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For me it was a quick down press then letting go of the D pad after the slide was initiated. Them holding X and A while not touching the D pad for max distance. Then once I hit the dolphin doing a quick shift to Y and B run a bit to hit the fish and then shift back to X and X to spin jump on the bouncing dolphin if I'm not mistaken.

I try to find play throughs on YouTube that show controller inputs and maybe slow the playback on the video down if I need to. This has helped me learn a lot!

Don't get frustrated and enjoy the process. I have been stuck on "Tower of Power" world 1 castle for like 5 hours now. I have been an inch away from beating it only to die. I am having a hard time balancing on the saw blade and then launching off properly.
I am fairly new to kaizo and am loving it.

I have defiantly gotten better over the weeks I have been playing.

I am trying to track my progress but I have very little to compare to.

I have been stuck on QuickieWorld world 1 Tower of Power for like 5 hours now with some near wins.

I mainly feel like I am not developing enough consistency. Maybe it just comes with time and practice, I am sure there is no shortcut to getting good.

I know everyone will vary, but I guess my question long did it take you to become fairly skilled at kaizo and say a game like QuickieWorld 1 as a newbie?

Is this grinding on one stage for hours and hours a normal thing?

It took me hours over a like two days to beat the Run Forrest stage for the first time, but now I can do it in about 5 minutes of so.

I'm guessing the big key to this seems to be persistence. I was just curious how my experience tracks with other players. I have been maybe playing seriously for two and a half weeks. and really dedicating time to practice the past 5 days or so (2-3ish hours a day)

Thanks in advance and I appreciate any tips or feedback you all may have to offer! So happy I found this community. I tend to get a little depressed in the cold months and this has really give me something to look forward to. Just trying to manage not getting discouraged when I am being hard on myself for feeling like I haven't progressed enough after lots of effort!

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