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Each time I press 'retry' (using the retry patch) I'm getting a glitch in my layer 3 BG, before the level reloads. Seems some tiles are disappearing and showing the BG area colour. When it reloads it's back to normal. Any idea what might be causing this?

(note the grid of dots in the top half aren't a glitch - they're animated rain)

Can provide extra details, just not sure which details might be relevant.

Thanks :)
Track Name
All the Time by Bahamas

Up to you. Im sure it would sound better sampled but unsampled would be better than nothing :P

Audio Reference

Note Data Reference
MIDI files here

Each channel is a separate file - I transcribed the midi myself in Ableton which doesn't allow midi tracks to be exported as a combined file. All the files should be the same length though, so should line up when imported. I only transcribed one verse because it's basically just the same verse repeated for the whole song. There are also numerous vocal harmonies (and potentially a bunch of portamento) that I didn't transcribe, but would sound great if you'd like to add them in.

Its a pretty simple track, but Im a noob.

Thanks :)

EDIT: I spent today becoming less of a noob and have started porting it myself!
Hey everyone,

I've been working on a hack (my first) for my best mate. He's a casual gamer and has recently had his second child, so idea is to make a short hack with short levels that are challenging but not impossible for him.

Most of the levels are based on holidays we've been on, to "make up for" us missing a holiday to Thailand we were supposed to go on last year (holiday was planned for July, which is about when I started working on it!).

UPDATE: Video trailer! (Sorry for poor quality #tb{D'X})

(Sorry for poor video quality #tb{D'X})

Title screen:

(I also ported a song for the title screen which is our "holiday anthem"

Intro screen:

Angkor Wat:


Hobart International Airport:

The moon (not one of our holidays!):

I have a bunch more levels underway, but they don't (currently) use custom graphics that I've created, so not really worth sharing screenshots.

Hoping I can have it ready to give to him for his 41st in November... Don't count on it though!
Originally posted by Darolac
This looks pretty cool. The main premise of hack seems fun, altough from the screenshots it's a bit hard to tell how exactly will the hack be designed.

Is this a surprise for you best mate or he knows it already?

It's a surprise. Shhh , dont tell him #tb{;)}
This is great!.

I'd actually searched previously for a Ukiki sprite, and when I couldnt find one I messed around with trying to replace another sprite's graphics with Ukiki/monkey graphics but failed. My tropical SEA level is idea can now become reality!
Originally posted by qantuum
And this Angkor Wat BG is fabulous. I've visited it too, I remember it fondly.

Thanks. The Angkor background is ripped from a game called SNK Gals’ Fighters for the Neo Geo Pocket. I also have fond memories of being there, but especially of how hot it was! 😂
Really cool. My 'Romantic Cambodian firefly river cruise' level idea is about to become a reality!
I was inspired by your art and had a go at turning a couple into pixels for practice. Was challenging trying to fit them into 16x16/16x32, and I did them 'quickly' while at work (don't tell the boss!) so sure there's lots of room for improvement.

I'm using this hammer sprite in a level, and wondering if there's a way to remove the timer? (ie make it last for the entire level once collected?)
Originally posted by KevinM
Try removing this couple lines of code:
	LDA !1540,x
	BEQ ClearSprite

Legend. That worked. Thanks mate. Now I can infinitely chop garlic!

It still plays the 'p-switch' running out sound (when hammer time would have ended before I deleted those lines). Is it possible (and just as easy) to disable that too? If not, not a big deal, I'm just very detail oriented :P
Brilliant. Works a treat. Thanks again.

Having the time of my life chopping garlic! #tb{XD}
Track Name
The Distance by Cake

Up to you. Ideally I think at least the guitar would use a sample, but happy for you to do as you see fit.

Audio Reference

Note Data Reference

Thanks x
Originally posted by qantuum
Sounds interesting and the midi is simple enough.

I'll try. Estimated delivery time is 2 weeks.

Thanks. I already have a couple of your ports in my hack :P
All good. Enjoy your holidays :)
Is there a way (a patch?) to allow the player to pause or mute the music while they're playing?

So they could choose to listen to their own music instead of the game music, but still be able to hear the sfx?
Mute/unmute music


A patch that gives the player the option to mute (or pause) and unmute the game music, while still being able to hear the game SFX,so that they can listen to their own music in the background.

Similar to how modern games have the option to mute [or adjust volume of] in game music independent of SFX.

Preferably they would be able to turn on and off during a level.

(Bringing over from this thread)
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
It sounds like that patch mutes the music altogether, instead of giving the player the option to.

What you'll probably have to do is make a sound effect that changes the music volume, then write some code that plays the sound effect when a button is pressed (or whatever else you want as a condition).

I don't think that exists pre-made, but someone who knows music and ASM can definitely pull it off (maybe ask in the Requests forum). It's a nice idea either way!

Thanks. I did find the patch that mutes all music that Spoopy mentioned, but as you say I want the player to have the option to mute/unmute whenever they choose (eg when they've been stuck on a level for an hour! haha).

I've done as suggested and created a request
Brilliant. UberASM is fine :)
Originally posted by dirty

You can get it here.

Wow! Cheers. That was quick... and it even works! :P (Haven't tested the OW one yet, but assume it works the same way as the level one)

I'm using it with the retry patch, so every time the level restarts the music briefly starts before it fades out again.

Wondering if it's possible to make it so the music doesn't restart when the level does? (ie stays muted) Or perhaps disabling the fade would have the same effect? (ie so the music immediately mutes when the level restarts)
Originally posted by MercyFalls
the on/off switch graphic is still glitchy but oh well.

Have you set the SP4 GFX to 3 or 5?

Either via Super GFX Bypass (Red Mushroom), or pick a sprite set from GFX Index (Blue Mushroom) that has SP4 = 3 or 5