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I've started a hack, but I'm only about 10% done with it. It doesn't have a name yet, so there's no title screen picture.

Level using SMB2 ExGFX. One of the few completed levels.

One of the Classic World levels.

One of my castle levels.

The Classic World level uses Wario Land 3 graphix made black and white. I'll put the ExGFX on the website later.
okay, first of all, you can press pg. up and pg. down to cycle through the different pipe colors on the correct page. If you are really stuck with the background thing, just click my user name and find my AIM.
Bad luck man, I don't understand what you mean about the fg in the first picture, all the ground stuff is defined. Also, Lightvayne, your outside screen shot looks a lot like yoshi's story!
I know this is a stupid question, but how do you make pictures of the 16 by 16 and 8 by 8 tile map editors for posting new ExGFX?
Wow Thanks! Any staff member person can turn off this page now.
Man, that new Dr. Mario hack looks amazing! (Even if I've only seen the overworld) Anyways, I've got new screenshots that I hope will suffice people's Screenshot itch in the screenshot forum.

A factory-ish level. This is a completed level.

This is the very early beta of the first world overworld. This will change!

Introduction Screen and text

Another completed level. This will be in the first world.

That's all I really have for now. I only have 7 completed levels so far. I've shown a good amount of them, but two I'm keeping secret...

Oh yea, also, please don't comment against the pallete of the status bar, I'm going to change it.
Use ExGFX!

What do you mean by red stars? are you just talking about changing the pallete of a star or what? I never played Super Demo World, so I don't know exactly what you're talking about.
There are a ton of amazing ExGFX stuff on the site, but there are virtually no overworld ExGFX! I really need a type of factory-ish overworld scheme, some new castle stuff and a few different rocks and stuff to spread around to make it look spiffy.
I know this is a stupid question, but how do you move mario's start position on the overworld?
Oh! I feel stupid. I moved the mario sprite, I just didn't start a new game! *slaps self in the head* Administration people can turn this off.
I've got more screenshots. I'm almost done with the demo of my still unnamed hack, but it will still be a few days before people will start playing it.

this is the overworld when you start the game...

and this is the overworld with completed paths.

I'm having a hard time deciding if I should put in dark paths to signify where your going for the uncompleted stuff. Also, the name of the level where mario is will be changed to "Slope Valley"

First off, you can't redraw the blocks or coins with the Map16 page, but you can cut and paste over the area with other blocks on the map16 page. But if you really want to edit it properly, you can just open the graphics in YY-CHR and edit them there.

Okay, second question. To make the block act like a yoshi coin, just click on the block you want to be a yoshi coin (Still in Map16) and type in the area "Make this block behave like..." 2D. 2D is the top block of a yoshi coin. But you might have some glitches if you don't have two blocks, so you can put in 2E for the bottom block so it behaves properly.
Well, if there right next to each other, like if you insert a Yoshi coin through map16, but put the pieces right on top of each other, you will only get one.

And also, you stole my Mario Kart DS Wifi name, Taco Man :\
Okay, That has never happened to me before when inserting as a map16 pipe. The only thing I can say is to just use an exit-enabled pipe through the add objects window.
I'm REALLY bored, so I've got a picture...
The only way to change this effect is if you change the block itself, instead of just pasting over it. What I mean is that you must use YY-CHR or some other editing device to open up the GFX and edit it from the inside out.

Okay, First, you deserved to be insulted out of being insanely lazy. And second, I never knew they made a space invaders for snes. But I guess they remade every nes game for the snes...
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