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I just felt like making a level so I made a short one where you have to collect all the coloured coins within a low time limit. It's rather difficult, so it's not going to be in the second world, but later on in the game.

I haven't got around to coding the ASM yet though.

What do you think? Is it too short, and is the time limit fine?
Do you need them as Layer 1? If so, I'll claim them.
Okay then, I'll do it! Though I'm not sure what you mean by "2 versions of the ghost house".
So what you are asking for is basically a blue version and a red version of the ghost house, with the red one looking more like Yoshi's House?

YY-CHR > Photoshop
Originally posted by DaHitmenGuy
For now, these hack levels are awesome, I consider that you take some advice from the others

The last hack video is more challenging but I hope that the last level, when you collect all coins, teleport or gives the direction of goal level.

Good luck for the hack

Thanks for the kind words, DaHitmenGuy! I will definitely take advice which comes my way.

And yes, the coins will end the level once all of them are collected.
Plus, I didn't see your new trailer. I searched your YouTube channel, but couldn't find anything there as well. Maybe you set it as "unlisted"?
Originally posted by ItsLightning
I am using the switch.asm file and when trying to insert it to my rom, it says "could not open list.txt" even though it is both filled out and in the right file? can someone help? #smw{o_O?} i might give you my discord #smw{:TUP:}

If you followed all these steps correctly, you should be able to insert the blocks:

  1. Put your blocks in the "blocks" folder of GPS.
  2. Open list.txt and enter the map16 tile, press Tab, and enter the file name. For example:
    301	switch.asm
    Do note that list.txt is in the main folder of GPS, not in a subfolder.
  3. Open GPS, enter your ROM name and press enter. You should get a message saying "All blocks inserted successfully!"
I have nothing to comment gameplay-wise, but I suggest using line guide graphics for the Mario-only blocks so that it looks nicer, because the graphics you have used don't really fit the environment that well. Or better, just use line guides themselves.
Aesthetic-wise, you really have knocked it out of the park. These levels look absolutely beautiful! Keep it up!

Though I did notice some errors here and there:
  • Morning Hills 1 2nd shot: the bush in the bottom left is touching the side of the ground, creating a gap.
  • Morning Hills 1 3rd shot: the top right corner of the ground has a slight bit of dirt background.
  • Morning Hills 1 last shot: the bush has cutoff similar to before, and you are connecting ground with a semisolid. meaning the player can jump into the ground from below, noticing weird solid tiles.
  • Morning Hills 2: the midway point is cutting near the question block.
  • World 2 entrance: the green tree has missing corner tiles.
  • World 2-1: the status bar has a bad palette.

Gameplay-wise, I can't say anything, but try uploading some videos so that I can criticize the level design.
Originally posted by MercuryPenny
the sole exception is mosquitos. i will go out of my way to kill mosquitos

The one insect that I wonder why God even brought it into this world.

YY-CHR > Photoshop
My time zone is +0530, so I entered 5.5 in the Timezone Offset field in Edit Profile. Though when I save it, it automatically rounds off to 0500.

Even the Detect button works properly and sets it as 5.5, but it does not save correctly.
Hello there, I can answer your first question but not the others.

REP #$20 is used when you want the accumulator to use 16-bit numbers, SEP #$20 is used when you want to use 8-bit.

YY-CHR > Photoshop
Originally posted by JP32
I think the spawn sprite is broken, it doesn't do anything in-game?

It is indeed broken, it seems to spawn sprites at random positions. Maybe it could changed so that it spawn sprites __ at __ x position and __ y position.

Or maybe even have them relative to Mario or relative to the block.

YY-CHR > Photoshop
Am I allowed to cancel a request after it has been claimed?
Would it be possible to make Mario a silhoutte as well, so that he doesn't look out of place?

YY-CHR > Photoshop
I may sound like a n00b, but how do I make ASM stuff SA-1 hybrid?
So if I understood correctly, to convert some ASM to be SA-1 hybrid, I should:

  1. Insert the mentioned code snippet at the beginning of the .asm file if it an Asar patch, otherwise ignore it,
  2. Whenever I reference an address I should append !dp, !addr or !bank to it like this:
    LDA $00|!dp
    LDA $0000|!addr
    LDA $000000|!bank

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Edit: also, what is WRAM and BWRAM?
Okay, so now if I understood correctly, I should do this:

  • For byte arguments don't add anything
  • For word arguments:
    $0000 - $00FF	Add !dp
    $0100 - $1FFF	Add !addr
    $2000 - $FFFF	Don't add anything
  • For long arguments:
    $7E0000 - $7FFFFF	Change to $400000 - $41FFFF
    Otherwise add !bank (in case of ROM remaps)

I still have one doubt lingering though: If I'm remapping addresses in the range $7E0000 - $7FFFFF, changing them to $400000 - $41FFFF makes them SA-1 compatible. But how do I make them SA-1 hybrid?
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