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Lunar Address: FuSoYa
Lunar Expand: FuSoYa
Lunar IPS: FuSoYa
Lunar IPS 1.01: FuSoYa
Lunar Magic 1.63: FuSoYa (dur)

Featured Hacks:
Chaos CompleXX: FPI
Demo World: FuSoYa/ZeroG
Demo World 3: DJBouche
Dr. Mario World: B.B.Link2007
Mario is Missing 2: B.B.Link2007
New Super Mario Bros. Remake Demo: icegoom
SMW Returns 1, 2, EX: KT
Sunny Side World: Cwiarl
Super Ghetto World: ghettoyouth
Super Mario in Yoshi Heaven: wtfweb (can someone confirm?)
Super Mario Universe: Forte.EXE
Super Mario Universe II: Forte.EXE
Super Mario's Island Hopping Adventure: Techokami
The Treasure Hunt: Joshua
Toad's World: Lost Islands: Ice Man
Nominate hacks for featured status here.

I noticed Super Mario Universe II: The Adventure Resumes by Forte.EXE isn't a featured hack. I thought it was in the past.

Kyo edit [10-28-2008] - Lately, there have been a lot of people nominating hacks for featured status with very petty reasoning or no reasoning at all. If you are to nominate a hack for featured or second/third/fourth etc. a nomination, you MUST give at least one paragraph of details to support your nomination. This can include things such as, but not limited to:

-Aesthetic style consistency
-Good difficulty and learning curve
-Level design complexity/enjoyability
-Clean construction
-Effective plot

No, just saying the hack has these things isn't enough. Give examples within the hack (i.e. not some comparision to another game) to back up these claims. :P

If you do not provide any reason, your vote will be ignored.

Brooz-edit: Despite being pretty obvious, I would like to remind you people that you CANNOT nominate your OWN hacking project(s) - it's up to other people besides you to come up with nominations for your project(s), if they would like to do so, of course.
Yeah you know. Shyguy hack being made by me. Uses SMAS graphics so far. Not all the Shyguy frames are done. Have some screenshots.

Those are the old shots. Here's a new one from the fourth level:

Pipe background, still using the same graphics. I finally changed the status bar to read "Shyguy."

I've fininshed a couple more frames, including the sliding frame and the running-while-"big" frames.

Demo may be coming soon. Discuss.
Originally posted by Reading
Originally posted by FirePhoenix0
Super Mario in Yoshi Heaven: wtfweb (can someone confirm?)



Oh and Darklink, your links lead to unknown pages.
I've already ficed all the shrine's red outlines. As for the ice cave, the background palette has been changed since those shots were taken:

The other was too blue-green for an icy feel.

OW Mario will be changed eventually. I'm currently working on the bonus room of level 4. FPI allowed me to use the graphics for his bonus rooms for the game as long as he gets credit. I can show you guys when it's done.
Like turn the greenish to lightblue? I tried that and wasn't too satisfied. I could try it but don't expect a change. I rather like it myself. It's like even though it's a freezing cold place, life still manages to grow.
I whipped this alternate palette up in a couple minutes.

I'm not too sure. It looks like a snow cavern, which it isn't supposed to be.
Maybe I could just mix and match the new rocky part with the old green part (toned down to match)

There's the room. Where's the background? I know it's possible to have a background with the dark room because the original SMW did it, but it won't show up no matter what I do. I even tried matching as many settings to the original SMW's room as possible.

(Excuse the missing Layer 3 I turned it off for some reason. <_<)

Better? I think I'll have to lighten the blue some though.
That's actually really interesting but I'd suggest not making the sprites tetris-like. It could get hard to tell what they are.

There we go. I like that.
The candle blocks sound nice, but this room is just a side room to get a Yoshi coin, nothing complex. Thanks though.
Yeah I did. Still no good.
It only has the old authors usernumbers. Unless you know everyones usernumber that's not going to do too much good.
Originally posted by Sparx
Specifically mode 11?
Is the sprite tileset Mecha-Koopa?

Ah, you're right. It has to be mode 11. I didn't realize that 0C and 11 were both Horizontal Dark BG modes. Thanks.
Glad everyone (including myself) likes the new palette. Here's a shot from Level 4's bonus room.

I like these graphics. They're fun to make rooms out of.:)

FPI gave me permission a while back to use these graphics. I didn't steal them. I modified the wall pictures though to fit my game.
Originally posted by the1
Originally posted by drjack
In Mario's Lost World, how do I solve the puzzle in the MagiMoon Islant?

First get Yoshi and don't destroy the block near the pipe. Wait until the wizard shoots the beam and try to get it to hit the the block. When it does hit it, there should be a Koopa. Swallow it and fly all the way up to the goal sphere.

No I don't think that's right. Allow the Magikoopa to hit the brick block and have a yellow Koopa appear. Stomp it, then carry the shell and place it down, not throw, in the gap next to the Yoshi block. When it becomes the shell the follows you, get Yoshi and eat it, giving you all the powers. Then fly up to the exit.

If it works the other way, ok, this was the way I did it.
I want to ask if my request, Crashed Frigate 2, is possible. I know the mp3 I own has quite a few sound effects thrown in the music but I'm not sure if they're all in the midi. If need be, you could cut some of the minor effects and keep the piano line as the main.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
Originally posted by FirePhoenix0
I want to ask if my request, Crashed Frigate 2, is possible. I know the mp3 I own has quite a few sound effects thrown in the music but I'm not sure if they're all in the midi. If need be, you could cut some of the minor effects and keep the piano line as the main.

I tried Crashed Frigate. It's possible, but very tough. There are no sound effects in the MIDI.

You're right. It only seems to have a piano and a strings line. I guess what makes it so hard is the multiple piano lines and how it's got those fast runs.
There's a secret exit in the water castle. You've got to swim through a fake wall near the boss pipe to get the key, then backtrack to the keyhole. Don't worry, I was stuck on this for a while too. The next levels are tough and you'll need to find some more secret exits there to get to the Red Switch.
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