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Hey guys. Just a curious question. I would like if you guys could help me with something. I created my 1st. Romhack back in 2010. Never posted it on here because i know now that edits of the original SMW levels can get the hack taken down. Ive had 2 romhacks posted on here. Unfortunately they have been rejected so they are not on here as of right now. Back when i started.... I really didn't know how to use lunar magic until i started working on my 2nd romhack back in 2014... Im currently working on a 3rd rom hack and i would like some advice on how to make some good/interesting levels.... Or good level design. I know its depressing putting so much work on a hack and for it to be taken down or rejected... Well to me anyway. I need help on creating good levels... Or level ideas. The more i create hacks, the more i learn to patch/add sprites/ level design.
Hi I am working on a smw romhack and I am looking for a Bowser Sprite that is compatible with Pixi. I inserted a Majority of my custom sprites with Pixi and inserting any other sprites with sprite tool unfortunately will erase my sprites inserted with pixi. I can't find a Bowser Sprite that is compatible with Pixi. I do have a Bowser sprite, SMB3 Bowser, but I am afraid to insert it with Sprite Tool, and I can't insert it with Pixi as the thread I got the sprite from says it must be modified to be inserted with pixi. Can someone please help? Send me in the right direction? Does anyone have a Bowser Sprite I can use thats compatible with Pixi? Or how would I be able to modify my SMB3 Bowser sprite?

any help is appricated.
thank you
I have another question guys. so I am still working on my SMW Romhack and I ended up making a change in my overworld because I found a glitch to where one of my fortress levels changed into a regular level (don't really know why it happened but I fixed it) so I started a new game and made it to one of my fortresses in my game, and when I completed it the event didn't destroy the fortress. so I checked the green path, and also the direction Mario moves when he completes a level, both are good. started a new game made it back to that fortress and still no success. any advice?
Hey guys. So I am having some trouble in my hack. I want to make a level where if the player goes into an area and they try to jump out, they hit the invisible blocks. but the player isnt trapped, he can go down the pipe thats there and exit out a pipe before the puzzle to cross over the blocks, however I can't get the blocks to stay solid when I come out the previous pipe. any advise on how I can fix this problem? what tricks I can use to fix this problem?

thanks in advance
Thank you guys for your help greatly appricated
Anyone knows where I can find a SMAS SMB1 Bowser that works with Pixi? I have this version of Bowser from Spritetool, but can't find a SMB1 bowser sprite that works with Pixi. I am updating one of my older SMW Romhacks, and I want to replace the final boss fight with a custom SMAS SMB1 Bowser Sprite. Any Help would be appreciated.
Thank you. any help is appreciated
Anyone knows where I can find a Bowser Jr. boss sprite I can insert into my romhack using Pixi? I would like to use Bowser Jr in my next romhack after completing the one I am currently working on. but it is so hard to find his sprite. can someone lead me into the right direction? thank you guys in advance for your help
Just Curious Would anyone be able to code a SMAS SMB1 Bowser for me? and maybe a Bowser Jr. Sprite? I been wanting an smb1 bowser sprite to use in one of my hacks but just can't find a good one I mean I remember the one from sprite tool but I can't seem to get the pallet right. any help would be appreciated
Just Curious Would anyone be able to code a SMAS SMB1 Bowser for me? and a Bowser Jr. Sprite? I been wanting an smb1 bowser sprite to use in one of my hacks but just can't find a good one. any help would be appreciated
Hey guys. so a couple days ago I released a smw romhack on this site and I am currently learning how to add a new status bar in my next hack so here is my situation.

So I tried 2 status bars. one being the MessageBox in Minimalist Status Bar + Goal Customizer and the other being the DKCR status bar. both status bars installed successfully. however, once I did that i tried to install custom foreground graphics, and when I went to test the level, Mario's gfx started to glitch out. and if mario touched an enemy and died, the game crashes! i tried both patches separately and got the same results. but if i test a regular SMW level with the status bars, mario functions fine. Is there any steps that I am missing? can any one guide me to the right direction?
Hey guys so I just learned how to change the "Super Mario World" Font. it took up 3 slots in the layer 3 bypass menu however when I went to go look at the title screen, the file select/1-2 player game font got glitched up. any way to fix this? any help would be appreciated
Hey guys. I hope I am doing this right, but I just wanted to request a Bowser Jr. Sprite if possible. a Super Mario Maker 2 sprite of bowser Jr. that throws hammers and fireballs and when you hit him he gets into his shell and ricochet off the walls for 8 seconds, before jumping out his shell and attacking again. and to defeat him, you have to hit him 4 times and after the 4th hit, he disapears and it ends the level? if that is too much I apologize. I would like to use this sprite in an upcoming romhack i am creating. thanks in advance
thank you for the graphics. how would I insert them? I don't have a .cfg or a .asm file for him. is he a clone of another boss sprite?
Hey guys. Im not sure where to post this but... I downloaded a title screen font and it comes with 3 .bin files. and it says in order to use them I have to combine them into one .bin file. I do not know how to do that so when I used the 3 files on the title screen level, it ended up glitching out the file select and player select fonts. Any way of fixing that? any way of combining those .bin files into one file? any help will be appricated.
Hey guys, so I have once again ran into a snag. I am in the process of redoing all 3 of my romhacks and for one of my hacks I have downloaded a player sprite graphics. its a modified version of SMAS SMB3 Mario and Luigi. I was successful with installing the new Mario and Luigi Graphics however I don't know how to install the shared palettes into the rom. and when I do, it ruins the color palettes from the other vanilla levels other than the ones I edited. luckly I made a copy of the default SMW vanilla level shared palettes in case I messed up something but can someone let me know how to installed shared palettes properly? thank you in advance.
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