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I'm a noob and I feel stupid, but when I hover over my spirtes in the menu there is no information that comes up about them. How do I fix this?
Song: Reunited
Game: Undertale
Sampled: Yes probably would be best.

Hoping to make this my title screen song

MIDI file:
Every time one of my levels is revealed on the overworld at the end of an animation, a little fish looking thing jumps up for a frame or two. Is there any way to get rid of that? I've tried all of the different level tiles. I'm not using a water level tile, because mario is not swimming while on the level tile. I don't have any overworld animations turned on. Is that just what happens when a level is revealed?
The fonts in my hack for save and continue are messed up. I inserted the original GFX graphics from a fresh rom, but that didn't solve it. Any ideas what might fix this?

Edit: I've went back a few versions of the hack and the problem went away. That's probably the best way to solve most problems.
I haven't had any luck locating how to make the game end and the credits roll. Do I need to edit a specific level? or is there just some setting I need to click on?
Thank you very much
I've had maybe two or three times a massive frame rate drop while testing my hack. It basically is slow-mo until I restart the game. Has anyone experienced this? Is this an emulator problem? Something I might have done wrong in LM? There are not lots of sprites on the screen when it happens, sometimes just 1. Any ideas would be appriciated.
Oh good. I was hoping it wasn't a more severe issue. It seems likely that I made this mistake of playing from a file that had been altered but not reloaded. Thank you very much for the information.
Hybrid Boo Boss
I'm looking for a combination of the big boo sprite and the boss boo sprite. These are the most important features to me.
1. Can hurt mario
2. Mario can spin jump off of.
3. Will continuously follow Mario.
4. Has 3 hit points.
5. Ends the level when defeated.

This will be used for my kaizo lite hack.
Pretty please.
Thank you! I'm looking forward to this.
My overworld graphics are missing everywhere except where the path is. When I open the 8x8 tile selector, everything is where is should be. When I click on random tiles that are missing in the Overworld, the 8x8 selector highlights the correct tile, so it knows what tile should be visible there. Any ideas on how to fix this?
I can't figure out why most of my overworld graphics show up blank, both in LM and in game. The area where is the path is shows up fine, but nowhere else. I loaded an older version of the hack without this problem, but it happened to the older version also. I'm using vanilla overworld graphics. I've checked my graphics folder and opened the files in yy-chr. They are unaltered. Does anyone have any idea what might be going wrong? Here is link to an image of what it looks like.
Yes, I must have overwritten something. I exported a fresh batch of graphics from the vanilla game and imported them into my hack and it worked. Thanks for the responses.
Hi I'm trying to get the scrolling pipes to work. I've been following the instructions. I made it all the way to the last part, but I'm getting stuck on the getting the fixes.asm patch to work. This is what Asar is telling me. Does anyone know what might be wrong? It says it can't open the Defines.asm and I'm not sure why.

Asar 1.33b, by Alcaro
Enter patch name: Fixes.asm
Enter ROM name: SSLR_v3.smc
../SSPDef/Defines.asm: error: Couldn't open file
Fixes.asm:297: error: Define !Freeram_SSP_PipeDir not found
Fixes.asm:312: error: Define !Freeram_BlockedStatBkp not found
Fixes.asm:325: error: Define !Setting_SSP_Hijack_00EA18 not found
Fixes.asm:328: error: Define !Freeram_SSP_PipeDir not found
Fixes.asm:358: error: Define !Freeram_SSP_PipeDir not found
Fixes.asm:369: error: Define !Freeram_SSP_PipeDir not found
Fixes.asm:386: error: Define !Freeram_SSP_PipeDir not found
Fixes.asm:408: error: Define !Freeram_SSP_PipeDir not found
Fixes.asm:419: error: Define !Freeram_SSP_PipeDir not found
Fixes.asm:432: error: Define !Freeram_SSP_PipeDir not found
Fixes.asm:444: error: Define !Freeram_SSP_PipeDir not found
Fixes.asm:457: error: Define !Freeram_SSP_PipeDir not found
Fixes.asm:471: error: Define !Freeram_SSP_PipeDir not found
Fixes.asm:489: error: Define !Freeram_SSP_PipeDir not found
Fixes.asm:502: error: Define !Freeram_SSP_PipeDir not found
Fixes.asm:514: error: Define !Freeram_SSP_PipeDir not found
Fixes.asm:526: error: Define !Freeram_SSP_PipeDir not found
Fixes.asm:538: error: Define !Freeram_SSP_PipeDir not found
Fixes.asm:550: error: Define !Freeram_SSP_PipeDir not found
Fixes.asm:562: error: Define !Freeram_SSP_PipeDir not found
Fixes.asm:743: error: Define !Setting_SSP_Minimal_StuntimerSprites not found
Fixes.asm:768: error: Define !Freeram_SSP_PipeDir not found
Fixes.asm:771: error: Define !Freeram_SSP_EntrExtFlg not found
Fixes.asm:774: error: Define !Freeram_SSP_PipeTmr not found
Fixes.asm:787: error: Define !Freeram_SSP_PipeDir not found
Fixes.asm:339: error: Misplaced endif [endif]
WJNB patch detected, so $00EA18 is not modified by this patch. You're good to go.
Errors were detected while assembling the patch. Assembling aborted. Your ROM has not been modified.
Press any key to continue . . .
I downloaded the new ASAR. Still getting the same errors. I have the SSPDef folder in the same place as the Fixes.asm. Not sure what the problem is.
Thank you meatloaf that worked, but now I have a new problem. The Fixes.asm patch crashes the entire rom. I went back and did each step in the tutorial; Uberasm, Gps, and finally asar. At each step I tested the rom to make sure it was working so I would know where it goes wrong. After patching Fixes.asm the rom no longer opens. It plays the nintendo presents screen, than eventually makes a spring noise and fills the screen with 0's. Do you have any ideas? I don't know whats going wrong.
Oh ok. I’ve got the better platforms patch and a bunch of others. I think with the project im working on currently, I will just not use scrolling pipes, and just remember to patch them in first with future projects. Thanks for the help.
Im trying to insert the 16x16 one-way graphics by Westslasher2, but only the left/right one-way graphics show up. The up/down one-way do not show up in the 8x8 editor. However, in the sample level everything shows up fine. Any ideas?
Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean. Am I copying something from the 8x8 editor? Or 8x8 tile selector? And what is the copy all command? I usually just use the GFX bypass, select the correct graphics file, and import the map16 file. In this case there is only one ExGFX file to be inserted into the animated slot. Im not sure what you mean by slot 0 and slot 1. Sorry, hopefully these questions aren’t annoying. I’m trying to learn some basics that somehow I missed even though I’ve released my first hack.
Ohh ok. Thank you very much!