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I can help test out hacks if you like.
Just PM me.
Originally posted by Ultimaximus
Don't have WinRAR, and don't want to find it, figure out which version is the best, download and install it, and figure out how to use it. However, I will have access to a computer with WinRAR in 4 days.

I find that 7-zip is the best program for this.
Does anyone have the IPS for this hack.
It was on the site before but now I cannot find it.
Its made by Anikiti.
DKC2 > DKC > DKC3 for me as well.
Of course DKC2 has the great music
DKC is the original and has the best underwater level music i have ever heard(out of any game).
But i like DKC3 as well they are all great games.
Originally posted by kyurel
I may have been editing the post; try again. it works fine for me. Switch to google chrome!

The links say 404 Forbidden.
Firefox forever and always.
I have it let make the IPS and then I'll send it to you.
2 dehydration because i somehow think it would be less painful...


1-be blind


2-be deaf
No problem just glad i could help. :)
I nominate Vip and wall mix 3 and 4.
There are so many awesome and innovative levels that are really fun to play.
The custom bosses are really cool.
And all the new sprites and tilesets really go good with the levels.
I would nominate the first two but they have some issues, they are still fun nonetheless.
Also as an idea i think any featured hack that is rated less then 5 shouldn't be featured anymore.
This look quite amazing!
I think this is the hack that i am most excited about. (even more then Eris)
The Power Rangers Stage 2 theme is amazing.
Your incredible at making/porting music.
Originally posted by PercentN
Originally posted by xman0444
I reckon Super Mario: The Cookie Crisis 0.53 by Yoshicookiezeus. It is fun to play and has very nice graphics.

I agree with xman, the cookie crisis is a great hack especially version 0.53 cuz of all the new graphics and the asm and custom bosses. It has changed a lot since i first played (most of) the hack. It would be awesome to see this hack become featured. :]

I agree as well this hack is very well done.

Love it, as long as the Lper is decent. its fun to watch when your bored.

Awesome musical talent (that would probably result in a decent house anyway)

Would you rather be a Vampire or stay Human?
This is a 100% complete savestate for Houtai 2 found here (link above the second group of screen shots).


I can't make this clickable for some reason.

WYEdit: I can. ;)
Maybe... O?
Wow I remember Playing your original hack a long time ago.(like maybe 3-4 years ago)
It's really nice to see this resurrected, I can't wait to see how it will come out.
I really like the new grafix especially the purple cave.
Looks pretty good, I especially like the bones in the ground and how you enter the ghost house, its a nice touch.

EDIT: I just noticed the other two videos.

2nd video, The palette is nice but the ground needs some variation like some rocks or something.

3rd video, Awesome BG I really like the music as well.
I like the sprite edits. (oh no, zombie toad, run!)
I'm not sure if it is possible but, can you make those piranha plants turn around to face you when you're behind them?
I just finished.

Overall I enjoyed it, was quite fun.
I liked the sprite edits and the music choices. (level 1 and 2)
And the story was pretty good as well.

I think that you overused the gray brick blocks and pipes a little.
Also the music choice for the last level was not very fitting, I suggest using something more spooky/eerie. (there are zombies prowling about after all)
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