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The title says it all I hope, however for any misunderstanding I'll go more in detail of what I mean down below.

I've been working on building my own smw hack. While working on my hack, there has been some questions on my mind.

Who do you put in the credits?
Is it based off of inspiration, level design, music, those who you learn from? If so I'll like to give a few examples for more in depth.

Without BarbarousKing, and DanOfMostTrades I wouldn't know how to use LM. Should they be in the credits for inspiration?
Level designing is hard to come by to who you should add in the credits, due to the fact yes you can come up with your own designs, however let's say you've build some levels that are similar to more than one hack with different creators.
Who do you put? Are you supposed to find the original creator?
Music is for sure self-explanatory, just want more in depth detail if possible.

Thank you for your time and feedback
I no longer need this thread, figured out my problem on my own. Only issue now is how do I delete this thread?
Thank you for y'all feedback on this, highly appreciated. I know I'm quite late for the response. I'm still working my head around of how, where or who to ask for on this site without posting in the wrong forums or being a nuisance to anyone
That's true, just hard figuring out what questions to ask since there's probably a similar thing already been answered.

However looking for what I need help with or asking a certain question with so many forums to look through or with what I'm looking for either not been answered or not been asked. Also a case could be that no one ever encountered the situation a particular person probably has.
For sure though I'll ask questions in the proper forums. I would hope I'm posting in the right place.

Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated. Regardless it wasn't the topic. Every feedback will be appreciated as much I could keep up with.
I need help with GreenHammerBro Keylocks. I've manage to implement them into my hack with no problems.
My problem is down below.

I have two segments keylocks in one area for 2 keys required that has 2 paths to obtain these keys, however I want a midway to delete the first keylock after completing the first path.

The thing is when I die after completing my first path, the keylock reappears having to redo the first path.

Is there a way to fix this?
Originally posted by 7 up
If I understood you right, the easiest way would be to design the level in a way the key is near your midway spawn area and there's no access to it expect for starting from the area. I hope I helped.

I'm trying to make it where that shouldn't be the case because it'll be too easy. If I'm also getting what you're trying to get at. I want 3 paths however the third path requires 2 keys to access this path.

Thanks for advise though. I'll probably use it if nothing else works.
How would I even know who're the original smw team is or even players who started kaizo or smw hacks. I would like to know where's that located or if there's even a forum for that type of info especially through only smw related topics for the game.
Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
You can check out SMW's own credits. It's even editable in Lunar Magic. That being said, most just put "Nintendo" or "SMW Staff" into the credits. Beyond that, the only people whom I'd definitively add there are the creator of the resources you use as well as the aforementioned testers whereas inspirations are IMO optional but adding special thanks still doesn't hurt.

Most definitely, I've been keeping up with names and resources used along side their creators. Also the smw community is one on the list. It'll be way to much to include everyone who has help with questions or feedback through smwcentral.net so just putting smw community in the credits is for sure of them.
Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
This is possible if you use custom objects but be aware that such an object needs to be coded first. The alternative, besides having a backup key, is to drop Mario in a duplicate level but with the lock and key missing.

That's a good idea, probably won't be what actually you've mention. However I'll do something similar. Really glad I came here after I've tried everything I could've think or tried on my own before coming here for help. I'm really surprised how I couldn't think of this before.

My gosh 4 hrs just to reply or quote is quite absurd. Understandable though, gives us time to reply.

Thank you and everyone else's feedback. Really much appreciated. Before coming here again, I'll try everything I could think of if I run into another problem.
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