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3. Use a Painkiller!

Everything is true, nothing is permitted.
Clearlake, CA! I wish I lived in Napa :(

Everything is true, nothing is permitted.
Granted but I shoot you in the face.

I wish for a bird that doesn't fly away...AND THAT THE SHOOTING STAR DOESN'T HIT ME!!!.......Naw, just kidding. I wish for pie.

Everything is true, nothing is permitted.
You all know the rules XD
I can't let this game die.

I wish for a replica of the Master Sword!

Everything is true, nothing is permitted.

This guy's been a good friend, a great hacker, and a really helpful guy all-around. Long live Emil!!

Everything is true, nothing is permitted.
"Darkness has swept through the skies...volcanoes, earthquakes, evil creatures, and more...these things are all controlled by an evil sorceror by the name of......Kenon...and only one hero can stop he walks the lands, through ruins and forests, to towns with blood on every wall, he must save all of Hyrule from a gruesome death...but can he?"

............Play as Link, through many areas in Hyrule, battling every thing from creatures, to weather, to shiny rupees, all to get to Dancura Castle...home of Kenon.

Everything is true, nothing is permitted.

W.I.P. Map. And currently using the "Link's Quest" Link GFX.

Navi is back, and ready for action! This helpful little fairy will give you tips all throughout the game. Also see one of the few stompable enemies, the "Eye-Stalker"

A Skeleton Soldier, which can be killed with Link's sword magic.

Sword magic. Can kill lots of things easily.

Navi's first tip, and WIP boss. NEWB'S CUSTOM BOSS!!!!!

-Some other things-

-Link can Spinjump, and Ground Pound. Thanks to whoever made that :)-
-Until I can make a decent sword attack, I will be using straight fireballs or "Magic Orbs"-
-He starts with 4 life, because the hack will have lots of enemies and traps, and 3 is NOT enough.-
-MP replaces Bonus Stars, and I will plan to have special abilities and spells, like in LoZ: II-
-No lives, time, or score. That doesn't seem right in a Zelda game...-

It's about 9% done. It should be done around August. :)

Everything is true, nothing is permitted.
The "Background" is actually stars and the 3-up moon on layer 2. The overworld is nowhere near done, and I'll have something AWESOME to show you soon...

Also, thanks Blaze, your GFX are really great :D

Everything is true, nothing is permitted.
Can you make it so the fireballs disappear after a certain amoun tof time?

Everything is true, nothing is permitted.
Just in case some one gets brutally murdered dies or drops out...

Name: Chazz'ran Dalvon
Species: Formuln (1/2 Man, 1/2 Beast)
Class: Sentinel (Think Knight, or Guardian)
Hp: 15
Mp: 6
Speed: 7
Attack: 11
Defense: 15
Intellegince: 10
Luck: 12

Weapon: Tarvos (Steel Sword crafted by the Formuln Elder)

Cleave: 3 Mp - Massive Blow that can do up to 3x as much damage as a normal attack!
Damage Reduction: 2 Mp - For 3 turns, you recieve 20% less damage.
True Knight: You can select an ally to protect. When this ally is at low hp, you take damage instead of your "helpless victim."

Special Ability
Can talk to Wolves, Bears, and Critters (Rats, squirrels, ect.)

Ancient Power, if you want to pick my stats, you can, but I chose balanced stats. (I think...)

Everything is true, nothing is permitted.
3. Go Shroom Shakes XD

Everything is true, nothing is permitted.
Mods, please close for now, I dn't really have the time...

Everything is true, nothing is permitted.
Forests and Fireballs

F&F is a Final Fantasy/D&D like RPG that is played by members of SMW Central, and requires "some" thinking. You may choose to search the Dungeons of Knilt, to find a lost jewel, save a beautiful princess that was captured by an evil Red Dragon, or even be hired to kill an evil baron...
In this game, players act as heroes (or villains) who may drop out at any time, and may rejoin if there is a
space open. You gotta sign up to play though... (duh!!!) And if you don't want to make a character, you can
select a Generic Character listed below. And remember, it's up to you to decide what you do!

