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Well, I beat the entire game, minus world 2-E. Very well done. In my book, anyone who can take the time to create a hack of Yoshi's Island (or Super Metroid :P) deserves the recognition you've gotten S.N.N. The game was amazingly well done. It was actually easier than the screenshots made it look. (I guess you're just good at taking hard screenshots!)

The final battle music was great (I won't spoil it for anyone but it's good.) and the whole quality of the game shined throughout. I think my favorite level was probably 5-7 Morpher's Malady because the transformations have always been a favorite part of YI for me and to be swapping back and forth between them to solve puzzles and advance was just a ton of fun.

Bravo S.N.N., bravo. Now if Keytastrophe turns out to be done as well as this was I will be amazed at how you can manage to create two different games so well.:) I will also eat my hat. :P
SMW Hacking has come a huge way since those years ago, before many of us started, when all we could edit was level design. Now we have overworld edits, custom palettes, ExGFX, HDMA, Custom Music, ASM Hacks, Custom Sprites and more. These are great advancements for our world of SMW Hacking but they do have a dark side. Now that these are readily, and in some cases, easily available to implement, the bar has ben raised so all anyone with a simple hack gets an "It looks good but add some ExGFX, ASM and HDMA then it'll be great."

That's the problem. Unless you can pull off many of the above techniques, you are destined for mediocrity, despite what everyone says about level design being the most important aspect. It's only semi-true. I could create the most interesting, most awesome level that we have seen so far level design-wise and yet it wouldn't be that great unless I added ExGFX and probably more.

That's the problem I see. With these accessible, we now can all add them. Soon our hacks may be snazzy, but they'll all seem familiar. The last frontier we hadn't conquered had been Custom Music but with that now achieved, there's no where else to go but to try and excel at the areas we have now. Some will, others won't, but in the end, the hacks will be nothing more than different takes on the same hacks, over and over.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy playing these hacks as much as everyone here but I'm discouraged now by how high the bar has been set. To me, (and this is going to seem like a shameless plug to try and invoke interest among you all to look at my hack, sorry if it does...) I'm creating some very interesting things and yet I get very little recognition and I think I know why. I'm not able to use ASM, HDMA, barely custom music, I need my ExGFX pre-made, overworld design isn't my strong-suit; I'm just another hacker that looks like I'm doing something interesting. But without these advanced techniques, all I'll continue to get is, "It looks good but add some ExGFX, ASM and HDMA then it'll be great."

And so, I think I'm going to go into semi-retirement from SMW Hacking. It's not holding my interest like it used to. I haven't touched my Shyguy hack in two weeks or more. And my first hack, Super Mario Eternity, I haven't touched that in 4 months. The bar right now is too high, we are too unaccepting of mediocrity, and I'm moving to something with a little less expectation for amazement.

I'm starting up Super Metroid hacking. It's tougher than SMW Hacking but more satisfying in a way. I hope I can stick with it and not give it up in a month...

I felt that I had to talk about this somewhere. Just some observations of mine for you to mull over as you hack. By no means am I leaving the community; I'm just done for now joining you all in creating another SMW hack. Perhaps I'll make my two games open source like B.B. Link did... Either way, it's about time I said what I just did. It's been floating around in my head for some time now.

Well, See You Next Mission, I guess. :)
I have looked at those levels design only hacks, and have quite thoroughly enjoyed them.

Let me clarify a bit. In no way do I think that the fancy stuff is a bad thing. I enjoy seeing them as much as the next person. I just feel that it makes it harder for a hack to be considered "good" now that they are becoming more and more commonplace. It's like hacks that use SMAS graphics. Some of us consider those graphics to be over-used and at times I feel that way about some of the advancements. Again, though, I still like seeing them in a hack so don't get me wrong.

There are some exceptions like the two listed above but they are generally few and far between and most like that are from an older time period of SMW Hacking when these advancements hadn't been made yet. In fact, RTDL was in a way my inspiration for Super Mario Eternity. I made that hack with my goal in mind being few graphics changes.
Some of you may have heard me mention this in my rant about the current state of SMW hacking, but I'm making a Super Metroid hack now. It's called Super Metroid Aspiration. Why? Because I aspire to create a fun and enjoyable SM hack.

I don't really have a story as of yet but I'm thinking it'll take place post-Fusion and you'll see why.

Screenshot time (some are outdated):

Fusion Suit suit and ship colors! (Green on ship window has been fixed)

Part of the landing site. (Minimap is more detailed now)

I'm making this a "full hack". What that means in SM terms is that I've moving the rooms around from their original positions. For instance, this is the second room in the game, but I moved it from the Brinstar map to fit my designs. ^_^

Can you find the secret?

