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You're a moderator, Tatrion? I never would've known. :P

I'm FirePhoenix0 and I hack Super Mario World. Just like the rest of us.:P I registered here sometime last year. I was ID number 238 before August 19th. Now I'm ID number 50. Cool. I just realized that I'm user 50.
I think it's high time for SMWCentral to have a set of smilies. We haven't ever had one to my knowledge. Plus it looks better than a bunch of text-smilies like :P :) :( 8D etc. Most other forums I know of use them.

So what do you say? or ?
I'm going to say that if you go with 8-bit Mario, don't use the Redrawn graphics. They are way too detailed compared to the 8-bit Mario. Use the original so there will be less focus of how different Mario looks compared to the land and more on the game design.
I worked for about 8 months on my first hack only to stop working on it and try something different. Now, the hack I'm doing is taking me time so far because I'm using ExGFX for the first time and it's slow going. I've gotten three levels done so far. Plus, I have to change Mario's graphics so that's taking some time.
Originally posted by Bloop!
Another vote for super challenge world over here. I also nominate mystery of the seven orbs. Kiwisauce makes really good level design, and mystery of the seven orbs had some cool custom blocks.

I'll second the nomitation for MOSTO.
There's a review committee being set up I believe to review hacks properly and give the hack owners a better idea of how their hack is, instead of multiple "good jobs".

Reading, awesome hack so far. I'm in the 6th world now and it's been great. I found one secret from the 100 Bonus Stars and am about to get the second. I really like Bowser's angry speeches in world 5-6. You can tell he's getting mad.

Difficulty-wise, I'm currently playing through Zycloboo's Challenge without savestates or rewinds just to see if I can and it's getting insanely tough. So, I'm not having too much trouble yet with difficulty which is good because I don't want to give up on this because of a difficulty problem. Great job, I can't wait to see how this will all end.
Here's a hint: Crouching and jumping works wonders for avoiding deadly ceilings and low enemies.:)
The overworld isn't bad but I think that's way too many decorations. Put some normal land pieces in there as well.
That's much better. More natural looking.
I thought I remembered seeing a thread on this before but I can't find it anywhere so I'll ask myself.
I found what I'm looking for in the ROM map. 16 bytes control the colors that Palette 6, Color 4 flashes between. They go as such:

DF 02 5F 03 FF 27 FF 5F FF 73 FF 5F FF 27 5F 03

Now, I wanted to change these colors but how do I know which numbers to replace them with. I'm guessing that it's 4 bytes for each color it flashes between. Do I have to convert the RGB values to Hex and if so how do I do that? Or is there an easier way?
Thanks guys. I figured it out. Now I have a rotating set of greens. I'll have to make a notice of that in-game because it changes the yellow level tiles as well. (I knew it would do that as well.)
I'm looking through the disassembly of the springboard and I'm not sure what I would have to change to make two custom sprite springboards that launch Mario to different heights in the air. The original one launches Mario up 12 tiles. I'm thinking that I might want the first custom one to launch Mario up 16 tiles and the second one up onloy 8 tiles. How would I go about doing this?
I'd say that you should try and re-do the entire overworld and sub-maps for Mario is Missing 2. It is very bland and squarish. And some decorations, make the landscapes more natural looking and it will be much better.
They use Demo World or Demo World 3, not DW: The Legend Continues. There are three different games, the first two I just mentioned being the ones you can base your hack off of.
Hagarhgfah finally an update!

Each springboard launches you a different height. Yellow launches you 6 blocks, blue, 9 blocks and red, 12 blocks (normal springboard height.) Can you say interesting puzzles?

(I'm aware of the Status bar problem.)
No. Do not use palettes 0-3 for the overworld. Change the tiles in the last shots and just re-color palettes 4-7 to your liking. The way it is now, you're just being lazy about paletting. You can have the black paths in palettes 4-7 but do not use that palette for your map.
Hey SNN, I didn't see this in your first post (correct me if I'm just blind) but you add the requirement for people to link a midi of the song they want back to the front page like before. I've noticed that some people have not been doing so.
Come on, you've been here long enough to know what to do and what not to do. You see our threads and what good level design is so stop joking around and show us a serious hack. And if you're going for a Chaos CompleXX style hack, good luck because we don't really like them anymore.
I had no problem with Davros. mostly because we never really talked or anything but he definitely seemed like a very competent mod. I don't see why people disliked him.
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