Basic Rules

Don't make stupid desisions, don't do bad things if you're good, and DON'T EVER try to cheat. Trying to
make a character with maxed out stats and 1-hit kills won't do. Killing a baby if you're devoted to good won't
work. Jumping off a cliff into spikes WON'T GO!
On the map, it's similar to a "Choose your own Adventure" game, because there may be a list of choices, but not
always O_o...You may have to IMPROV!!!!!!!
When all the characters have chosen what to do, the journey continues....
In battles, it's Final Fantasy styled. Whichever character has the highest Speed goes first. You can choose from
a list of commands, or you can improvise, if the improvisation is acceptable, i.e. shooting a fireball at the
rock wall to make boulders crash down on the soldiers, allowing a quick escape. Same on the map ^_^

Your Character

Name: Your character's name.
Race: What race or species your character is. Some races may have bonuses.
Age: How old you are.
Sex: Male or Female.
Alignment: See "Other" below.
Class/Occupation: The class or job of your character, i.e. Warrior, Rogue, Wizard. See "Classes" below.
Stats: See "Stats" below.
Equipment: Your starting weapon and items.
Starting Skills: Special skills that you can use either in combat or out of combat.
Specialty: What describes you. You will get a stat boost/reduction depending on your specialty.
Description: Your character's story and desription. Example:
Dallas Jules, a human wizard devoted to elemental magics, wanders the lands in search for new spells. He comes to the party in search for a magical scroll that is near the area that the team is investigating. He has wavy blonde hair, and is very skinny and tall.


Your stats decide you. If you have high Strength but low Intelligence, you might be a strong but dull-witted
brawler. Low Constitution, high Charisma, you might be a weak barterer. You don't get to pick them, but they are
very important.

--These stats start at 1-20.--
Strength: How strong and tough you are. Affects Melee Damage, how much you can carry, how good you can Swim, Climb, ect.
Constitution: How much you can take before falling. Affects Hit Points, poison resistance, ect.
Dexterity: How agile you are. Affects your speed, Ranged Damage, battle order, ect.
Intelligance: How smart you are. Affects magic powers, negotiations, knowledge, ect.
Charisma: How good you are with people. Affects negotiations, your personality, ect.
Luck: How lucky you are. Affects many different things.

--These don't.--
Hp: When your Hp reaches 0, you are knocked out. You can't make any desisions, and if you get hit again, you die.
Mp: If your Mp reaches 0, you can't cast spells or use combat skills.
Melee Attack: How much damage you deal in melee combat. Affected by Strength.
Ranged Attack: How much damage you deal in ranged combat. Affected by Dexterity.
Defense: Think Armor. The more defense, the less damage you take. Affected by armor and Constitution.
Speed: How quick and agile you are. Determines Hit and Miss, Battle Order, ect.
Hit Chance: The chance you have to hit an enemy. Affected by Speed, Luck, and Enemy Evasion.
Evasion: The chance you have to evade attacks. Affected by Speed, Luck, and Enemy Hit Chance.
Poison Resistance: The chance to resist poison. Affected by the poison and Constitution.
Maximum Weight: How much you can carry in your inventory. Affected by Strength. Affects Speed.

Main Races

High Human
Stat Mods: None
Alignment: Any Alignment
Favored Class: None
Abilities: Faster Exp. Gain, Blade Mastery
Languages: Common
Description: The Human Race is perhaps the most adaptable and powerful race in all of Gaia. They have a natural love for Money and Power, but there are still Holy Men among them.

Stat Mods: +2 Agi, +2 Int, -2 Con
Alignment: Usually Neutral Good
Favored Classes: Wind Wizard, Marksman
Abilities: Love of Flying, Low Light-vision, Bow Mastery
Languages: Common, Elven, Angelic
Description: Skylords are the most ancient race to exist. They have lived long before Humans, and took to the skies long before Humans discovered magic. They tend to be Fair and Noble.

Dusk Elve
Stat Mods: +2 Dex, +2 Luck, -2 Cha
Alignment: Usually Chaotic Neutral
Favored Classes: Rogue, Ranger, Spellsword
Abilities: Night-vision, Spear Mastery
Languages: Common, Elven, Nightgaian
Description: Dusk Elves are generally free-spirited and make great Mercenaries. They are very stealthy, and love the night. They can live longer than Humans, but not as long as Skylords.

Great Dwarf
Stat Mods: +2 Con, -2 Dex
Alignment: Any
Favored Classes: Warrior, Slugthrower
Abilities: Stone Stealth, Rifle Mastery
Languages: Common, Dwarven
Description: Dwarves love Rocks and Gold above all, and are always ready to have an Ale. They are big and burly, and are very similar to Humans.

