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"Extra Survey Area Bonanza"

Damn it hahaha, I was legit possibly going to use my result but this combination is just a big fat nothing in terms of specificity. Curse my name, first post thread, date of registration and username color.
We didn't include layer 3 to subscreen because it was incompatible with SA-1 roms like the bldc base rom. But lx5 did some work today making and we're going to test it out for a 1.02 base rom.
All I know is that it didn't work with the base rom when we tested it. Maybe it was mislabeled in the section. But we should have a new fix for it to try out. We just have to test it first.
Alright I didn't realize I'd have to rule on this but I will because more than one person has brought it up at this point.

1. You can't merge already merged tiles. Merging is intended to be only two tiles.
2. You can't recolor to transparency. That goes way too close to straight up redrawing tiles if you're allowed to change around what's transparent in it or not.
3. You can't reduce colors like you've shown. Similar to the last point, being able to reduce colors on a graphics that much can basically give the same result as drawing new tiles.
4. You can merge recolored tiles. I don't have a problem with this point because it's just combining two different ways of manipulating graphics.

Honestly I'd love to let you do what you show in your examples because those recolors to transparent and color reductions are pretty reasonable. But if I allow it, I'll be allowing way too many potential problems with judging down the road, and I'm not going to ask that everyone "show me their graphics" or something so that we can subjectively check if the amount of reductions or recolors to transparent are "reasonable". I gotta put my foot down somewhere, even if I've opened up the graphics rules a lot more than VLDC11. They're basically a straight copy of how VLDCX's graphics rules worked.

I'm sure this is annoying to have to go back and fix, but at least the questions came up now and not closer to the contest deadline.
You example would work yes. I know it eats into palette space because you have to duplicate colors, but that's just a limitation of the rule. The general idea behind recoloring originally was meant so that you could, for instance, take a graphic whose colors exist on a weird part of a palette row, and move those colors to another part. Basically shifting colors elsewhere in a row to be more convenient to you. It wasn't really intended to be a way for people to reduce color consumption. Basically, a line has to be drawn somewhere.
Originally posted by Daizo Dee Von
Okay I have one more question since it just popped in my mind.

> Is merging flipped tiles allowed? I haven't flipped any of my tiles at all, I'm more asking just in case people have done it already.

Yes, like merging recolored tiles, those are treated as bespoke operations and would be okay.

Originally posted by Digital Entertainment
When you say that you can only use 10 ExGFX Files, do you mean we can only pick 10 of the ExGFX files in the Baserom + any edited ones, or do you mean we can create up to 10 ExGFX files for our edited graphics?

The latter. You can create up to 10 new ExGFX files for the purposes of your level.
Originally posted by Cote de Boeuf
The SMAS SMB2 Ice foreground doesn't seem to work for me. When I put 0CE in FG3 and 0CF in AN2 all the ledge/terrain Map16 tiles turn into garbage. I could very well be doing something wrong, but I thought I'd go ahead and report it in case there's a genuine issue.

Like I mention in the Things You Should Be Aware Of post, Foregrounds were not set up. Only Backgrounds were. The Sample Levels were included for foregrounds so people could extract palettes from them at the very least. You'll have to set up the foreground tiles yourself if you want to use them.

Originally posted by Digital Entertainment
I just realized an issue with custom Map16 for the Background. Because of the way the files work, if you didn't make a new background and just wanted to add like, clouds for example, you would have to copy all of the graphics associated with the background, and have to reconstruct it.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but can't you just put the tiles you want to add onto another BG page and then add them?
You can tell I haven't hacked in a while. I forgot "map16" banks were even still a limitation we have to abide by. Um, well I spoke with Major Flare and he confirmed he only used up to Page 8B for inserting the BG graphics and that 8C-8F are clear to use. I just blocked them off for organizational purposes but forgot about banks entirely. I think I'll update the rules to allow for the use of Pages 8C-8F as a concession. Sorry folks. But hopefully this should make things easier in the long run.

By the way, expect a Base Rom update tonight. We're finishing testing 1.02 and it'll have a few helpful fixes like an SA-1 compatible Layer 3 to Subscreen patch.
Base Rom has been updated to 1.02. Read the included Changelog or read this post for the changes.
Might I suggest something a bit more like this for the ground palette?

It's dark like basalt but with a little bit of red heat shimmer.
I remember being able to use it without anything in the field before, because I just tried to use it today and it wasn't working like I expected.
I'm gonna ask Major Flare about why those files are there but my initial reaction is that you are not allowed since those codes sound like they have nothing to do with music.
lx5 has given me two .map16 files that will fix a couple unintended errors with his enhanced vanilla blocks. There is no need to update your base rom, just import these two files to Map16 Pages 0 and 1. The files are located here and here. If we put out a 1.03 base rom (which we probably won't right now), then we'll add them in by default.

This is his longer explanation of why people were having issues with them:
the powerups patch comes with a few enhanced vanilla blocks which can be activated or destroyed with any projectile (depends on the config settings!) from the powerups themselves, they need to override the act like settings from the original blocks (see the coin, for example) to be able to run custom code without any issue
Updated the rules to give a warning against using ZSNES to test levels. Multiple people at this point have reported crash bugs that only occur when using it to play the base rom.
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FPzero's Profile - Posts by FPzero

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