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Tip: Yoshi wings take you to level C8 or 1C8. Which one you get depends on the overworld level you're in.Not logged in.
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I really like that BG. Where'd you get it from? It fits perfectly with the FG palettes.
Hey and stuff. *insert generic weclome back here*

I've got no need to say what's new here ecause that's been taken care of by now but I still decided to drop a "Hi" then go back to doing nothing right now.

I'm really slowing down posting here. I'm much more active at Jul than here. I'd say that's because there's only so much I can talk about here; most of it is directed towards SMW Hacking and there's only so many ways to say "those screens look good." Maybe I need to start saying that in other languages...

I guess this was longer than a "generic weclome back" but who cares.
Originally posted by manaphy87
For some strange reason, I'm glad that Pac is an admin again. It makes me feel like everything's back to normal.

As normal as this place ever gets...

Nice job SNN. I played through and it was good.

Two problems though:
1. Check your exits in World 2. A couple of them led to Level 0, though they weren't game-killing.
2. The frozen blocks in Pianist's Rest don't break upon contact with fireballs.

Fix those and this is golden.:)
For whatever reason, I can never get these guys to show up. I can have a screen with six different types of Pirhana Plants, four of which are custom sprites, show up on a single screen with no problem but can't even have one Spike Top without it not even appearing.

Do Spike Tops require a different sprite header to show up properly? They don't seem to be the type of sprite that would need it...
That would make sense. In one level I got them to show up because it is left to right but in the level I'm doing now (a vertical one just like you described) you'll aprroach them going right to left.

I guess I'll just have to find a way around this problem...Too bad though, they would've made some jumps a bit more challenging.

Someone should really find a way to fix this or and least understand why they do this.
Let's see, I have about 20 backups of my Shyguy hack so far and I create a new one just about whenever I do anything. THEN, I have a whole backups of my Lunar Magic folder on my USB on two different computers, just incase my USB goes stupid which another USB of mine did in the past. So that's like 60+ backups right there. O_O
That's what it looks like to me. Make sure that isn't the case when you finish.
I could really give a care about the arguments being thrown out here. I'll play the game because this hasn't been done before, pure and simple. It seems like it'll definitely be interesting to see a politically-motivated hack.

Whether it plays well or not is a different thing. Either way, I really dont think this thread is where all the discussion about PETA's view and our own is the right place for it. It isn't "Hack Discussion" for nothing.

And sorry if it seems like I'm mini-nodding. I'm just expressing my opinion on this.
It all looks very nice so far. I haven't played SPM yet because I still don't have a Wii but I've seen enough graphics to know that those are close to the originals.

One thing I'm concerned about though. From what I'm seeing, these levels look quite challenging and this is supposed to be world one. About how challenging would you consider these world 1 levels to be compared to the worlds in the original SMW? World 3? 4?
I think I know what one of those concepts is S.N.N. :P

Spigmike, that's pretty good. However, I suggest that maybe you could add some cliff lines to your cliffs.
I'm wondering out of all the tracks here, what would be good for an indoor pipe level? I'm not going to search through, what is it now, 151 songs blindly. Some suggestions perhaps?
Just to show this is still being worked on:

Heavy SMB3 influence here. I don't really care what people say about SMAS graphics being overused. They're good graphics and that's why everyone uses them.
Status bar changes as well. It's all white because I'm dumb and have backgrounds using palettes 0 and 1 in some cases, not 2 and 3 like I have other places.
It's better but not good enough. Here's how palettes of the background leafy forest should always be:

1. They can be any set of colors. However, keep the set within one color (i.e. a set of ornages or a set of greens.
2. The colors should get lighter the closer to the "sky" they go. Here are two emaxples from my first hack:

See how the greens/oranges get lighter towards the top? That's how they should be when dealing with this background.

As for the Yoshi Coin, find a way to get rid of the red there. It looks terribly noobish.
It can still be night, just use a darker set of colors.
I guess they would want to see it just to know how he did some of the stuff. I know I kind of would.

But yeah, we've come a long way from DW:TLC so it's not a big issue.
I've got a Blue Paratroopa too and I pulled that off about two months back. However, my blue paratroopa is the vertical flying one and replaces the red vertical one.

I also have yellow Bouncing Paratroopas.:D

Enough about our similarities. I'm not sure why I've not read this much but either way I have now and it looks good Boing. Keep it up.:)
To make an SPC I believe all you need to do is press F1 in ZSNES and tell it to save the SPC data.
Did you say that you patched the pipes to a ROM with mikeyk's pipes already inserted? That sounds like a formula for disaster right there.

I'd take the clean ROM route and put the separate Luigi graphics patch first, then the pipes and then see if it crashes. If not, continue, checking after each patch you add.

I know that the Classic Piranha fix patch works with FuSoYa's pipe because I'm using it now in mine and I'm sure many others have used it as well.

SWR (spel werdz rite), the guy that pulled the pipes from DW:TLC, told me the other day that there's probably a lot wrong with the coding because there are things FuSoYa never had to deal with the coding for in DW:TLC. For example, I'm having problems with the pipes I think because I made my Shyguy always use 16x16 interaction. There could easily be a conflict in the code of one of the patches and the pipes' code.

I guess you could try contacting SWR. I don't think he re-registered here since the board re-opened. The only place I contact him is through Justus League 2. Send him a PM if you've got an account there. Other than that, I'm out of ideas. I hope something in this post helps you out. I've never had a ROM-crashing problem myself but it'll probably happen one day so I feel your trouble right now.
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