Blood Orc
Stat Mods: +2 Str, -2 Int
Alignment: Usually Evil
Favored Classes: Barbarian, Fire Wizard
Abilities: Bloodlust, Fast Heal, Axe Mastery
Languages: Common, Orcish
Description: Orcs love destruction and power above all else. They usually are Mercenaries and Bandits, and they love to outnumber their foes.

Stat Mods: +3 Dex, -2 Str
Alignment: Usually Neutral
Favored Classes: Ranger, Cleric
Abilities: Forestmeld, Super Climb, Dagger/Bow Mastery
Languages: Common, Beastian
Description: These Half-Beast, Half-Human beings are one of the most Respected and Free races in all of Gaia. They love the Outdoors, and are always up for a good Song and Dance.


Choose your alignment. Are you good...or evil???

True Good: The holiest and truest good of them all. She/he never lies, protects the innocent, ect.
Neutral Good: One who helps out, tells few lies, and stands up to evil.
Chaotic Good: Someone who makes his/her own way while still good.
Neutral: Someone who is undecided. Does what his/her concience says is right.
Chaotic Neutral: A free spirit who lives by his or her on rules, with little regard to rules and traditions.
Lawful Evil: Someone who does bad things while not being truely evil, like the IRS.
Neutral Evil: Steals, lies, harms people, and takes captives. They are usually called "Scum."
True Evil: Cheats, pillages, take many captives, and even kills for sport. The lowest of the low.


Jobs. Occupations. What you are. Sample classes are listed below.

--Regular Classes--
Anyone can choose these classes.

Greater Stats: Str, Con, Cha
Lesser Stats: Int, Dex, Luck
Avg Hp: 12
Avg Mp: 5
Weapons & Armor: All
Special: None
A powerful fighter who can blow opponents away.

Greater Stats: Dex, Luck, Cha
Lesser Stats: Str, Con, Int
Avg Hp: 8
Avg Mp: 12
Weapons and Armor: Light Armor, Light/Medium Weapons
Special: Can Hide in the Shadows, Sneak Attack
A stealthy agent who can hide in the shadows with ease.

Greater Stats: Cha, Int, Luck,
Lesser Stats: Dex, Str, Con
Avg Hp: 5
Avg Mp: 26
Weapons & Armor: Garbs, Simple Weapons
Special: Cast Magic
A powerful sorcerer who can cast magic spells easily.

Greater Stats: Con, Int, Cha
Lesser Stats: Str, Dex, Luck
Avg Hp : 9
Avg Mp: 18
Weapons & Armor: Light/Medium Armor, Light Weapons
Special: Cast Magic
An expert medic and quite decent fighter.

Greater Stats: Dex, Luck, Con
Lesser Stats: Str, Int, Cha
Avg Hp: 12
Avg Mp: 9
Weapons & Armor: Light/Medium Armor & Weapons
Special: Combat Skills, Cast Magic, Herb Knowledge
A great survivalist of mother earth.

Greater Stats: Dex, Str, Int
Lesser Stats: Luck, Cha, Con
Avg Hp: 15
Avg Mp: 15
Weapons & Armor: Light/Medium
Special: Cast Magic, Combat Skills
A jack-of-all-trades who can charge in with a sword in hand and cast powerful magic.

Greater Stats: Dex, Cha, Luck
Lesser Stats: Con, Str, Int
Avg Hp: 6
Avg Mp: 6
Weapons & Armor: Light Armor, All Bows
Special: Sniper Sight, Combat Skills
A talented archer who almost never misses his target.

Greater Stats: Con, Int, Cha
Lesser Stats: Luck, Str, Dex
Avg Hp: 10
Avg Mp: 8
Weapons & Armor: Garbs, Daggers & Maces
Special: Alchemy, Recoverer, Cast Magic
A master of healing and potions from all around the globe.

Greater Stats: Luck, Cha, Int
Lesser Stats: Con, Dex, Str
Avg Hp: 14
Avg Mp: 6
Weapons & Armor: Light
Special: Can Mimic Characters and Enemies, Sing to Create Effects, Cast Magic
Requirements: Neutral or Chaotic Neutral
A master copier and wandering entertainer.

Witch Doctor
Greater Stats: Con, Dex, Luck
Lesser Stats: Int, Str, Cha
Avg Hp: 7
Avg Mp: 20
Weapons & Armor: Garbs, Maces, Axes & Shaman Staves
Special: Magic Totems, Cast Magic, Alchemy
Requirements: Must belong to a tribe, Any Neutral, Any Dreadlock Campaign
A powerful spiritual leader and respected shaman.

