or a powerup.

Cool looking layout I guess.
Hello and welcome, sandragon13!

Cool looking layout I guess.
Originally posted by Ninja Boy
I'd suggest taking a look at the hidden tunnel blocks since it's probably the same type of thing you want to do.

That was my original plan, but I found out that sprites weren't changing the trigger, that is why I'm coding a new block. Also since it depends on air tiles next to it, it doesn't work with sprites.

Originally posted by Ninja Boy
Well I think the issue here is that your UberASM code is always running which is clearing the custom flag every frame so no matter what the flag will never be set. Even if you switch it up so the flag is set by UberASM vs cleared you'd still run into the same issue.

I worked with the assumption that block code is executed after UberASM, which is probably not the case. So is UberASM is executed after block code? If so, then I can write a code something like this:

Cool looking layout I guess.
We finally have an update!

2-Ghost House:

Originally posted by K.T.B.
In the first video, I would suggest moving that door closer to the ground. I do like the idea of having to use the boo blocks to enter a door, but as you show in your video, this can become somewhat tedious if the door is too high off of the ground.

Sure, but instead of moving the door down, I will move the ground up so that the door is still a bit hidden.

And by the way, the Lakitu level actually has two secret exits! I will demonstrate them soon.

Also sorry for the awful sound quality in the ghost house.
Well, it probably is not compatible because it does say so in the description.
Originally posted by Brutapode89
Woah! Day one! By the way, will be there a Special World?

Yes, there will be. I think WhiteYoshiEgg did say that somewhere before.

Cool looking layout I guess.
Originally posted by Narcologer
Have you thought about updating the graphics of the main character? Vanilla Mario somehow doesn't go well with the new great bg and fg.

Yeah, kinda weird that everything had an overhaul graphically except for Mario.

Cool looking layout I guess.
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