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Hi, I am new to SMW ROM Hacks and this community (recently beat 100% Learn to Kaizo, and finished 100% of Baby Kaizo World earlier today),

While trying to figure out a good path of hacks to improve with I have managed to find a lot of beginner hacks and a clear path to Akogare Mario World, but I have had a lot harder of a time figuring out where I should be going after that.

I know things can change with time and new releases, but what I'd ideally like to see is suggestions like:

If you can beat Akogare you should play X next, and if you beat that, next play Y, and then maybe you're ready for GPW or Invictus, etc.

Something along those lines. I know there is likely a diverse set of subjective opinions on difficulty and what should be played when, but I am not looking for an exact absolute answer as much as just curating lots of opinions to gain a better understanding to help chart my course.

It will be awhile before I am ready to play these hacks, but I am interested in everyone's thoughts on what to play directly after Akogare Mario World. Let me know your thoughts!

Last note: Ideally I want hacks that are not "You can beat it, but it will take several hundred hours." Feel free to give those recommendations too, but I'm looking for a more incremental growth trajectory. Something that is harder, but more of a smaller step of difficulty than a giant leap.
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