Campaigns & Experience

Campaigns are stories, adventures, and epic quests. During which, you can gain gold, experience, allies, and more! Below are example/starting Campaigns. More to be added in the future.

Dreadlock Campaigns
The Resurrection: An evil guild of wizards have embarked on a journey to an Ancient Buriel, to resurrect an evil demon who once tried to destroy the world. You and your party must defeat them before they can revive the demon!
Stoned: One of your comrades has been turned to stone, and you must find a way to turn the stone back into flesh!
The only known antidote is in the Forest of Despair, where evil creatures roam wild!
Theodore's Caravan: Prince Theodore of Gallian has left the castle for a great journey, and you must escort him to the Village of Greenhall in 20 Days, or baaaaaad things will happen.
Gold Rush: An evil group of elves demand 100,000 Gold Pieces in exchange for the King's safety.

Doing quests, defeating monsters, finding magic scrolls...these are just a few things to get Experience.
When you gain enough Exp, you level up, and can put 3 points into any main stats (Str, Int, ect.) you choose.

Combat and Map skills that can be used at the appropriate time. Your character starts with 1 Skill.
Battle Skills can be used during combat, Map Skills can be used on the map, and Passive Skills take effect automaticly.
Here are a few skills.

Cyclone Strike
Type: Battle
Effect: Deals Melee Damage to all Enemies
Damage: 1-6 Melee
Mp Cost: 2
Cooldown: None
Classes: Warrior, Barbarian, Lasher, Paladin, Sentinel, Ranger
Level: Any

Leap Attack
Type: Map/Battle
Effect: Deals Melee Damage to 1 Enemy, Can hit Flying Enemies
Damage: 1 1/2x Normal Melee
Mp Cost: 2
Cooldown: 1 Turn
Classes: Sentinel, Warrior, Barbarian, Lasher, Ranger, Rogue, Assassin
Level: 2

Type: Passive
Effect: +2 Defense, +1 Hp
Special: Can be taken Multiple Times, and the Effects stack
Classes: Any
Level: Any

Type: Battle
Effect: Attack that Ignores Defense
Damage: Normal Melee
Mp Cost: 5
Cooldown: 2 Turns
Classes: Barbarian, Paladin, Warrior
Level: 5

Type: Battle/Map
Effect: Does less Damage, but Hits any 2 enemies
Damage: 1/2x Normal Melee
Mp Cost: 1
Cooldown: None
Classes: Rogue, Assassin, Bard, Ranger, Drunken Master, Warrior, Lasher
Level: Any


Spells are pretty much the same as skills, but only magic users can use spells. Spells work the same way, with Map and Battle, but "Buff" spells can be cast on allies to make them stronger.

Type: Battle/Map
Effect: Does Fire Damage to 1 Enemy
Damage: 3-8 Fire
Mp Cost: 3
Cooldown: 1 Turn
Classes: Wizard, Bard, Assassin
Level: Any

Lightning Shock
Type: Battle
Effect: Does Lightning Damage to All Enemies
Damage: 4-14 Lightning
Mp Cost: 5
Cooldown: 3 Turns
Classes: Wizard, Bard, Assassin
Level: 3

Bull's Strength
Type: Battle Buff
Effect: For 3 Turns, the Target gets +5 Attack
Mp Cost: 8
Cooldown: 5 Turns
Classes: Wizard, Lasher, Cleric, Assassin
Level: 5

Heal Flash
Type: Battle
Effect: Heals damage
Heals: 20 Hp
Mp Cost: 3
Cooldown: None
Classes: Cleric, Bard, Paladin, Ranger
Level: Any

Cure Poison
Type: Map/Battle
Effect: Cures Poison
Mp Cost: 4
Cooldown: 1 Turn
Classes: Cleric, Paladin, Ranger
Level: 2

Type: Battle Anti-Buff
Effect: Creates a wall of Thorns
Damage: 1-6 Nature Each Turn
Duration: 4 Turns
Mp Cost: 7
Cooldown: 3 Turns
Classes: Bard, Ranger
Level: 4


When you take or deal enough damage, you can use a Limit Break, which is a special move that can have various effects, like 3x damage, or healing. Each class has different Limits, and the more you use them, the more you learn.

Final Results
When you're done making your character, the character should be like this.

