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Bowser's fight is hardcoded into the game, just like the Iggy/Larry, Morton/Roy, Ludwig and Reznor fights, meaning that you can't change the battles, other than maybe add a bullet bill generator or some fireballs. To change the music I think you'd have to do something like what DJBouche or Mattrizzle did, and insert songs by replacing the ones in SMW.

In short, I don't you can. Yet.
That's a good rule SNN. I tire of seeing that too. What more annoying about those situations is when people say "Learn ASM" and the situation doesn't even call for it. Those are the people trying to look smart.
So did they, but after the public's review of it, they've decided that this version was an open beta and are going to re-do the dungeon design and overall difficulty.
Since I'm making a Shyguy hack and my shyguy is yellow, I would like the OW Mario/Luigi sprites to use overworld palette 8. However, I looked in the ROM map for that information and couldn't find it. Does anybody know where and what I'd have to change to make them yellow?
I had an idea like that a while ago, but never went anywhere with it because Samus's sprite is too big for SMW.
Nice shots Darklink. I'm guessing that those wall-climbing guys are Spike-Tops with changed graphics. However, that's the wrong Super Metroid enemy to use for it. That's a Melia, which flies in the air in Norfair. What you'd want is a Zoomer/Geemer. They can easily be found in the first caves next to your landing site.
If the Geemers don't work, you could try the Zeela from Brinstar; the one that you see after stepping off the elevator. It acts just like the Geemer and I'm pretty sure that it's 16x16.
Here's something to make this even easier for you.

Follow that link and download SNES Palette Editor. Open your ROM in the program and input your offset. The program will jump to that color's offset, which in your case would be the beginning of Bowser's palette. The color selected and the next 55 colors should be the colors that make up Bowser's palette. However, I believe that Bowser himself uses palette 0, colors 0-7. Simply use the RGB sliders at the bottom to change each color. Once that is done, save the file and test. If Bowser looks different, congrats, you did it!

With this program you can also change other hardcoded colors, like the flashing yellow and flashing red colors of the Yoshi Coin and level tiles.

Hope that helps. Any other problems, just post them and I'll see if I can't help more.
The hack is very interesting so far. I like it. We need more variety among SMW hacks. You should change the overworld though. It's not very detailed and you can obviously tell that the palettes are mostly unedited.

Otherwise, good hack so far!
The Zeela is the one with the two eyeballs on top of its head, kind of yellow-green. It moves rather slowly too.
Calm down. It will probably be near Halloween when this is released. That's what Mericles means.

I know the overworld isn't the important part here but still, the coloring is off. That's really the only complaint I have against it. If it is in the middle of nowhere then ok, there doesn't have to be decorations. Maybe though you could draw some snow mounds and place those around the area.
Ah, Fusion graphics. Nice. They fit the area well. I really can't wait to see what else you have in store in the next demo S.N.N.
I couldn't get past the custom block tutorial level. The events don't activate.

Making it so I could play, I know it's called Mario's Wacky Worlds, but I think instead of stuffing as many custom blocks into the game as you can, you should focus on some normal styled levels.
Don't be afraid of learning new programs. A lot of them are easy to use and have tutorials on how to use them in the Documents section.

As for editing the Big Boo, that's an iffy proposition. His frames use more tiles than you'd think. I tried editing him myself to look like a Pirate Boo by giving him a bandana (looked more like a yamuka--Jewish Boo!) but it doesn't work so well in-game:

If you can look past the status bar, you'll see that the tiles overlap to other parts of the Boo when he turns. For now, I wouldn't recommend re-drawing his graphics.
Another thing about the Big Boo, the eyes, mouth and arms are separate sprites that overlap the main body. They're in the same .bin file so they're still easy to edit.

TRUY, did you make that gif in your avatar? If you did, how hard was it to do? I'm betting that it was probably harder to do than use half the outside programs for SMW.

get rid of the trees in water on the overworld and have a submap with a swamp in it. Trees grow out of swamps so that idea would work perfectly.
I think that if you're going to use that many SMAS graphics, you may want to use SMAS Mario along with it.
I really like that title screen B.B.Link, but the "Redrawn" isn't looking that great next to the rest of it. Though you're probably aware of that...
Yeah, it's the black. Simple fix, then it'll be golden.

Or green... (background...)
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FPzero's Profile - Posts by FPzero

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