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Alright, I'll try to explain what I understood(I'd suggest a mark section where everything related to Marks are explained, I had to search it, or make some text magic)

Before the game, everyone is handed a mark of clarity
Then, there is the dusk phase where some mark could be changed
The players looks at the marks(first wake up)

There is the night phase, where everything goes smoothly(read: as before), where some Mark could be changed as well)
Then there is the Day where we discuss.

But still, I don't how an assassin could win if he wakes up during dusk? Shouldn't he wake up at night so nobody knows his

EDIT: "You may "bump" the person above you or below you.. What is a bumb?

Also, I don't understand the role of the villager's idiot thingy with the up and down thingy.(Don't remember if this role is in play, but I'd llike to understand)

After that I will be okay. :)


Two last questions:

yeah It's not my main language, but I can read english. I might have worded badly. If someone says: I have the assassin mark. Maybe some will want to avoid to kill him? Maybe it should be hidden all the way?
I did understand that everyone wakes up at dusk to take a look at his Mark. But I try to figure out the Assassin mainly. What the point of knowing that someone has the mark of the assassin?

And finally, the sign up order is the order of the roles?


Fun fact: I DID have more time doing my homework: the teacher gave me an extension because he replied my questions late. :P

1: Being overcreative, you flood the hard disk of everyone, burning them, and wasting all the computers. Thus, you can't make profit of your creativity.

2: You have a Master Sword, and an expert teaches you how to battle with sword. However, there is no evil to fight against. how sad... :(

3: You're Zekrom, impossible to capture, but still possible to kill... RIP Zekrom (AKA PKstarship).

Alright, let's do some wishes:

1:I wish that I could jump higher.
2:I wish that I could best understands the intricacy of the sports
3:I wish that everyone realize AT LAST that the global warming is real and take action.


Alright, I understand better. Thank you and sorry for asking stuffs that (seemly) should've been clear.


Much better. Good job.


Hello, I'd like to replace Yoshi's house(Lvl 104) to a new graphic that I'll draw it myself. I'll start with the drawing: Can I do that with GIMP? How big is the original? What is my limit of colors?


He can't be the assassin since you can't put the mark of assassin on yourself.

I'm tempted to believe Underway. MFG said he got love mark, but was alone(poor MFG, he'll be single forever). So that means that his partner's mark got replaced. According to the dusk order, assassin comes after the cupid. So, the assassin replaced one of the lover mark.

One other possibility: The priest got rid of the 2nd lover mark.

That's troublesome. :/

But if Falconpunch is telling the truth, maybe Underway was the assassin and tried to mix up some confusion. A risky move it is...

But to summarize, we know there is an assassin and a cupid in play. A priest is a possibility.


Originally posted by Raidenthequick
Yeah, the problem is with those is that I always take them off if I see them cause I prefer clean games with no stickers etc. on them. Oh well, just have to look through em. I don't have that many (yet).

How about labelling directly on the furniture?


I got the mark of the vampire... So that means that MFG got the mark of the vampire now, and that someone else is lying about their role. I was the Thing. I chose to not do it action since I didn't trust you, Prizm and underway(I read the past games and saw you are very hard to trust. :P Didn't want to risk. I was(and still am) afraid that one of you would lie about saying you did not get a bumb. So I chose to not do it action. I did not tell it earlier so if someone claimed a bumb, I would denounce that person.

Underway is the assassin and I do believe him. However, I'm not sure he targeted FalconPunch. I believe he did not tell it blatantly and tried to hid it. He may be lying, but not convinced. So I'm currently leaning to believe him.

Kefka is (if we believe him AND excavator) pretty much no help for us and I believe him. I believe he has the Gremlin. He has no reason to lie since he can't do actions. Since Kefka got the mark of the fear, he isn't a vampire but default. We shouldn't vote for Kefka.

MFG: I believe you were the pickpocket (or the copycat), and took my mark of the vampire. So I got the lover Mark and you got the mark of the vampire.