[Lauren Gilvent]
Age: 21
Sex: Female
H &W: 5' 10", 182 Lb.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Race: Branded (Half Beast) {+ 1 Dex & Str, -1 Int)
Class: Sentinel
Specialty: Swordplay
[Main Stats]
Str: 13
Dex: 8
Con: 17
Int: 15
Cha: 10
Luck: 10
Poison Res: 21%
Max. Weight: 168 Lb.
[Battle Stats]
Hp: 17 / 17
Mp: 7 / 7
Melee: 5-12
Ranged: 0
Defense: 7
Speed: 9
Hit Chance: 77%
Evasion: 14%
(Short Sword)
+3 Attack
+ 5 Hit Chance
10 Lb.
Lights up Dark Rooms
3 Lb.
{13 Pounds}
I come from a small village in the Tulion Forest, where beasts and humans roam wild. I have always been interested in the World outside the forest. I am a natural bodyguard and fighter, and love all kinds of veggies and meats, and hate putting on too much makeup... I have long, light brown hair, a slim but sexy body, yellow eyes, and a pretty, furry, awesome tail!

New Classes:

Greater Stats: Dex, Luck, Str
Lesser Stats: Int, Con, Cha
Avg Hp: 7
Avg Mp: 5
Weapons & Armor: Light/Medium, All Bows & Firearms
Special: Sniper Sight, Long Shot, Combat Skills
A master Sniper who can use the Great Firearms.

Greater Stats: Cha, Str, Con
Lesser Stats: Dex, Int, Luck
Avg Hp: 17
Avg Mp: 3
Weapons & Armor: Garbs/Light Armor, All Weapons
Special: Coup de' Grace, Crowd Cheer-On, Combat Skills
Requirements: Must be Trained by a Master Gladiator
A respected fighter and master of arena dueling.

Everything is true, nothing is permitted.
You fill out personal info (name, sex, ect.) and your class, I do the rest. So which class would you like to be?

Everything is true, nothing is permitted.
I'll finish the rest for you, but what would you like your specialty to be? (For rogues it could be Subelty or Poison or anything like that)

Everything is true, nothing is permitted.
Here ya go, Spikey!

Spikey Warmblood
Age: 14
Sex: Male
H & W: 5'5" 138 Lb.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Specialty: Sublety

Main Stats
Str: 14
Dex: 16
Con: 9
Int: 13
Cha: 14
Luck: 13
Poison Res: 18%
Max. Weight: 120 Lb.

Battle Stats
Hp: 9 / 9
Mp: 10 / 10
Melee: 1-4
Ranged: 0
Defense: 4
Speed: 16
Hit Chance: 82%
Evasion: 20%

Type: Battle/Map
Effect: Does less Damage, but Hits any 2 enemies
Damage: 1/2x Normal Melee
Mp Cost: 1
Cooldown: None

Type: Battle/Map
Effect: While stealthed, you can't be targeted by ANY spells or attacks, but you can use skills or attack, but when you do, you lose stealth. However, your attacks do more damage. Higher Stealth levels may have more effects.
Cooldown: 3 Turns after Un-stealthed
Specialty: Your attacks do even more damage than usual while Stealthed


+1 Attack
+ 10 Hit Chance
1 1/2 Lb.

{Total Weight: 1 1/2 Lb.}

I have no idea where I come from or where I'm going. My parents abandoned me when I was very young, and I lived alone for most of my live, wandering in and out of villages. I happened to run into the team, and have been with them ever since, interested in adventure. I am at a medium height, with spiky red hair and red eyes. I tend to get destructive when angry.

Everything is true, nothing is permitted.
Originally posted by SpikyRat
Originally posted by Lord Kilvas
Race: Rogue


Sorry, fixed it. Also, I need your opinion. Even though I'm the GM, I really want to be in the game, but the only problem is, I know what's if I make a character, should I only help out in battle and make minor decisions?

Everything is true, nothing is permitted.
Alrighty then... :)

Ab'nural Talantoro
Age: 30
Sex: Male
H & W: 5'8" 121 Lb.
Alignment: True Neutral
Race: Human
Class: Witch Doctor
Specialty: Pain

Main Stats
Str: 10
Dex: 15
Con: 15
Int: 13
Cha: 8
Luck: 17
Poison Res: 38%
Max. Weight: 110 Lb.

Battle Stats
Hp: 11 / 11
Mp: 20 / 20
Melee: 1-4
Ranged: 3-8
Defense: 4
Speed: 16
Hit Chance: 82%
Evasion: 20%

Type: Battle
Effect: Does Lightning Damage to 1 Enemy
Damage: 1-8 Lightning
Mp Cost: 3
Cooldown: 1 Turns

(Thorny Totem)
Effect: Each turn, all enemies take 1-8 Nature Damage, and all allies in the party gain 1-3 Hp.
Max. Turns: 5
20 Lb.


