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I start with some warnings:

1-It's won't contains ANY custom block or all that stuff because I don't know how and it seems complicated for the moment.

2- No palette changed for the moment, if the hacks is liked by many people, I'll give it a try for palette changing, Who know?.

3- The Overworld is very simple, since I'm learning Lunar magic,So I won't do something complicated, but later, if the hacks is loved by it's levels.

4- No new background because I'm really a noob about the background(except by removing some moutains).

5- The difficulty may be up because a challenge is a challenge and a challenge is supposed to be a little bit hard, but I've tried all of them wihout savestates(except before doing the level for the reasons of lives) and from now, all is possible except the one I'm working on it. I don't force you to don't use Savestate, but you'll probably need somes.

Now I start:
The hacks I'm doing is pretty simple(I always start with simple stuffs):
Gods want to test mario if he's really a hero by completing 4 categories of challenge,then go beat Bowser in his castle.
The 4 categories are:
1: Agility (where the jumps are the keys)
2: Survival (When you have to suvive the level with someting on your shoulder(for example: some floatings skull on lava with some obstacle to overcome to continue wihoutr losing the floating skull)
3. Battle (Wich Many enemies try to eliminate you, is up to you to kill them or flee)
4: Speed ( Wich you must go fast to complete the level, no time wasting)

I've already done 2 levels on agility.(These are rather hard, it took me more than one hour to complete one of them)
One on survivor(Hte level is rather easy, I plan putting it on the start or making it harder by adding some sprite or make it longer)
A base where it indicates the directions.
Each categories will have a very short level with 2 message box and somethings to demonstrate how it'll look like the categorie.

Here are the screenshots I made for now:

NOTE: I know is placed anywhere, but is that I wanted to make the game harder but it's still just start from screen 01 and finish to screen 05, If you don't like the way is, just say it, I'll change it for you.

Three of them are screenshots in only one level

Reminder: All is done by a new hacker and it's like his very first hack, so,please, be kind and comprehensive.

I'm open for suggestion of levels, improvements, complaints,... etc. but, please be constructive.

Fell free to ask some screenshots or correct my english.

(I don't say this hacks gonna be very good to play, but I make it for fun and for time killing)

Sorry about my bad english.



It will happen in the entire game one time only the same thing.(Maybe two) But if you say repetive as to many same things on the screen(like the "stairs"), I wanted it like that because It's a little harder.

Noted, I'll remove some of them tomorow(It's late now).
However, Should I organize them more than Putting them anywhere?

Fix the "note" level by: Removing some note block (and organize the notes?) .
Agility categorie: Chainsaw madness.

I'm working on one very hard level.(every games must have a very hard level no?)

Nothing to do from now...

I plan to add some screenshots for the others levels soon.


It will have more screenshots soon.
When I play the level where it has the spinies, it don't slowdown if I remember correctly, I'll retry it to see.
And the note block, Is one level I'll change almost completely(adding sprite, time... etc.).

I'm working on these level now.

EDIT: Yes, it slowdown, I've removed some.
Now working on the jumpings notes.


But, do you have a Idea of what I should add?
Because I've almost only putt Noteblock because It a agility challenge...


I've changed:
the laval level(added some sprites or challenge and also removed some of the spinies)
The noteblock level(I've shortened a lot the lenght of the screens and added some Koopas)

That's all I've changed from now.

New screenshots!

This level is the test level of the survival categorie.

This are the first slope of laval. There are two slopes in the level.

The end of the same slope.
This is on one of the agility level, wich you must climb very high wihout falling.

Same level, but higher.

The new version of the jumpings notes level... Is that better about the placement of the notes?

The test for the agility categorie.

That's it for now.


Yeah I know what is Kaizo mario. Is a very hard game.


I've never thought of these things.
Yeah I try to make it enough easy.
Penang Bunny:
Wich special message box?
Don't worry, these aren't level 104.
Sorry, I'm not a very good in english.(But, If I understand correctly, I have to put my texts?
And what cut-offness means?)
My Overworld... Is not very good... Is very square and no decoration... I'm learning... It'll come.
Hey, I've put an hidden "?" block in the test of survival...
And it's has a glitched thing... like it showing an other block than the one is supposed to be... It that bad?(If yes, I'll change it)

Work to do:
Modify some levels.

Thanks you for these advice or suggestion. :)


I've looked at the clean rom online.
But it's still clean...?

I've also tried with Super mario kart. But it's still desynched.


NoveNoveDuda: Yeah the floatings munchers. I'm still searching a way to replace them. And the difficulty, since I've just made about 4 level(Almost 3 in agility, 1 in survival), it not many. But it'll have easier levels for start.

Now I'm working on one level for agility.
It should have some screenshots of this level soon.

Ah yes, and I'll put some screenshot of the block I've spoked earlier.

Have a good day.


Yeah, but,.

If I want to do a movie like the "let's play this" movies of youtube.
It's like many comebacks and all that stuff.

I'm asking if It need Znes.

I'm asking this because I want to keep a movie of a friend playing my hack.


Thanks you for the replies.
I'll try it soon.


This, I'm still wondering how to remplace the munchers.


Here is the new level's screenshots.(again in agility, but now I'll go for battle)

PS: If you've noticed it, the names of the screenshots are "bowserchallenge". It because before I do the thread, I've decided that Bowser challenged mario. Not the gods.


No problem,I'll remove the surplus after I've learned the pipes and done the first level of combat.

And the mines, I' have NO experience about drawing or else, sorry.


Existing mine graphics? where?

And also, the battle category, I don't really inspire me...

Do you have idea? of what I should do or what category should I use to replace battle?
(I've thought of puzzle, but, I don't want to steal super puzzle word's idea, and after all, It don't quite inspire me...)


It's still complicated. But that not bad.

I think I'll go for three category for now. The fourth one, I'll do it later, when I'll have a idea.

I'll replace the surplus of cement block.

And one question: How to choose a time limit?
I only see 200,300 or 400. No 100 or anyelse...


But if something doesn't have all of it's black outlines, then it's cutoff.

This I understand.

Or cement blocks, and water. Cutoffness


Is meaning If is Floating on air, the ciments are cutoffness?

And I don't find The Note block youre talking about...

Now working on a survival levelé


Originally posted by Fujiraza
Ehm..... spy too much cement and floating munchers....Also a distinct lack of land. Try to replace as many cement blocks with land as you can, it would look alot better.

I'm now working on it.

And I don't find how to choose the time limit... I need it for the category of speed.


Thanks you.

That prove that I'm really bad about Lunar Magic.

But that don,t really matter.

Now I've done a level. New sreenshots should be in place soon.


I have two questrions.

First one: How we put code on the emulator SNES9x?
And if it's a SMW code, does it's still work for hacks?

Second one: What is the code of Infinite lives in SMW?

Since I want to make a kaizo mario soon(I miss inspiration, so, I'll do a another one.).
THanks you


Originally posted by Randomario Deluxe
ooh, looks challenging, but not too challenging.

One goal acomplished: Make it look challenging, but not too challenging by only the visual.

Now working on the over world.

A real over world. ;)

Edit: How do we change palettes wihout resetting? Since I change them, but when I save, and close, and open, the colors reset...


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Niamek's Profile - Posts by Niamek

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