Prizm: I believe everything you said this time. I believe you are indeed the cupid.

FalconPunch: I am more than skeptical. If he has REALLY the mark of the assassin, why would he claim right after Underway's first claim he has it? I believe he should've not care and wait until Underway change his story so he can confirm it Underway's new story. Not to mention that NOW he tells he was the priest. He should've told that he got the priest and provide an explanation about why there were ONE lover and not two. I suspect he is really the Count and put a mark on Kefka and put the mark of vampire on me. But the story still holds if he is truthful. So we can't rule completely the possibility of FalconPunch being truthful. He maybe misplayed with the marks since it's the first game with marks. Even I was confused... I can't make up my mind about him.

Excavator, I am not sure if I can believe you neither. You took one of the easiest role to use: you took Marksman and simply confirmed stories. You might be the Count and put a Mark of fear on Kefka(easy claim for you if you are indeed the Count) and put the mark of vampire on me. The claim about Underway's role is just to avoid being targeted. I am not sure we can believe you, but you might be telling the truth. I can't make up my mind about you neither.

I believe 2 of the center cards are:
->Vampire (Since almost all stories holds, Kefka got a mark of fear, so someone is the Count)
->PickPocket (MFG's claim and I believe him)

What is the last card?

->Priest (I think FalconPunch is lying, however, I am not convinced, so we can't rule that out)
->Marksmen: excavator might be lying, but I am not sure.
->Assassin: (If excavator AND Underway are lying. I don't believe that's the case, but that's a possibility)

So, to summarize, I believe that either FalconPunch is lying(the possibility I'm most leaning to) or Excavator. Underway is a possibility too, but less tempted to believe that.

I think the safest bet is to lynch MFG, since I can confirm he has the mark of the vampire if he really stole my mark.


Not sure how you know my mark. The pocket role supposedly wakes up after dusk. So you should only know what had before and not after the exchange?

EDIT: I don't believe you can know my mark after the dusk phase. So I'm not sure you're telling the truth.


Ahh damn. Didn't know that. I thought it was just switching. Alright, yeah I lied since I didn't know that detail. Sorry about it guys!

Alright, I'll restart. Yeah I had the mark of clarity. So now I got the mark of lover?

I pretty much lost my credibility, so I claim that I was a vampire. Since I don't have credibility, you won't believe I am a vampire, won't you? :)

More seriously, I hold my claim as a thing. Just tried to throw MFG since he was the most suspect to me, throwing some lies so I could bribe other players toward you. Guess that didn't work as planned. I decided to take the gamble since it seems that everybody is lying. Where is that mark of the vampire? Who is the vampire?

I believe you then, MFG, since you gt my mark right. I still think FalconPunch, Underway and Excavator are all lying. Someone SHOULD have a mark of the vampire. But who? That is not me indeed, as you proved it. Maybe I got the new mark of the vampire and not the mark of lover? Maybe Excavator has it? Maybe Underway has it? I believe underway has targeted excavator or prizm and that they are lying.

EDIT: I request a continuance of the time of 1 or 2 days. We all are a bunch of liars. We need more time to figure things out.


What is YY-CHR?

also, what is the dimension of the house? I 'm asking this since I don't know if oversizing a graphic is bad.


Yeah I really messed up, Not used with this kind of game. Really embarrassed... Will redeem right now: Signing in if there is a place left.


Concerning the last two OW:

Allow: I dislike the color of water personally. It looks like mud. :(

Collbor: No complaint except the empty sub maps. :)


Originally posted by GameplaysDetonados
@allowiscous: Nice Overworld, i like to see that you reused some tiles from your 2012 OW Contest Entry.

And there's my overworld.

The black spot is weird. :/ If that,s oil, I suggest blending it more with water(make it less black)


Underway, I love it.


I'm the cupid and shot 2 persones. I'd rather wait some claim before revealing who I've shot.


Unless Impetus is lying. But yeah FalconPunch.


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