(Staff of the Bird)
+ 1 Melee Attack
+ 3 Ranged Attack
+ 2 Speed
4 Lb.
Ranged & Melee

{Total Weight: 24 Lb.}

I come from the Hangrent tribe, which is devoted to Haltora, God of the Forests. I was the tribe's shaman, and everyone looked up to me. One day, I was preforming a ritual, and I made a small mistake, and evil spirits rose up from the temple. From that day, I was banished, and the shame follows me to this day. I have short, yellowish hair, am of Meduim height, and bear many marks of Haltora on my body.
I stumbled apon the team while they were cutting down trees for firewood, challenged their leader, and lost. But they gave me the chance to join them, and I took it.

Everything is true, nothing is permitted.
Julia Raven
Age: 17
Sex: Female
H & W: 5'6" 119 Lb.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Race: Human
Class: Wizard
Specialty: Elemental Magic

Main Stats
Str: 8
Dex: 12
Con: 9
Int: 16
Cha: 15
Luck: 13
Poison Res: 18%
Max. Weight: 105 Lb.

Battle Stats
Hp: 7 / 7
Mp: 24 / 24
Melee: 1-4
Ranged: 0
Defense: 3
Speed: 13
Hit Chance: 85%
Evasion: 10%

Type: Battle
Effect: Does Lightning Damage to 1 Enemy
Damage: 1-8 Lightning
Mp Cost: 3
Cooldown: 1 Turns


+ 1 Melee Attack
2 Lb.

20 Gold

{Total Weight: 2 Lb.}

I was born as the heiress to the royal family of Harava and trained in the art of magic. When I was 15, an army of an enemy kingdom attacked, and everyone I knew was killed. I escaped to the mountains, and found the team travelling through the area. They offered me a chance to join, and I accepted. I am of medium-tall height with long brown hair, and brown eyes.

Everything is true, nothing is permitted.
Sorry, life means chores...well...looks like we can fit you in. I'll give you 2 Anti-Wolf Potions, kay'? And other people, we need some sort of fighter. (Warrior, Ranger, ect.)

Levis Black
Age: 25
Sex: Male
H & W: 5'8" 123 Lb.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Werewolf
Class: Wizard
Specialty: Light Magic

Main Stats
Str: 7
Dex: 13
Con: 10
Int: 15
Cha: 15
Luck: 12
Poison Res: 18%
Max. Weight: 105 Lb.

Battle Stats
Hp: 8 / 8
Mp: 22 / 22
Melee: 1-4
Ranged: 2-7
Defense: 5
Speed: 16
Hit Chance: 72%
Evasion: 13%

(Holy Flash)
Type: Map/Battle
Effect: Damages and blinds 1 Enemy
Damage: 3-10 Holy
Mp Cost: 3
Cooldown: 2 Turns


(Wooden Wand)
+ 1 Melee Attack
+ 3 Ranged Attack
Melee & Ranged
2 Lb.

{Total Weight: 2 Lb.}

As a child I lived in a small village of sorcerers. I learned the ways of magic and was an exceptionally wizard for my age. But then... one night, at the age of 7, I was attacked and bitten by a werewolf. Being a werewolf is not a choice or generally desirable in any way. I and those like me are forced into the shape of a supernaturally powerful bloodthirsty wolf once a month at the full moon. After the attack I was shunned. I grew up in the village for a few more years, but left at the age of 15 to seek my fortune. I consider myself a good man. I help people, do my best to make a change for the better in the world, but I'm not above a few lies here and there to get what I need. I am now 25, skinny, have messy blond hair and green eyes. I am also quite fast.

Werewolf Form

Normally my form at the full moon is violent, uncontrollable and bloodthirsty. I would kill anyone that would dare come near me. But there is a certain potion, that when drank at the full moon, can let me keep my mind as I transform. The idea was to render the werewolf harmless, but in desperate circumstances, it can prove incredibly useful in a fight. As a wolf, I strike without weapons and am incredibly strong. A werewolf does NOT look like those seen on TV. They are mostly very large powerful wolves.
While a werewolf, if the potion is not taken, I become True Evil and cannot contral my actions. Attack Power, Speed, and Evasion is greatly increased, but Defense is greatly reduced.

Everything is true, nothing is permitted.
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