Small Morph Ball puzzle. I turned off Layer 3 so you won't know where the room is before you play.:P No Cheating!

I couldn't resist. *shot*

I have no projection of a release date, nor demo release if I choose to make one so don't bug me about it. Unlike most thread I've seen over the internet about SM hacks, I think I'll update semi-regularly, though it'll be different than updating an SMW hack. There are no World#s/Level#s in the game so progress is based solely on the number of rooms I have finished out of the total number I choose to create. So progress with come by screenshot updates and maybe a percentage.

Ok I'm rambling. Comments please.:)
Where did my request go? I didn't see it on the list of song's you're working on and I don't see it in the Custom Music section. I may not be hacking SMW right now but I still want the song for when I return to my game.
Thanks GK. BT showed me on #jzd and also pointed out a tile error. The coloring looks a bit strange in places though, mostly the gray. Is that still the original palettes or did you modify them?
It is really? I guess I'll have to see it in action when you return it to me. Not that I'll ask you to remove it though, I like it. Plus, you'll deadify me if I don't like it you said.:P
Wow, nice job on the ship. I like it a lot. Is this the finished product or is there still a bit to be done? I know the legs can't go on because of size issues; we discussed that.
I haven't thought about modifying too many graphics but that could happen. Mostly, I want to get some good level design down first, then graphical changes if I choose to do so. I'm also trying to figure out how to implement some ASM hacks I want to add in.

Enough talk. Here's a screen of the room I'm working on.

The room isn't finished yet but this part is. I also have to change the enemies in here because I moved the room from Maridia, meaning red crabs that take away 120 energy... In one of the first rooms too...
In the FG, one of the browns is a bit too red compared to the rest. It's too mahogany. As for the BG, I can't really figure a good way to explain it so I'll use an old visual of mine...

You see how the colors go from dark to light contrast, with no lighter colors in between? I think you should do something like that with your browns, like dark on one side, gradually going to light on the inside. Kind of like a gradient of browns.

If you have no clue what I meant by the BG sentences I'm sorry, I don't even know if I understood it well. :P
Well, you hadn't shown me all these shots before. ;) I'm really liking the graphical style now. At first on IRC I was a bit "meh" but now I think it's a very unique interesting style. One recommendation though: Don't use icegoom's Shyguy. It clashes horribly with the general look and feel of your graphics. Use a YI Shyguy instead, or draw graphics for it yourself.

Overall, it looks really good. Keep it up and keep me informed on IRC too.:)
The thing with orange prison jumpsuits is that they have no black stripes on them. It's just a sloid orange jumpsuit. Maybe you can use a set of three oranges or something to add depth so it's not a solid orange.
Super Metroid already has HDMA enabled in it so there's no need to "add" it. Also, seeing how complex Super Metroid and SMILE are, I wouldn't recommend trying something like HDMA in it. It's not as simply done as in SMW. I actually don't know of any hacks so far, not even Redesign that added HDMA.
Well excuse me. I guess MathOnNapkins was screwing around with me (again). :(
FX1 is comprised of all the special effects in Super Metroid. THe effects include the haze, along with lava, water, acid, rain, thunder, flashing colors for the escapes, tile animations and a few more things. To access the FX1, go to the Edit menu and click FX1. From there, you can add the effects you want. However, only change stuff in the FX1 if the backgrounds behind the text in there are white. If you change them when they are red or yellow, you could screw up the room.
Yeah, don't submit any of your graphics yet. They are what is the unique factor in the hack, especially seeing that you drew them all yourself. Keep them and only when you need them no longer, submit them if you feel like it.

I like the shyguy's face. It fits the "odd" style.
I'm quite happy with how this came out:

Icy palette. ^_^
It's only partially completed at this point, but that harder parts are done. All that's left with it is to recolor the grassy stuff and the piping.

As for a # of rooms done update, I've completed about 16 rooms now. I'm making steady progress too, so another yay there.
I like it too. Your graphical consistency is nice to see. Plus it looks good, and palette choices work well. Keep it up.
I'm not sure yet. I guess probably about the same to a little harder than the original. I'm not a fan of really hard hacks in general, so I'm not going to create something I won't enjoy playing for fun.

EDIT: Bad news. Doing the palette editing caused my hack to go kaflooie. I have to restart from one week ago. That means I have to re-do two big rooms and one small room, plus other misc. minor changes. Only good thing is that I have a saved palette file so I can try and fix it once I get the game back to where it was.

One week, down the tubes. BACK UP MORE OFTEN SELF. >_<
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FPzero's Profile - Posts by FPzero

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